101 Most Famous Tree Planting Quotes (Future Generations Quote)

Man holding a shovel with boy standing next to him recite a tree planting quote while looking at a tree to inspire the future generations.

Have you ever wanted to use a tree planting quote  in a card or a message to someone?

Trees are beloved for many reasons. Their beauty, strength and nature have inspired people for thousands of years!

And, with these 101 tree planting quotes, you can help inspire the next generation of tree-lovers.

Inspiration Tree Planting Quote

Trees are crucial to human survival. Their importance to the carbon cycle is just as critical as the part they play in our survival as a species dependent on them to produce food, clothing, and shelter.

The world’s forests serve several purposes: they filter the air we breathe, mitigate the effects of climate change by absorbing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, cool the surrounding land, and provide critical homes for many species of plants and animals.

Why Make a Tree Planting Quote?

If there weren’t any trees, life on Earth would be impossible. No rain would pour, leaving our soils vulnerable and the air unfit for human habitation.

More than ever, we are in desperate need of trees. Planting a tree now is one of the most influential and inexpensive things you can do to help the environment.

Below we have compiled a collection of tree planting quotes that we hope you find useful and entertaining.

Check out the following tree quotes!

Inspirational Tree Quotes

Do you need a dose of inspiration? Below are some motivational words regarding trees, strength, and beauty.

#1. “Although there are an endless variety of fruits that emerge from the earth’s bosom, trees of the forest have the most dignity out of all of them.” – Susan Fenimore Cooper

#2. “I’ve never encountered an unhappy tree. They’re firmly anchored, although they seem to like their surroundings, and they move roughly the same distance as humans do.” – John Muir

#3. “Perhaps we wouldn’t be so careless about chopping down trees if they could yell at us beforehand. We may if kids were always screaming for no apparent reason.” – Jack Handey

#4. “God’s thoughts, which are always peaceful, are written in gleaming green over the globe using the trees as his huge alphabet.” – Leonora Speyer

#5. “Trees are my favorite because they accept their circumstances with greater composure than most other living things.” – Willa Cather

#6. “Although a tree may increase in height, its leaves always fall back to its base.” – Malay Proverb

#7. “When you plant a tree and can later stroll under its canopy, you know you’ve made it as a gardener. We’ve come this far; at this point, we can finally stand next to ours.” – Mirabel Osler

#8. “A single acorn may sprout into a forest of unimaginable size and beauty.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

#9. “Trees that have lost their heads cannot grow them again and instead serve as a lasting memorial to the stupidity and cruelty of their tormentors.” – George William Curtis

#10. “People who kill trees will eventually have to deal with a planet that can’t support them.” – Bryce Nelson

#11. “A tree’s roots will develop and become more robust if subjected to severe winds, so it is with us. Let us not be wimps, easily swayed by the slightest breeze, but rather brave enough to stand firm.” – Amy Carmichael

#12. “Put up equal effort to processing positive and negative feedback. Flowers can’t bloom without both sunshine and moisture.” – Anonymous

#13. “God is the ally of quietness. Observe how nature – trees – flourishes in quiet; observe the heavenly bodies as they move in silence. To contact hearts, we require quiet.” – Mother Teresa

#14. “Night, sweetheart. The night, when speech becomes hushed and action explodes. After the day’s critical study has been completed, everything of value may be restored to its original, undamaged form. When a man puts himself back together again, he develops the poise of a tree.” – Antoine de Saint-Exupery

#15. “Like the trees, we too live and die and then rise again from the receptive soil of the cemetery to begin again. Old beliefs are abandoned as time passes, but in their place, fresh new ones emerge. Villagers’ trust may be crumbling right now, but it will sprout back up like a forest.” – Chief Joseph

Quote About Planting a Tree

The following is a compilation of the most motivational quotations regarding tree planting, including:

#16. “In the normal course of events, only gods and poets are allowed to do creative acts, although commoners may get around this limitation if they understand how. One requires not to be a deity or poet to plant a pine tree; all that’s required is a shovel.” – Aldo Leopold

A man holding a long-handled shovel in his left hand and a potted tree sapling in his right while walking in an open field with low green plants on an overcast day.

