Tree Trimming Cost Calculator: All Tree Types, Sizes, Locations (2023 Pricing)

Man holding tree trimming tool over his shoulder looks up into a tree branch with a calculator and a dollar bill thinking how a tree trimming cost calculator works and how to use it.

Why bother with a tree trimming cost calculator? Do you need one? Do you even need to trim your trees?

Short answer, yes. A cost calculator will give you an estimate based on the conditions of your tree, to trim it, and factors in aspects like species of your tree, the number of trees, height, location, as well as other things.

Having an estimate, even a rough estimate, will be helpful when you price shop different tree service companies.

Use This Tree Trimming Cost Calculator Now

You should definitely trim your trees. Trimming helps them stay healthy, which will help them live longer.

Tree Trimming Cost Per Hour (Tree Trimming Cost Calculator Per Hour)

Tree trimming is normally charged per job, not per hour.1 Charging per hour can get more expensive than charging a flat rate for a trimming job.

Size and difficulty factor into the price quite a bit, whether it’s a flat rate or per hour. A small tree, which is one between 10-20 feet, will cost between $75-$300.

Trees at this height range are generally easier to reach with thinner branches. This allows the workers to stay on the ground and use smaller cutting tools.

Photo of a man, wearing a safety gear, being lifted by a white tree crane with trees around him.

(Image: terski20)

A medium tree, which is one between 20-30 feet, will cost between $150-$450. With a tree, roughly, the size of a two-story house, it’s common to have ladders or harnessing equipment to help with climbing the tree. They might also need more workers for safety or just to keep this at a reasonable speed.

A large tree, which is one between 30-50 feet, will cost between $150-$800. With trees, generally, taller than a larger home the trimmer will likely need to be harnessed to the tree. They will also need more powerful equipment to deal with the thicker branches.

To reach the uppermost branches, the trimmers might even need a crane. Trees this large require a professional to do the job. It is extremely dangerous for you to try to DIY this.

Use a crane assisted tree removal cost calculator to estimate the price.

An extra large tree, that is one between 50-100 feet, will cost between $300-$1800. Trees this large are going to need larger equipment, such as bucket trucks, to reach the tallest branches. Falling branches are a significant risk with trees in this height range and that raises your costs, too.

The difficulty, which also plays a role in cost, will include things like the size of the tree and how accessible the tree is. For a low-difficulty tree, you’ll pay between $75-300, a medium-difficulty tree will be between $200-$600, and a high-difficulty tree will be between $600-$1800.

Depending on the job you need, you might need to hire an arborist instead of a tree trimmer. An arborist is certified and licensed, and has been trained in tree health and damage prevention. The cost of aborist fees will run around $87-$116 per hour vs. a tree trimming professional which will cost around $50-$80 per hour.19

Tree Service Work Order Template

Here’s a template that should help you answer the questions a tree trimming company will be likely to ask.2 This could help cut down on a consultation cost, help you shop around, or help with filling out a tree trimming cost calculator.

Tree Trimming Estimate Template
What type(s) of tree(s) do you have?
What size are the trees?
How many trees do you want to be trimmed?
Where is/are the tree(s) located?
What obstacles are near the tree (house, shed, power lines, etc)?
Do you want the debris (branches, leaves, etc) hauled away?
How often do you want your tree(s) trimmed?

Trimming Cost for a Variety of Trees (Tree Trimming Cost Calculator for a Variety of Trees)

Knowing what species of tree you have will help if you decide to use a tree trimming calculator.3, 8

This chart will give you an idea of how much it will cost to trim certain types of trees.

Trimming cost of trees chart showing a bar graph with Tree to be trimmed (Magnolia Tree, Cherry Tree, Banyan Tree, Dogwood Tree, Oak Tree, Willow Tree, Sycamore Tree, Mulberry Tree, Lemon Tree, Birch Tree, Cypress Tree, Ash Tree, Maple Tree, Pink Magnolia Tree, Sweet Bay Magnolia Tree, Southern Magnolia Tree, Chocolate Mimosa Tree, Pink Mimosa Tree, Desert Willow Tree, Hazelnut Tree) on the x-axis and trimming cost on the y-axis.

Some trees start out expensive just because the species of tree is more difficult to deal with. Others, if they’re reasonably sized, won’t cost nearly as much.

