How Much to Trim Palm Trees & Costs for Palm Tree Trimming (Discount Trick)

Man with his finger on his chin looks toward a group of palm trees and is thinking about how much to trim palm trees and how much money it will cost to trim palm trees.

Palm trees are found in at least 9 US states, so knowing how much to trim palm trees and the cost for palm tree trimming differs between these states for several reasons.1

There is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to determining the cost of trimming palm trees, as the size and height of the tree, the number of trees, and the location of the trees all factor into the price.

But, that doesn’t mean that you can’t get a fairly close estimate.

This palm tree trimming cost calculator can help.

Palm trees can grow up to 200 ft high and the taller the tree, the more it will cost to trim. Some of them grow over the span of a century, which means that trimming will be necessary at some point during the tree’s lifespan.

Palm tree trimming services often include washing the tree by hosing it down, which assists in keeping the tree healthy by removing mealybugs and mites. Unhealthy palm trees will cost more to trim.

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How Much Should It Cost To Trim a Palm Tree?

Depending on the above mentioned factors, it should cost between $200 and $500 to trim a palm tree.17 Should the palm tree be taller than 60 feet, the cost could rise to around $1,200.

If the palm tree is in good condition, the cost of trimming will be cheaper while, reversely, a poorly maintained tree will cost more to trim.

Avoiding emergency trimming by keeping a palm tree in good condition will also save on the costs of palm tree trimming. Emergency work can top at least $250 per hour.

Furthermore, if the tree is located a considerable distance from the local tree trimming company, the cost of trimming will increase.2

How Much To Trim Palm Trees: Average Cost To Trim Palm Trees

When asking the question, ‘how much to trim palm trees,’ the realistic answer is that the cost can range between $60 and $75 to trim a small palm tree.

The more trees that need trimming, the less the cost per tree; e.g., if five small palm trees need pruning, the cost would range around $230.

An image of tall palm trees adorned with lush green fronds, set against a bright and sunny summer sky.

(Image: DyunMV25)

The height of the tree plays a crucial role in determining the cost and is generally laid out as follows:3

Height of TreeCost Estimate
10 – 15ft$60 -$75
15 – 25ft$100 – $350
25 – 40ft$200 – $425
50 ft or more$350 – $945

Cost To Trim Palm Tree

The cost of trimming palm trees also differs by state (while still factoring in the height of the trees and the number of palm trees that require trimming).

A graph that shows the estimated cost to trim Palm Trees

The below table indicates the estimated cost of having palm trees trimmed, with the cost range including the factor of height, location, and whether removal is required.

*Please note the below are rough estimates, and all costs will be determined by the respective tree trimming companies when a quote is requested.

StateCost Estimate
Cost To Trim Palm Tree Florida$125 – $1,200
Cost To Trim Palm Tree California$45 – $945
Cost To Trim Palm Tree Texas4$75 – $1,000
Cost To Trim Palm Tree Georgia$270 – $450
Cost To Trim Palm Tree Louisiana$75 – $1,000
Cost To Trim Palm Tree Arizona$75 – $400
Cost To Trim Palm Tree Nevada5$436 – $647
Cost To Trim Palm Tree North Carolina6$530 – $905
Cost To Trim Palm Tree South Carolina$200 – $760

Additional Palm Tree Trimming Cost Factors To Consider

Other costs to consider in conjunction with palm tree trimming includes

  • Disposal – Not all palm tree trimming services have a disposal, including disposal of the fronds, fruit, and seeds. This then becomes an additional cost if required.
  • Removal – If the tree needs to be removed due to discovered disease or hazard, it will be an extra cost to remove the stump.
  • Unhealthy trees – Trees that are weakened or disease-ridden will cost more to trim, as they pose a higher risk to the trimming crew.
  • Accessibility – If palm trees are difficult to reach, the trimming service cost will be higher due to more time spent and more labor forces required.

How Much To Trim Palm Trees: Affordable Palm Tree Trimming

Affordable palm tree trimming18 services are within reach in all states where palm trees grow. It is important to keep the following factors in mind when calculating the cost of palm tree trimming.

  • Keeping your palm tree(s) in healthy condition, by sticking to a regular maintenance schedule, will cut down on the eventual trimming costs.
  • When emergency trimming is unavoidable, local trimming services should be contacted to cut down on the costs of traveling and avoid an excessive call-out rate.
  • Growing smaller palm trees will ensure that trimming services are highly affordable.7

Cheap Palm Tree Trimming Options

On average, the cheapest expected cost to trim a small palm tree in the US is $60. Most palm tree trimming companies offer discounts for seniors, which may include free tree removal.

Some also offer discounted trimming services and free tree removal for veterans.

It may be possible to save money on palm tree trimming by requesting a quantity discount if multiple trees need trimming, or by scheduling trimming during off-peak seasons.