(Image: Noorulabdeen Ahmad1)

#17. “I want to be able to take long, relaxing strolls along the banks of my pond every day, find solace in the shade of the trees I’ve nurtured, and restore my energy under the spreading arms of my sycamore.” – Egyptian Tomb Inscription

#18. “A parterre can teach you a lot. It teaches people to be patient and vigilant, to work hard and save money, and, most importantly, to trust completely in another person.” – Liberty Hyde Bailey

#19. “Gardens tell a story about their creators.” – Sydney Eddison

#20. “Anything that brings us back to the gentle rhythms of nature, anything that teaches us to be patient, is beneficial. Grace may be expressed via gardening.” – May Sarton

Best Time to Plant a Tree Quote

Below is a quote that is meant to push you to at least plant a tree. And this’s how it goes:

#21. “Two decades ago would have been ideal for tree planting. And right now is the second greatest moment.” – Chinese Proverb

Happiness Is Planting a Tree Quotes

The lessons people learn from trees may be applied to many aspects of life, both professionally and personally. After all, it took Mother Nature nearly 400 million years to fine-tune these extraordinary beings.

Here, you will find tree planting quotes, focusing on such universal themes as humor and the joy of living.

#22. “If I want to learn to draw strength from my foundation, I need to plant a tree.” – Andrea Koehle Jones

#23. “One will be much more stunning if they adore a tree.” – Amit Ray

#24. “The simplest method to be in sync with the cosmos is to plant a tree.” – Amit Ray

#25. “Karma yoga entails helping those in need, whether it be via providing them with food, clothing, housing, education, medication, or just maintaining a clean and green environment.” – Amit Ray

A woman wearing a pink racerback and black leggings, doing a tree pose in the middle of an area covered in dried grass and lined with columns of trees.

(Image: Mor Shani2)

#26. “Even if you don’t manage to plant millions of trees, giving even a single tree even the slightest bit of tender loving care will make you a fantastic person.” – Amit Ray

#27. “To help keep my heart soft and my intellect open, I’m going to plant a tree.” – Andrea Koehle Jones

#28. “Tree planting is a great way to commemorate any special occasion, whether it’s someone’s special day, a promotion, or a company achievement. Connecting with nature is simple with the yoga practice of tree hugging.” – Amit Ray

#29. “As a reminder to myself to do my part to improve the planet, today I am planting a tree.” – Andrea Koelhe Jones

#30. “Riches come to those who hug trees, learn their language, and shower them with affection. For the simple reason that it links you up with the fountainhead of riches.” -Amit Ray

#31.”Joyful Earth Remains
Each time we take the time to plant a tree,
What’s going on underneath, huh?
The freedom of one’s roots” – Anonymous

Short Quotes for Plant Lovers

Thirteen and not 35 most famous tree planting quote have been compiled here for your perusal. Please spend a few minutes reading this interesting list:

#32. “She had said that she was searching for aesthetic stimulation. I brought her to the spot where I’d sown my seeds.” – Darnell Lamont Walker

#33. “Planting a garden is the capitalist solution to being unemployed.” – Orson Scott Card

#34. “There is a lot of room for feeling in my garden. The flowers in my yard symbolize the ideas and aspirations that fill my mind. It’s a place where ideas blossom as naturally as flowers, and where dreams are as lovely as they are vivid.” – Abram L. Urban

#35. “To increase the number of roses in our lives, we must first increase the number of trees.” – Anonymous

#36. “There is always some effort required before you can reap the prize. The harvest comes after the planting process. A few tears are shed before the harvest of happiness is experienced.” – Ralph Ransom

#37. “Everything alive on Earth may be traced back to that one plant.” – Jay Kordich

#38. “It’s recommended that everyone plant at least one tree over their lives.” – Gifty Lailah Akita

