How Much Does an Exterminator Cost for Mice? Factors & Type of Infestation

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Pest Control | November 15, 2023

Man wondering how much does an exterminator cost for mice and wishing for a complete guide that explains factors that impact mice extermination costs and how to prevent mice infestation.

How much does an exterminator cost for mice? Unfortunately, this question is very common for many people living in the US.

Rodent infestations are a menace, especially during the cold seasons, but you may be concerned about how much it will cost to get rid of mice in your home or office.

But, knowing how to get rid of mice is crucial for your health and safety (they can damage home wiring and create fire hazards.) And, mice are unsanitary carry diseases and other pests from one place to the next.

So, how much does an exterminator cost for mice?

This guide outlines the factors that will impact how much it costs for mice extermination and how you can help control the problem.

Signs of Mice Infestation

No homeowner wants to learn that their house is under attack by rodents.

Everyone knows that these pests are elusive, meaning eradicating them can be a little bit cumbersome, eating into your yearly budget significantly.

Graphics of when to call an exterminator for mice listing 4 signs which include, heading scratching noise, detecting musky smell, seeing gnaw and scratch marks, and finding mouse droppings and nest.

The minute you hear activity on your property, that could be a sign that mice have attacked; however, to be sure, the following are some signs to look out for.

These are the most compelling reasons to tell you that it may be time to call in an expert to help.

  1. Mouse droppings:6 This is the number one sign that you should check for. Mice will leave their droppings virtually anywhere, and it is pretty easy to detect them.
    When fresh, they are dark-colored and slightly wet, measuring almost the size of rice grains, but they start drying out with time. You will mostly find them in places that are hard to reach, like under sinks and in cabinet corners.
  2. Their nests: Rodents also crave a warm and cozy home, and they are able to achieve this by making use of random materials like sawdust and fabrics, collected into confined spots that are dark and isolated.7
  3. Gnaw and scratch marks: One thing about mice is that they never fail to chew into things around your home, and it is one of the fastest ways to tell that they have attacked. You can check for these marks in electrical wires and pieces of furniture and clothing.
  4. Musky smell: This is another obvious way to tell where a mouse is hiding. Interestingly, rodents follow their own scent and keep returning to the same place, so you can use this to know exactly where they are.
    The scent will even likely be stronger in enclosed places like cabinets.
  5. Scratching noises: There is no better way to tell that there is an intruder than by their noises, and mice are really good at that, scratching and chewing away loudly while they squeak. And that will be a clear sign of an infestation, and that you should call in exterminators.

How Much Does a Rat Exterminator Cost? How Much Does an Exterminator Cost for Mice?

Undoubtedly, mice are a crucial part of the forest ecosystem, depending on various parts of a tree to survive, but everyone will agree that they are also some of the most lethal pests that could ever attack your home.6

But, unfortunately, when they do, you will have to find a way to get rid of them, not just for your peace of mind but also for your health and that of your loved ones, because these rodents are infamous for being disease carriers.

While DIY methods are known to work, there are instances where you will need to hire exterminators.

When To Call an Exterminator for Mice or When To Call an Exterminator for Rats

When the level of infestation is high, simple traps and baits just won’t do it. You will need more effective extermination methods.

So now, the question is, how much does an exterminator cost for mice? In order to hire a professional, the least amount that you will end up paying is around $300, but that could go as high as $2,000.4

You may wonder why there is such a huge margin in between until you understand that there are several factors that come into play to determine how much you will end up spending.

The exterminator will take into consideration factors like the extent of the infestation, the size of the property, the method of removal, where the infestation is, and where you live.

Apart from that, there may also be other extra charges like deep cleaning and dead mice removal.

Mice Exterminator Cost: Factors Influencing How Much Does an Exterminator Cost for Mice

The answer to how much does an exterminator cost for mice is a little bit complex because it varies based on so many reasons.

No two infestations are ever the same, so the pest control price will be different.

Factors affecting cost of an exterminator for mice graphics listing size and location of infestation, size and location of property, and method of removal are some of the considerations for pest control cost.

To give you more perspective, here are the main factors that determine the cost of mice extermination.

Size of Infestation

Usually, the more the infestation, the higher the price goes, and it makes a lot of sense if you come to think of it. If more mice have infiltrated your home, this means that the extermination process will be more intense and obviously more expensive.

While minor infestations could cost you around $225-$400, more severe cases could set you back anything from $325-$600.5

Size of Property

It is just the same as the size of the infestation because, normally, larger houses with more attached buildings to be worked on cost more when it comes to exterminating mice.

If you have more rooms to deal with, the professionals will have to make more visits, and it will be labor intensive as well, hence the huge price tag.

The reverse is also true because if you have a simple home, say you live in a small studio apartment, you won’t have to break the bank for the removal service.