Tree to be trimmed Trimming cost
Magnolia Tree Trimming Cost $75-$1000
Cherry Tree Trimming Cost $100-$400
Banyan Tree Trimming Cost $315-$700
Dogwood Tree Trimming Cost $75-$450
Oak Tree Trimming Cost $850-$1300
Willow Tree Trimming Cost $200-$760
Sycamore Tree Trimming Cost $750-$5100
Mulberry Tree Trimming Cost $125-$437
Lemon Tree Trimming Cost $100-$400
Birch Tree Trimming Cost $200-$760
Cypress Tree Trimming Cost $150-$1200
Ash Tree Trimming Cost $200-$760
Maple Tree Trimming Cost $400-$1000
Pink Magnolia Tree Trimming Cost $75-$1000
Sweet Bay Magnolia Tree Trimming Cost $75-$1000
Southern Magnolia Tree Trimming Cost $75-$1000
Chocolate Mimosa Tree Trimming Cost $200-$760
Pink Mimosa Tree Trimming Cost $200-$760
Desert Willow Tree Trimming Cost $200-$760
Hazelnut Tree Trimming Cost $200-$760

Low-Cost Tree Trimming

Tree trimming is an expense you might not be thinking about, but could be necessary.5 With the trend of attempting to DIY everything, let’s figure out how much it would cost to trim a tree yourself.

First things first, don’t trim your own tree. If you can stand on the ground and reach the branch you want to cut, then you might be able to manage it.

Anything higher than that, and especially, anything that requires chains or a harness to reach, really needs to be handled by professionals. It’s easy to hurt yourself if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Would it be significantly cheaper though? No, not really, to safely trim a tree you need certain equipment.

A hard hat, safety goggles, work gloves, and steel-toe boots are necessary to keep yourself safe. This is just the basics and you’re already spending about $155.

This doesn’t include extra safety equipment for harder or more complicated jobs. For any trimming job that requires a chainsaw, you’ll also need hearing protection and chainsaw chaps, now you’ve spent another $96.

You’ll need to get to the taller branches, so an arborist climbing rope and a harness are in order. Obviously, you need something to trim the branches with, so you buy a handsaw, pruning shears, and loppers, and rent a chainsaw and a polesaw.18

Close up photo of a man wearing a safety harness cutting a tree bark using an orange chainsaw.

(Image: benjamin lehman21)

The climbing equipment will set you back around $82, and the various cutting equipment will be around $177. A wheelbarrow to haul away the branches and debris seems like a good purchase, it’ll be around $90.

In total, that’s $600 for a job that might need to be done once every few years. A tree trim, by professionals, averages around $475. You could get an estimate for a tree trimming job by using a tree cost trimming calculator,7 as well.

Tree Trimming Scope of Work

First, it’s important to understand why you might want to trim or prune a tree in the first place.11 You might remove dead branches to keep the shape of the tree.

You might want to help the plants below the tree so they can get their share of air and sunlight. The tree might need pruning to combat a disease.

Second, you should know when to trim. Routine trimming can usually be done at any time without hurting the tree. That would be removing weak, dead, or diseased limbs.

However, trimming wounds can make a tree more vulnerable to disease. You shouldn’t prune trees during active transmission times. If you’re not sure it’s safe to prune your tree, contact your local arborist.

Third, the four main trimming techniques are cleansing, raising, reduction, and reducing density.

Cleansing involves removing branches from the crown of the tree. The reasons these branches would be removed are any of the following; dead, dying, diseased, weakly attached, or low vigor.

Raising makes sure there’s enough space under the tree for pedestrians, vehicles, vistas, and buildings. This is done by removing lower branches.

Reduction, as you might guess, reduces the size of a tree. Usually, this is to make sure it’s not in the way of power lines.

The best way to do this is to trim the branches back to the secondary branches. This is different from topping, which reduces the branches to stubs with little care for trimming the branches at natural attachment points.

Reducing density means you’re removing foliage from the outer layers of the crown of the tree. You might want this done to encourage the growth and development of the inner foliage.

Tree Service Terms and Conditions

Contracts for major work, like tree care, are important.12 Contracts make sure everyone knows what work is being done, payment conditions, and who is liable for what.

Most tree services companies, the professional ones at least, will have a template contract for figuring out bids and getting approval to do the work. Tree services, especially the more difficult jobs, are major work. Be wary of companies trying to get by on handshake agreements.

Wide angle shot of a man on a tree crane trimming a tall tree beside a red red house.

(Image: Loren Biser22)

There are basic elements every contract should include, you might want to negotiate the exact wording or get a lawyer to negotiate for you. Tree service companies are used to negotiating contract wording and conditions.

The first page of the contract will describe the work to be done and might include alternatives. For example, they might quote the price for removing your tree vs just taking off the problem branches. It will also include your signature to authorize the work to be done

Page two is where the terms and conditions come in. It is there to deal with more complicated issues, like insurance.