#39. “Begonias are incredible plants because they keep flowering even after being severely pruned.” – Gladys Taber

#40. “Honestly, I’m not very complicated. I like tending to my flower gardens as they flourish. As for me, I’ll just be sitting on my couch, watching the river go by.” – George Harrison

#41. “Just plant a new tree where the old one fell.” – Carolus Linnaeus

#42. “There’s no use trying to sow seeds with clenched fists. Our hands must be open to the soil if we are to plant seeds.” – Adolfo Perez Esquivel

#43. “The world becomes familiar with only one brush with nature.” – William Shakespeare

#44. “By reforesting his family’s land, a person may make good on a debt owed to his ancestors.” Anonymous

Cherry Tree covered in pink flowers in full bloom with a person’s arm and hand holding pruning shears on the lower left.

(Image: jackmac343)

#45. “Whoever tends trees cares about more than just themselves.” – Anonymous

#46. “If you want to enjoy the shade of a tree in your old age, you must plant one while you’re young.” – Turkish Proverb

Quote About Planting a Tree for Future Generations

Trees teach us to stay grounded even as our imaginations soar.

Read the following motivational statement on tree planting for the next generation’s sake.

#47. “What more concrete proof do you need that a guy loves his fellow man than when he plants trees for the future generations to enjoy during the hot summer months?” – Anonymous

#48. “Humanity benefits from the actions of the individual who grows a tree where there was once none.” – Anonymous

#49. “One who plants trees for others to enjoy, even though he will never enjoy their shade, deserves praise.” – Indian Proverb

#50. “Even if they won’t live to see their trees bear fruit, it’s OK to let the elderly take part in tree planting.” – Anonymous

#51. “A man’s ambition might lead him to do something that, in reality, won’t help him at all. It is an ambition that motivates a senior to plant a tree, even if he will never enjoy its shade or benefit from its fruit.” – Anonymous

#52. “When a man plant trees he knows he will never sit beneath, he has taken a little step toward realizing the purpose of human existence.” – Anonymous

Growing Tree Quotes

Hikers are always humbled by their insignificance, particularly when surrounded by ancient trees.

Hence, the following growing tree quotes have been collected to provide the motivation one gets from embracing trees.

#53. “Stronger winds result in stronger trees, which means it takes more effort to cultivate quality wood.” – J. Willard Marriott

#54. “Instead of evaluating your success based on the fruits of the day, consider the seeds you sowed.” – Robert Louis Stevenson

#55. “Please, Dear One, go deep into your heart, because it is there that the Holy Tree is flourishing.” – William Butler Yeats

#56. “If a lone tree is going to grow, it may as well be a robust one.” – Winston Churchill

Planting Trees for Birthday Quotes

#57. “A tree planting ceremony is an excellent way to commemorate any milestone in life or the accomplishment of any professional or personal goal. Connecting with nature is simple with the yoga practice of tree hugging.” – Amit Ray

#58. “I told myself that by the time a guy reaches the age of 30, he must have his life fully tilled and planted since what comes after that is the summer.” – Lew Wallace

Tree Love Quotes

Below you’ll find a collection of fantastic tree love quotations from famous writers and philosophers, perfect for use as an Instagram post or to make you smile.

#59. “Much like a tree, love develops and flourishes all on its own, taking hold of every part of its host.” – Victor Hugo

#60. “Act like a tree. Even if you chop off the tree’s branches, you may still enjoy their shade.” – Sri Chaitanya

#61. “You can find a portal to another dimension between every pair of pine trees.” – John Muir

#62. “Lack of love in one’s life is analogous to a fruitless tree.” – Khalil Gibran

Quotes About Trees and Roots (Tree Planting Quote to Ground You)

The following is a compilation of less than 35 most famous tree planting quote about roots culled from various sources throughout the years.