Method of Removal

The experts will assess your home and help you decide the perfect method of removal to use. In most cases, it will depend on the above two factors, but regardless, know that each method comes with its own price tag, some way cheaper than others.

1. Snap Traps

The mouse traps method costs anything between $1-$30; this is the classic method where the mice are lured in using cheese or any other foodstuff. It is the safest and least complicated method.

2. Live Trap

This is another simple and more humane way to go because the mouse ends up released, not killed. It is also cheaper, costing around $8- $30 for DIY, or maybe an extra $50 if you hire a pro to help.

3. Electric Traps

Another cheaper yet effective method that helps control mice is the electric one, where the mouse is shocked and instantly dies.6 These ones may cost another $100- $150 to the total cost.

4. Poison

Although not many prefer this method, there are certain instances where it is very effective, particularly when traps are not really practical. Say where they are needed is too small that the entire trap cannot fit; poison will come in handy and work just as well, instantly killing the mice.

There is only one issue with this method: the fact that it poses a serious danger to pets and kids in any chance they ingest it. They usually cost around $300-$500, but as much as they are effective, they should only be used as a last resort and under very strict precautions.

5. Fumigation

While the above can be used in DIY processes, fumigation is a little more complicated and even dangerous; only a professional exterminator can get this done.

It works best for severe infestations, but there are problems. It is one of the most expensive methods and uses harmful chemicals.

Eye-level shot of a person wearing white PPE doing fumigation in the living room of a house.

(Image: Michelangelo Buonarroti13)

Deciding on this could mean spending as much as $550 all the way to $5,000, depending on several factors, like the size of your home and how bad the situation really is.1

Location of the Infestation

Did you know that the location of the mice in your home also determines how much does an exterminator cost for mice? The general rule is that the easier the mice are to access and exterminate, the cheaper the service.

Take, for instance, rodents in the kitchen cabinets or the attic in comparison to those living in cluttered garages or in walls. The latter will require more intense methods, and as a result, the service will cost you more.

The Location of the Property

Not many are aware of this, but where your property is located also has a role to play when determining how much you are going to spend on the extermination.

Unfortunately, some regions naturally have a high rodent population, which means that there are very high chances of infestation. The higher the demand for extermination services, the higher the price goes.

The same case also applies to those living in major cities, especially in apartment buildings. Rodents thrive in such places, and that affects the cost of hiring professionals to help.

How Do Exterminators Get Rid of Mice in Walls?

There are so many methods that exterminators use to get rid of mice that are hiding in the walls of the house.

They either lure them out with food and use traps or, better yet, seal off the openings to deny them a chance to come out for food and water like they are used to.

Closeup shot of a mouse munching on peanuts laid out as bait.

(Image: Alexa10)

Fumigation may also work when there is a huge population of them in one place.

Are There Additional Costs for Pest Control for Residential Properties?

A common mistake that residents make is to assume that all they need to do is pay for the extermination, and that will be it.

Far from it because there are still more things that you have to budget for that are not necessarily part of the exterminator’s fees.

Damage Repairs

It is very important to account for this cost.

In most, if not all, cases, a mice infestation means that there is a lot of property damage. You know how unforgiving rodents can be, chewing into literally anything they find, from wires to pipes and drywall.

You can imagine just how much you will end up spending repairing all these things. Sometimes, you may have to contact your insurance company to see whether some of these expensive damages are covered.

Deep Cleaning

This cost is unavoidable because you know the aftermath of a pest invasion.

Forget the usual removal of traps and mice carcasses; you may also have to call in expert cleaning services to do a thorough cleaning.8 This is not even about cleaning what the rodents left, but it is a way to make sure that the mice don’t return.

Mice Exclusion

This is more of a preventive method because it is where you seal off all the holes and entry points that the mice previously used to make sure that others don’t make use of them.

How Much Does an Exterminator Cost for Mice? Pest Control Cost Forms

With so many exterminators around, you have to know what to expect when it comes to pricing.

Each company sets its own terms to make sure that their clients are satisfied. They have to cater to your budget, needs, and exactly how your property looks.

These are the common pricing forms to expect.

  • Flat-rate: This is probably the most popular structure that exterminators use when charging their customers.
    It is simple and straightforward to use because it gives you just one price for the entire service.2 This includes the cost of the labor, the time taken, and the chemicals that they have used.
    The best part about this is that it makes price comparisons way easier.
  • Per-hour: Instead of giving just a single rate, exterminator companies may also offer an hourly charge; that is, you pay for the amount of time that the experts have been working on your property. It works in your favor when you have just a minor infestation but in their favor in cases of severe attacks; the problem is that it is not predictable, and you should expect anything.
  • Per-room: There are also instances where you pay exterminators according to the number of rooms that they have worked on. So, the larger your property and the more your rooms, the more money you will end up paying.

How To Prevent Rat Infestation or Mice Infestation

Are you uneasy thinking about how to get rid of rats sharing your space?