How Often To Trim Palm Trees

Palm trees generally require minimal maintenance, but regular trimming should be implemented to avoid higher than usual tree trimming costs, or emergency trimming costs.

An image of a male arborist pruning a palm tree, using specialized tools and protective gear for safe and efficient trimming.

(Image: Scot Nelson26)

The following tips will ensure a healthier palm tree, with less need for professional trimming.

Palm trees should be pruned during any time of the year, except in late fall and winter.

While palm trees do not need to be trimmed very often, trimming will be necessary when the following is visible:

  • Brown fronds
  • Flowers
  • Fruit
  • If a palm tree is damaged by tropical storms (hurricanes) or lightning, the visible injured parts should be removed to ensure the tree stays healthy.

Self-cleaning palms19 shed their own fronds, and don’t need trimming.

Best Palm Tree Trimming Tools

Several tools are required to trim palm trees. These include the following:

  • Pruning saw for regular-sized fronds
  • Chainsaw for larger fronds
  • Cutting knife for stalks
  • Hand pruner
  • Outdoor pole saw for taller palm trees
  • Thick gloves
  • Rubbing alcohol to clean all tools20
  • Protective headgear/helmet

Tips for Trimming a Palm Tree

To save on tree trimming costs and wherever small palm trees can be trimmed, the following steps should be kept in mind:

  • Sterilize all trimming tools with rubbing alcohol or a solution of bleach and water.
  • If fronds are not at a 90-degree angle, they should be trimmed or cut.
  • Yellow fronds should not be cut.
  • If there are any signs of vermin or disease, the necessary steps should be taken to return the tree to health before another pruning is done.8

Dried brown fronds are a fire hazard and should be removed whenever they appear. This is especially true for palm trees that grow in exceptionally hot and dry climates.

Removing dead fronds will also allow a palm tree to grow in a healthy fashion.

Vermin often nest in untrimmed palm trees, and if not exterminated or removed will eventually nest in nearby buildings.

Palm Tree Trimming Service

It is essential to only employ the services of a reputable, professional palm tree trimming organization.

Palm trees that are incorrectly trimmed can lead to fatal accidents because of the sheer weight of the fronds that are cut.

Trimming palm trees is a delicate art that requires a deep understanding of the species and its growth patterns. One vital aspect often overlooked is the timing of the trimming. To maintain the tree’s health and vigor, it’s best to trim just the dead fronds and only when necessary. Additionally, homeowners should consider consulting certified arborists or tree care specialists for professional guidance on palm tree maintenance.
– Ben McInerney, Arborist Expert

How Much to Trim Palm Trees? What To Expect: Palm Tree Trimming Services

While the average cost of palm tree trimming is around $75, depending on the state, costs can top out at $1,200. This is because of a range of factors including the size of the palm tree, the number of trees, and whether the trees are healthy or not.

Small palm trees cost far less to trim than extra-large palm trees. The cost for extra-large palm trees depends on accessibility and location and can be as high as $600.

Generally speaking, palm tree trimming companies do not charge by the hour, but the cost of trimming differs between states.

It is important to note that when fruit, seeds, and flower pods need to be removed alongside dead fronds, the cost will stay the same (in general).

The question, of how much to trim palm trees, will also depend on the type of palm tree being trimmed.

For instance, the Phoenix palm is both tall and very wide, which means the tree contains a lot of fronds that will eventually have to be trimmed.

Mexican fan palm trees21 usually attract a premium cost, because of their sharply spiked fronds that are not easily removed.9

Palm Tree Trimming Cost Calculator

Most palm tree trimming services companies include a palm tree trimming cost calculator on their website for ease of use when inquiring about the cost of palm tree trimming.

Often, the palm tree trimming costs are laid out first according to the different aspects of tree trimming services that may be required, after which the individual costs can be entered into the calculator to calculate the exact cost of the trimming service.10

Benefits of Palm Tree Trimming

There are several benefits to having palm trees trimmed22 by professional trimmers:

  • Correct trimming methods help prevent future damage to palm trees.
  • Trimming ensures that palm trees are strengthened during hurricane season.
  • Healthy palm trees add to the aesthetic value of cities and states.
  • Regular inspection before trimming eliminates the changes in rodent infestation.11

How To Use a Palm Tree Saw Properly

Pole saws are intended to trim high-up limbs that hang overhead. Techniques to reduce the weight of the overhead branches should be followed before they are cut.

It is important to keep the following in mind before trimming a palm tree with a saw:

  • The area below the tree should be cleared entirely
  • A trimming plan should be laid out and followed
  • The saw must be positioned vertically to control the weight
  • A groove should be cut for the saw to rest in before the cut is completed

Pole saws should not be used near power lines.