#63. “The strength of a tree does not come from its branches, but rather from its roots.” – Matshona Dhliwayo

#64. “Teaching children the roots of responsibility and giving them the freedom to make their own decisions are priceless.” – Denis Waitley

#65. “Someone who doesn’t know where they came from or their cultural heritage is like a tree uprooted from its roots.” – Marcus Garvey

#66. “A tree uprooted dies, but a man starts living” – Anonymous

#67. “God looks at a tree’s output rather than its foundation when making a verdict.” – Paulo Coelho

#68. “To put it simply, trees are Earth’s ceaseless attempt to communicate with an attentive sky.” – Rabindranath Tagore

Huge multi-trunked tree with green leaves and big roots growing above the soil level.

(Image: Emma Gossett4)

#69. “As the definition suggests, a coincidence is just an invisible link. The roots connect below ground.” – Charlotte Armstrong

#70. “Strong roots in a shrub are preferable to flimsy ones in a tree.” – Matshona Dhliwayo

#71. “One’s roots are not external to themselves, but rather exist inside each individual.” – Isabel Allende

#72. “Like a tree, I have sturdy roots and a steady trunk. Although my leaves may change the hue, my essence remains the same.” – Rose Namajunas

#73. “It’s been stated that a tree can’t grow to the sky if its roots aren’t firmly planted in the underworld.” – Carl Jung

#74. “I will never lose sight of my roots. Location is irrelevant to me. I was born and raised in England.” – David Beckham

#75. “Let the earth’s wisdom guide us, and we may grow tall and strong from our rooted positions like trees.” – Rainer Maria Rilke

#76. “If humans are trees, then language is our soil; and writing helps flourish.” – Munia Khan

#77. “Perhaps you are looking high up in the tree for something that can only be found down in the roots” – Rumi

#78. “For our offspring to have any kind of permanent legacy, we can only leave them two things: roots and wings.” – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

#79. “Hope is sown by the man who planted trees.” – Lucy Larcom

#80. “For art to serve as a nourishing element at the center of our civilization, the artist must be given the freedom to pursue his or her ideas without societal interference.” – John F. Kennedy

#81. “If a tree’s roots are solid, not even the most powerful of people will be able to uproot it.” – Matshona Dhliwayo

Quotes About Plants and Healing

Growing trees isn’t going to make all your issues disappear magically, but it may be a good first step toward fixing them.

Here are a few plants and healing quotes to help you feel better.

#82. “If you go to a buddy with issues, they may quickly spout out a list of demands relying solely on what they think is best for you depending on how they have handled similar situations in their life. No rationalization, no internalizing, no feeding the other person your emotional distress goes into it. Hence, roughly a million individuals approach me with their challenges instead of seeking a solution from their loved ones; since I’m more of an old tree with bulging roots, you can rest beneath its branches as you shed tears. I will infuse them into me. Humans, with their endless supply of useless suggestions, are unnecessary. We need to go sit in the shade of trees and talk to the roots about our problems.” – C. Joy Bell

#83. “When trees continue to blossom in the spring despite severe weather, they send a message to humans. You can avoid being destroyed by a destructive force as long as you have more mental fortitude than it has. Perseverance can overcome any obstacle.” – Mehmet Murat

Quotes for Plant Lovers

If you’re here, you’re a green thumb. Hence, it would help if you shared the quotes below with fellow plant lovers to smile at them.

#84. “There is no such thing as a wasted day when strolling in the forest. Luminous shafts of light pour through the canopy of trees, bathing me in the significance of the here and now. The sun’s beams shine through every branch, and I’m reminded that even the tiniest of my actions may spark a fire of love.” – Gloria Gonsalves

Wooden walkway in the forest, with rocks and dried tree trunks on the ground on both sides, and lined with trees with green leaves and dried branches.