It’s very important for you, the paying customer, to understand the “fine print”. This will be what protects you legally if something goes wrong.

Hold-Harmless Agreement Tree Removal

A hold-harmless agreement can either protect one party or both.13 In the case of tree services, for example, the agreement can protect you, protect the company, or protect you both.

This type of agreement could protect you from being sued if one of the contractors servicing your tree got injured. It could protect the company from being sued if a branch falls and injures you. Or it could protect you both from suing each other.

A hold harmless agreement, a release, and a waiver of liability, are sometimes used interchangeably. Some contracts might also have hold-harmless clauses, which will protect one or both parties, just like a hold-harmless agreement.

It’s important to know that the validity of a hold harmless agreement will depend on your state. Some states don’t recognize them and some courts limit them. Negligence can also play a part in a court not upholding a hold-harmless agreement.

Tree Pruning Service

Tree pruning should really be done by a certified arborist. They’re trained to know what to look for, how to safely handle diseased branches, and how to prune in a way that keeps the tree as healthy as possible.4

Photo of a pruning shear cutting a tree branch.

(Image: blickpixel23)

Deciduous trees are best pruned when they’re dormant,14 late winter around February and March. Pruning when the tree is dormant helps avoid some diseases and physiological problems the tree might have, or be vulnerable to.

With the leaves gone, you’re able to see the structure of the tree. That makes it easier to make better pruning decisions.

Pruning should be a part of regular tree maintenance, and if you start when the tree is young, you might be able to reduce the amount of pruning later in the tree’s life.

Why Is Tree Trimming So Expensive? (Expensive Tree Trimming Cost Calculator)

Tree work of all kinds is expensive for a number of reasons.15 The number one reason is that the work is difficult and dangerous.

Usually, the tree is dangerous or there is a high risk of damage, oftentimes the trees have storm damage or have been neglected for years. That compromises the structure of the tree.

A dead tree with its brittle and inflexible structure is even more dangerous. It’s difficult to control the fall of the tree or branches. A dead tree can even shatter.

Often, tree workers are dealing with branches near power lines. The danger in that situation should be self-explanatory.

Professional tree service companies will have liability insurance, as well. The insurance will protect a number of things, including your property, and any injuries the crew might get.

They also need to be trained and certified, or they should be. And this is without even touching on the equipment they need to buy and maintain, such as aerial lifts and cranes.

How Much Does It Cost To Trim a Large Tree?

There are a bunch of things that contribute to the price of tree trimming including location, time of the year, the type of trimming, etc.16 Size is one of the biggest factors in the total price of the trimming job.10

You will rarely find a trimmer that charges per hour,9 an hourly rate doesn’t make sense for the type of job they do. However, if you do, the trimmer will charge at least $200 an hour.

Anything above 50 ft qualifies as a large tree. For something that size, the price range is likely to be between $500-$1200, however, an extremely large tree might cost you as much as $2000.

Image of a man wearing safety harness holding on to branches while trimming a tall tree using a chainsaw.

(Image: henry perks24)

It might be easier to get a lower price in the winter. There are fewer trimming jobs available since there aren’t as many outdoor activities going on.

Oak trees can grow very large, the cost for the trimming job would likely be between $950-$1700. Oak trees can be more difficult to trim due to things like size and it being more difficult to cut hardwood.

Depending on the type of pine tree, the price range will change a little. A Norfolk/White pine will typically cost between $500-$850.

A Radiate pine will cost between $750-$1500. This type of pine is more expensive to trim because its branches are larger and thicker than other types.

A large palm tree, which is 30 ft or above, will cost about $200 to trim. A palm tree 50 ft or above, extremely large, will cost between $300-$600 for each tree.

Where Can I Get a Tree Trimming Quote?

The majority of tree trimming companies will come out to do a consultation on your specific trimming job. That would be the best way to get an accurate quote.

If you want an estimate, then you could enter the “tree trimming cost calculator” into your search engine of choice. There will be a lot of options and you can choose one that is appropriate for your needs.

What Is a Reasonable Price for Tree Trimming?

Typically, the average price range is between $250-$500.17 Depending on a variety of factors, you might pay more than $1000.

It is always a good idea to shop around for different quotes. You can always use a tree trimming cost calculator beforehand so that you have a rough estimate. Also, remember that tree trimming professionals will be able to answer any question you have about cost.

Hopefully, you have a better understanding of why you should trim your trees and the scope of what’s involved in trimming trees. Remember to use a tree trimming cost calculator and hire certified, trained professionals.6


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