Have you dealt with an infestation before and will do anything to make sure that it never happens again?

Closeup shot of fruits and vegetables on a wooden surface with mice munching on the kernels.

(Image: andreas N11)

If so, you will have to find a way to prevent them from even coming over to your house in the first place. Here are some tips that may come in handy.

  1. Make sure that you don’t leave food lying around the house unless it is stored in air-tight containers.
  2. Mice love filth, so you want to check that you dispose of garbage as often as possible.
  3. Also, check that the attic, garage, and basement are properly ventilated and tidy if possible.
  4. All the pipes and drains in your house should be intact, with no leakages and no standing water, because mice will love to breed in such places.
  5. Check that all the vents or openings leading to your house, like the chimney, are screened.
  6. You also want to seal off any holes and cracks in and around your home because they make perfect hiding spots for mice.
  7. One more important thing is hygiene. Rats and mice will thrive when your house is cluttered and unkempt.
    That is why you have to be very religious with your cleaning, no matter the room, including places like the attic and the garage, which are favorite spots for rodents.
  8. Are you a cat person? Then you should consider getting one as a pet because they freak out rodents.
    Mice will absolutely hate being in or around your home with a cat present.

DIY vs Expert Pest Control for Mice

Do-it-yourself pest control may come to mind, especially when you think about the exterminator prices.

It is okay to consider DIY if hiring an exterminator is not yet in your budget, and it has actually worked for many people, especially those with minor rodent infestations.9

If it is more recent and you are certain that you are likely dealing with just one or a few mice, then DIY will make more sense. You may end up spending even less than $100 because there will be no labor or other related costs.

Closeup shot of a mouse trapped inside a cage.

(Image: ardeshir etemad12)

The problem comes in when you are dealing with an extensive infestation. Simple mouse traps and baits just won’t cut it, and you will need expert help.

The advantage of professionals is that they come with the expertise that is required to get the job done. They can easily handle extensive infestations, and you are sure that the job will be done perfectly.

The only issue is that they can be expensive depending on the case, but you can always find a company offering more affordable services. The two methods have their benefits and a few downsides, so the decision is entirely up to you.

But all in all, the determining factor is usually the extent of the infestation and, generally, what will be more practical for you.

How To Choose a Rat Exterminator or Mice Exterminator

Of course, there are so many exterminator companies around you, but not all of them guarantee an excellent job.

Your decision has to be careful and well-planned because, remember, mice infestation is a serious case. Not to worry if you are doing this for the first time, because here is a checklist to help you settle for the best service that you can get.

  1. Certification: You will easily tell that you are dealing with the right exterminator company if the staff members are certified and actually recognized by the relevant pest control associations. This means they have the necessary training and will strictly follow the standards of the industry.
  2. Skills and experience: You can trust a company that has been in business for a really long time because you will be sure they have the required skills. And how do you check the skill level?
    You can do this by heading over to the company’s and third-party websites and other sites to read their reviews.3 This should give you an idea of what you are signing up for.
  3. Adherence to IPM principles: You need a company that duly follows the Integrated Pest Management approach; this will tell that they use both natural and chemical methods of extermination. It is very important if you are looking for a safe and more sustainable method of extermination.
  4. Pay attention to referrals: It can be risky to entrust just anyone with such a crucial job, which is why many homeowners prefer seeking referrals from their friends and family. It even saves you the research work because at least you will work with a company that evidently does an excellent job.

Everybody will agree that they are most scared of mice invading their homes. No one wants to have their property destroyed by these tiny rodents, and no matter the cost, they will pay to have them removed from their homes.

Apart from property damage, mice are also carriers of diseases and could cause a lot of harm to you and your loved ones. You can DIY the removal process using traps and baits, but that is only best for minor incidents, not full-blown infestations where you are dealing with an entire colony of them.

To be safe, you would rather go for a hired exterminator who comes with the relevant skills and equipment. It helps that the services are not always expensive and could cost as low as a few hundred dollars, depending on various factors.

If you are wondering how much does an exterminator cost for mice, you will appreciate the fact that the service is affordable in most cases, and even otherwise, it will be worth it.

Frequently Asked Questions About How Much Does an Exterminator Cost for Mice

Do Mouse Repellants Work?

Mouse repellents do work and effectively keep mice out of your property, but there is one problem: they don’t usually work for massive infestations. However, you can use them if you suspect that there is a mouse presence or a few of them, either the natural ones like peppermint and cayenne or electronic ultrasonic devices that turn the pests away from your home.

How Much Is Pest Control for Mice? How Much Does an Exterminator Cost for Mice?

A mice exterminator will charge you accordingly, depending on several factors like the size of the infestation, the method of removal, the number of rooms to be worked on, and the location of the mice or where you live. But, all in all, the price point ranges between $300 all the way to $2,000, anything in that range considering the factors above.


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