(Image: Tim Gouw5)

#85. “Your bank account will increase if you learn to communicate with trees, give them hugs, and shower them with affection. Since it links you up with the fountain of riches.” – Amit Ray

#86. “True love should be sturdy and long-lasting, like a tree, then a delicate and fleeting flower. The affection I felt from my parents was just like that. Much less ephemeral and more permanent. Moreover, have you seen that tree over there? Only leaves are visible now, but a profusion of blossoms will cover the plant when spring knocks. Even while trees are dependable, they also can convey emotions.” – Mya Roberts

Tree Quotes Short and Sweet

The following is a selection of three quotes, which are short and sweet, to encourage you in your daily endeavors.

#87. “Education may indeed have sour roots, but it ultimately bears sweet rewards for those who persevere.” – Aristotle

#88. “Each flower stores its brightness deep within its roots.” – Theodore Roethke

#89. “Be sure to nourish your roots from the inside out, so your spirit may flourish.” – Anonymous

Quotes on Importance of Trees

Several icons with much to say on this subject were given special attention for this part.

So please grab a cup of coffee, continue reading, and be motivated to protect the environment by our assortment of quotes.

#90. “Planting trees is like giving one’s hopes for a better future a physical form and a beating heart.” – Russell Page

#91. “Despite the impending doom, I will go ahead and plant an apple plant.” – Martin Luther

#92. “Go ahead and plant trees. They provide us with air and literature, two necessities for life.” – A. Whitney Brown

#93. “Trees keep our planet alive; they are like the lungs.” – Franklin D. Roosevelt

#94. “Whenever I feel like celebrating, I go out and plant a tree.” – Wangari Maathai

Tree Planting Quotes

To motivate you to act, consider the following quotes on planting trees from academics, forestry professionals, civic leaders, business people, and lawmakers.

#95. “In contrast to some who are brought to tears by its beauty, others may see the tree as nothing more than an annoying obstruction. For some, nature is full of mockery and horror, while others hardly notice it. However, to the creative mind, nature is the ultimate canvas.” – William Blake

#96. “Trees are way braver than virtually all people: a mango would rather lose its life than produce coconuts, while rather than dying, the average human would instead be a person they are not.” – Mokotoma

#97. “To my surprise, the trees recognized me. They were murmuring and motioning for me to come closer. And as I looked about, I saw that additional, smaller trees and various natural vegetation had sprung up thanks to the shade provided by the larger ones we had planted. There was a dramatic increase in the tree population. There was motion. At least in this one little part of the planet, Grandpa’s wish had come true, and trees were once again swaying in the wind.” – Ruskin Bond

Quotes About Planting Trees for Future Generations

In this section, quotes concerning trees for future generations have been compiled.

#98. “When wood is seen as a commodity, felling trees may increase profits. Slavery, exploitation, and low wages all benefit businesses when human beings are seen as interchangeable parts. When everything is treated as a product, the land becomes desolate and eventually dust.” – Clifford Thurlow

Quote About Planting Trees for Future Generations

People should plant more trees to create a great future for the coming generations. And here are some quotes to inspire you.

#99. “The next generation won’t know the satisfaction of seeing a tree sprout from a seed you planted in the ground.” – Nitya Prakash

Planting Tree Quote

Below is a quote regarding tree planting, which should motivate you to embark on the journey.

#100. “Every one of us owes a debt of gratitude to the tree planters for making the world livable.” – Anonymous

Quotes About Planting Seeds for the Future (Tree Planting Quote for Hope)

Were you trying to find quotes about sowing seeds? Here is a quote about planting seeds to motivate you to act righteously and achieve good results throughout your life.

Green seed bud on soil with a blue and black background.

(Image: 김경복6)

#101. “Think of yourself as seeds; when mud is hurled at you, think of it as fertile soil, rather than an opponent.” – Matshona Dhliwayo

Having trees around is crucial. Trees help in many ways: they clean the air, provide shade for our houses and streets, reduce the need for air conditioning, save money on utility bills, help keep the water table stable, and keep soil from washing away.

As their function broadens to fulfill the demands of our contemporary lives, the value of trees continues to rise. We hope this article filled with unique tree planting quotes will motivate you to protect and add to your existing tree population.


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