Tree Removal Cost Calculator for Every Tree Type & Discount Trick

Woman sitting on a fallen tree peers forward toward a truck, holding a calculator and wonders how to use a tree removal cost calculator to estimate the cost of fallen tree removal.

Using a tree removal cost calculator helps you estimate the cost of removing a tree from your property.

Tree removal is often necessary after storms or other events that damage trees around homes or that threaten power lines. But, it’s also advisable to remove older trees before they can pose a danger to structures or people.

Free Tree Removal Quote: Check Local Pricing

But, did you know that there’s a discount trick you can use? Simply search for free tree removal services in your area to see if you qualify. These and other tips in this guide can help you reduce costs.

Use this tree removal cost calculator right now to estimate how much it will cost to remove your fallen or damaged tree.

The price of tree removal is affected by many factors, including the location, type of tree, and size.

An effective tree removal cost calculator will consider all the elements to accurately predict a tree removal project cost in your area. Moreover, by learning how to negotiate tree removal, you can reduce your costs.

Image of a man, wearing an orange helmet with safety harness, cutting tree branches using a chainsaw

(Image: Jimmy Chan7)

By default, the larger the size of the tree, the more expensive it will be to remove. Some tree types are also costly to remove because of the complexity of their removal. You should, however, expect to pay less if the tree is already fallen, the tree is small, or you only need the branches removed.

How do you determine how much a specific tree in your yard will cost to remove? Below are some scenarios and the charges involved to help you approximate the cost of removing trees on your property. Read to the end for a discount trick to help you get the best deals for tree removal wherever you are.

Fallen Tree Removal Cost Calculator

When a tree falls,6 whether due to a storm, rotting, or any other reason, it needs to be removed for safety reasons.

You should prioritize fallen tree removal projects to help keep your property clean and safe from accidents.

Grayscale image of a huge fallen tree in the middle of the road, in a neighborhood, with its leaves and branches scattered in the area.

(Image: Karthik Chandran8)

The best thing about such a project is that the hard part of the project is already done. It should therefore cost less than removing an erect tree because the only job involved is hauling it away or breaking it into smaller pieces.

The average cost of removing fallen trees is between $75 and $150. That is much less compared to the cost of removing an upright tree. Depending on the additional services you want, you could incur other charges for services like pruning and stump removal.

Small Tree Removal Cost Calculator

Small trees are the easiest to remove because they do not require as much effort as big ones and the roots may not be as grounded as those in a giant tree. Prices differ in different areas and depend on the tree type, which is why you need a tree removal cost calculator.

If a tree has a diameter of 12 inches or below, it is considered a small tree and charged in the category of small trees. The average costs for such trees are between $150 and $400. Trees like the magnolia, dogwood, California juniper and Japanese maple are the trees you can remove within the cost range above.

The trees are under 30 feet tall and have less complicated branches, making them easy to remove and affordable. The turnaround time for such tree removals is usually hours, much faster than for other large trees.

Palm Tree Removal Cost Calculator

Palm trees have a lot of work because they grow big and have fronds where you can find scorpions and rats. Palm trees also come in different types, some of which have spikes. That makes tree removal much more complicated than a regular tree.

Use this palm tree trimming cost calculator to estimate the price of trimming a palm tree.

The palm tree type largely influences the removal cost because it determines the method and how easy or hard it will be.

Some people will prefer to dig up the tree while others chop it up depending on which way is best for that particular tree.

Wide angle shot of a Palm tree on a grass field overlooking a neighborhood in a sunny morning.

(Image: Scott Webb9)

In most places, palm tree removal costs will be between $250 and $1200. However, you must contact various tree removal companies in your area to compare prices before settling for one.

Tree Stump Removal Cost Calculator

Tree stumps are unsightly and could be a tripping accident zone, especially along a pathway. Removing the stumps as soon as you cut down a tree is essential. While it is not an easy task to do, some people can successfully remove a tree stump using homemade tricks like Epsom salt. Epsom salt pulls moisture from the wood and kills the stump faster than most natural methods.1

Hiring a stump removal company is also viable if you are not a DIY person. The cost for removal depends on various factors like size and location, but most companies have offers on that if you use their tree-cutting services. A good tree removal cost calculator will tell you the factors in play and give you a discount trick.