Palm Tree Removal Free

Unwanted or dying palm trees should be removed. In some cases, tree removal is done for free. Whereas the removal of most other tree species is charged for, some palm tree species are highly sought after, and tree specialist companies will often pay the owner for permission to have it removed.

Palm trees should be removed in the following instances:

  • When they start growing too close to power lines or become a threat to buildings.
  • When space for growth becomes too limited
  • When the base of the palm tree is discolored, this is a sign of a rotting tree
  • When pests have overtaken the tree because they are easily spread to surrounding trees.
  • When the palm tree is generally unhealthy.

Cost of Palm Tree Removal

When a palm tree is not sought after and needs to be removed, the following cost estimates apply:

Palm Tree HeightRemoval Cost
Small (Less than 30ft)$150 – $450
Medium (Less than 30 – 60ft)$350 – $1,250
Large (60 – 80ft)$850 – $2,100
Extra Large (80 – 120ft)$1,750 – $3,500

Should a palm tree grow on state land and become a threat to residential buildings or power lines, it should be reported to the relevant authorities who will likely remove the tree free of charge.12

Free Tree Removal for Seniors

Several cities and counties in the US provide free tree removal programs for seniors. The discounts are made possible by private tree removal services and are especially valuable to seniors who have palm trees growing in their residential vicinity and that pose a hazard.

Hazardous tree removal programs are found in the following states and counties:

  • Escambia County
  • Alabama
  • Eldorado County
  • Illinois
  • Ohio
  • Hawaii

As mentioned above, some sought-after palm tree species will be removed free of charge, and seniors who have these trees growing on their property will be paid for the removal.13 These trees include:

  • Ravenala Palm
  • Guadalupe Palm
  • Senegal Date Palm
  • Mexican Blue Fan Palm
  • Mediterranean Fan Palm
  • Jelly Palm

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Free Tree Removal for Veterans

Under Veterans Administration, the average tree removal cost is $775.

Small, dead palm trees that pose a hazard to residential buildings will likely be able to be removed without obtaining a permit. Tree ordinances23 relating to Veterans Administration will indicate which trees can be removed.

Tree removal is often cheaper during the winter months when the demand for tree services is reduced.14

Free Tree Removal in Exchange for Wood

In much the same way as exotic palm trees may be removed for free by tree removal services, these tree removal companies may accept a barter when the trees that need to be removed contain exotic wood.

There are several tree removal services companies that can remove a large number of trees, and the following companies may also be approached to remove trees in exchange for wood:

  • Lumbering companies
  • Utility companies
  • Landscapers

For a tree removal24 services company to decide whether or not to remove trees for free depends on how much time it will take to remove the trees and how long it will take to load and transport the wood.

Larger trees are more likely to be removed for free, if they contain exotic wood, as larger trees provide more wood.

Utility companies will likely remove trees for free if the trees are a hazard to overhead power lines.

In some instances, permits will be required to allow a tree removal company to access the property where the trees grow.15

Can You Sell Palm Trees for Cash?

It is possible to sell palm trees for cash, provided the trees are mature and disease-free.

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The local zoning board of the city or county should be approached to determine whether a permit will be required to remove palm trees in the area.

Palm trees, depending on demand, can be sold to local nurseries or on classified ads boards.16

How much to trim palm trees depends on location, the number of trees, and the tools that can be used, for instance, the average cost of trimming palm trees ranges from $161 to $225.

Frequently Asked Questions About How Much To Trim Palm Trees?

Which Palm Tree Trimming Tool Works Best?

For smaller trees, a set of bypass pruning shears will work best for trimming. If the palm tree is over 15 ft tall, a palm tree pole saw will be required to trim and cut fronds. For indoor trees, a hand pruner and pruning saws are recommended for trimming, as needed.

Is Electric Palm Tree Trimmer Better Than Manual Trimmers?

Electric palm tree trimmers are preferred over manual trimmers, especially because some of them come with the option of removing the chainsaw, which makes the trimmer easier to manage.

Which Queen Palm Tree Trimming Tools Work Best?

The best trimming tool for queen palm trees is shears. Shears usually have longer blades which assist in cutting thicker stems. The length of the handles provides easier access to the crown of the palm tree.

Which Palm Tree Pole Saw Works Best?

Electric tree pole saws are the most popular when it comes to palm tree trimming.

How Much to Remove Palm Trees?

The cost of palm tree removal varies from state to state, with the average cheapest cost being around $75.

Palm Tree Removal Near Me

Palm tree removal services are available in every state where palm trees grow.

How Much to Trim Palm Trees?

How much to trim palm trees depends on the number of trees, the location of the trees, and the number of fronds removed. It also depends on the height of the tree. If fruit and large seed pods need to be removed from the palm tree, an additional cost will likely apply. These extra costs range from $50 – $100.


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