Whether a company has a flat rate cost or they charge per diameter inch, the rate is between $100 and $400 per stump. Those who do it hourly charge $100-$150 per hour, and if they have the right tools, it should take a short period to remove a single stump.

Large Tree Removal Cost Calculator

Large trees are a nuisance to remove. If it falls on your property, it could damage everything on its way and even cause severe accidents. It requires enormous machines and powerful tools to bring down a large tree.

Removing trees like sycamores between 60 and 100 feet tall could cost you a whole day of work and close to $1000. On average,5 large tree removal costs between $900 and $1200.

The diameter for such trees could be about 20 inches, which makes additional services like stump removal also costly. Other tree species with massive trunks include maple, conifers, and red oak.

Cost of Tree Branch Removal

Sometimes a tree on your property could have dangerously hanging branches that you would like to remove and not necessarily the entire tree. Such services are available and are charged separately from tree removal services.

However, the same factors that affect the cost of tree removal could also affect branch removal. That includes the ease of removal, the size of the branches, and the type of tree. If you are only procuring the branch removal services, you might pay $50 to $75 for the service.

Image of a man wearing a safety gear cutting the tree branches using a chainsaw.

(Image: Helena Jankovičová Kováčová10)

If you want complete tree removal, the branch removal will be part of the total cost or removal. Companies that charge per hour will charge you somewhere between $75 and $125. Whatever method you choose, you might still have to pay for the hauling away of the branches or let the trash service do it for you for free.

Tree Removal Cost per Foot

The primary determiner of tree removal cost is usually the size. However, other factors are at play, like the complexity of removal and the trunk’s diameter. Therefore, most tree removal companies will use size to give you an estimate for a removal project.

For small trees up to 30 feet tall, the removal cost will be $150 to $400. The next size is the medium tree, which is about 30-60 feet and costs $450-$700. If a tree is taller than 60 feet but less than100, it will cost you $900-$1200 to remove.

The last category is for the very large trees that exceed 100 feet and cost between $1300 and $2000 to remove from your property. The criteria here might not be per foot, but tree removal companies use feet to calculate the size and cost of tree removal.

Average Tree Removal Cost

The average cost of removing a tree, regardless of size or location, is $400-$1100. Depending on the factors considered, some trees might cost more or less, but that is the average national tree removal cost.

The best way to know how much a tree removal service will cost is to ask local tree removal companies for a free estimate or check with a tree removal cost calculator. You can also compare the size of your tree to the price list mentioned in this guide to find a discount trick or know how much you need for your trees.

Cheap Tree Removal

Cheap tree removal depends on where you are and how good you are at negotiating prices.3 Some companies will charge less, while others will charge more. Identifying the companies with affordable services is a skill you need to get cheap tree removal.

You can decide to minimize the cost entirely and do a DIY project or even look for free tree removal services near you for the same. Compare prices and ask for referrals to find your area’s best and cheap tree removal services.

If the tree removal cost calculator says a tree should cost $100 to remove, you can find a company that does it for $90 if you look in the right places. Research and negotiation are the best ways to find cheap tree removal services.

Crane-Assisted Tree Removal Cost

Cranes are essential equipment in the tree removal business. They allow you to eliminate extremely tall trees or sick trees that could fall at any time. If a tree is taller than 80 feet, climbing up the tree and trying to cut it up might not work.

A crane assisted tree removal cost can vary, based on location and other factors, but is the safest option for trees that are located near power lines, homes, and other dangerous or difficult locations.

Use this calculator to estimate the price you’ll pay.

However, a crane needs professionals to operate and cut down those tall and huge trees.

The Cheapest Time of Year for Tree Removal

Like any other service, tree removal also has peak and off-peak seasons. Hiring a tree removal company during the peak season will cost you much more than during the off-peak season. Summer is the peak season for tree cutters because the weather is right and allows for such work to be done.

If you want to pay the least amount of money possible for your tree removal, do it from February to March when there is little to no work for tree-cutting professionals. Winter is an off-peak for most services, including tree cutting. You will likely get a great deal if you cut down your trees during winter.

How To Negotiate Tree Removal

As seen above, negotiating is essential when looking for affordable services. Most companies will have a flexible price list depending on how well you negotiate and offer them value. One of the best ways to negotiate for tree removal is by offering wood for free or almost free services.

That works for people with valuable trees that the tree cutter can sell as wood or as firewood. You could also negotiate by hiring a single company to do all the necessary tree services for you and in return give you a discount.

Another discount trick is to have multiple trees that need tree removal. The tree removal company will see it as worthy work and might consider giving you a discount on the overall cost. If a tree belongs to the city but has fallen on your property,2 that gives you another valid reason to get it removed for free by the city authorities.

Free Tree Removal for Seniors (And Other Groups)

Seniors and other groups can apply to get free tree removal services to help maintain property safety, for those who aren’t able to do so. People will even offer to clear their yards to prevent overgrown trees and shrubs in the neighborhood or just for goodwill.

You can look for organizations with such provisions in your area or ask for referrals from friends, family, or local authorities. Depending on how they run that program, they might ask you for specific qualifications.

How To Kill a Tree Stump at No Cost

Learning how to kill a tree stump at no cost is easy when you have ingredients like rock salt, Epsom salt, nitrogen fertilizer, or hot water in your home. You also need organic waste after applying the chemicals and a plastic tarp to cover the stump.

Start by drilling downward holes into the stump and then put the chemical of choice inside the holes. Cover the tree stump with a plastic bag and then put the organic waste on the stump after holding the plastic bag down with stones.

How To Rot a Tree Stump Fast With Minimal Cost

A tree stump can take years to rot naturally, but you can speed up the process using Epsom salt, high nitrogen fertilizer, and rock salt. The process is simple and has only three steps.

Open a pathway to the roots through drilling, put in the chemicals, and cover with organic waste. It should take less than four months for the tree stump to decompose.

Free Tree Removal in Exchange for Wood

One way to get tree removal services for free is to offer the wood from the trees as payment. Some companies will accept such a deal and perform free tree removal in exchange for wood, while others will not.

Therefore, asking whether the chosen company takes such barter trade before the job starts is essential. The decision is usually based on the types of trees that need to be removed.

This service does have an emissions cost, and you can discover that using a footprint calculator.

Image of a man stepping on a tree log while using a red chainsaw cutting it into a smaller size.

(Image: Karolina Grabowska11)

Also, ensure that the trees you want to be cut have some form of value in terms of the wood quality or any other feature that would make anyone want it as payment.4 Getting your trees cut for free is a significant discount trick, especially if you have no use for any part of the removed trees.

Knowing how much a tree removal project will cost even before you assign it to a professional is essential. That helps you prepare financially and see whether the cost is within your budget. While most trees below sixty feet will be within affordable ranges, some trees, like the red oak trees, might cost a fortune to remove.

Always look for a discount trick to help you cut costs or sharpen your negotiation skills to get better offers from tree removal companies. The tree removal cost calculator is a lifesaver for anyone with multiple trees to remove.

Frequently Asked Questions About Tree Removal Cost Calculator

How Does a Tree Removal Cost Calculator Work?

A tree removal cost calculator estimates the price you should pay for a tree removal service in your area, considering all the possible factors. Some calculators will also give you discount tricks to help you get the best deals within your area.

Who Is Eligible for Free Tree Removal?

That depends on the organization or institution offering the free services. However, such services are usually for people who might not be able to do it themselves, like seniors, people with disabilities, and other special cases. Veterans and people with valuable trees can enjoy free tree removal services too. If a city tree falls within your property, you will also be eligible for free tree services from the city workers.

Does a Copper Nail Kill a Tree?

A copper nail might kill a tiny tree, but even a small tree will take several months to die. It will, however, not kill a huge tree, but you can try using homemade solutions like Epsom salt.

How Much Does It Cost To Cut Down a 100 ft Tree?

A 100 feet tree is a very large tree that might not respond to regular cutting methods. Such a tree requires crane-assisted services that cost between $1500 and $2000.

How Much Does It Cost To Pull Out a Tree Stump?

Pulling out a tree stump is labor intensive and requires special tools to do it successfully. If you hire a stump removal company to do it for you, prepare to part with $340 per stump. If you do not want to pay that much for the removal, try using homemade remedies like drying out the stump with Epsom salt or preventing photosynthesis with a black plastic bag.


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