Are There Hidden Ant Exterminator Costs? How Much is Ant Pest Control?

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Pest Control | December 18, 2023

Woman wants an ant exterminator cost guide that outlines factors that impact ant control and ant pest control costs, like carpenter ant treatment cost and how much is ant pest control?

Are there hidden ant exterminator costs? How much is pest control for ants?

If you’ve been dealing with ants in your home or office, and home remedies that you’ve tried aren’t working, calling in a professional to remove ants can be an effective solution.

But many people wonder are there hidden ant exterminator costs that will hit after you sign on the dotted line?

The answer is no, there’s aren’t hidden costs, but there are a number of factors that impact the price you’ll have to pay for any extermination.

This guide outlines how much ant control costs and illuminates what might appear to be ‘hidden’ costs, but are simply part of the service you’ll purchase.

How Much Is Pest Control for Ants? (Average Pricing and Why Ant Control Is Important)

For so many people, ant infestation is a normal thing, practically becoming a fact of life.

Ants are at the top of the list when you search for tiny house bugs, pictures, and names.

Graphics that shows the key factors to consider in determining carpenter ant treatment cost.

They thrive in huge numbers in forest ecosystems and sometimes migrate into homes in search of food and shelter. You know them by their tiny segmented bodies that easily fit through tiny spaces and how they travel together in their search for food and water.

This makes them a headache to get rid of, even with foolproof DIY ant control techniques that some homeowners swear by. But if you are not ready for bait traps, sprays, and poisons, your last resort would be to hire professional help.

But why is an infestation a cause for alarm in the first place? Ants may not exactly be infamous for causing diseases, not like mosquitoes or other insects, but they do have deadly stings sometimes known to cause reactions (allergic) in like 5% of the entire country’s population, which can be fatal.3

Probably the most feared of them all is the fire ant, feared for its sting that leads to swelling and other skin complications that last for as much as 2 weeks. While looking at the effects on the human body, don’t forget that pets and your furry friends are also in danger of being stung, so sooner or later, you may want to look into hiring an exterminator.

There is just one concern: the exterminator prices. Isn’t that too expensive?

You may ask. How much is pest control for ants?

When you take a closer look, you will realize that exterminators are not even that costly. As a matter of fact, the prices could be low based on certain factors.

However, everything else considered and taking the averages; you will end up spending anything between $ 80 and $500.

How Much Is Pest Control for Ants? What Influences Ant Exterminator Cost?

Unlike what many first-timers believe, ant exterminator costs are not just random quotations that companies come up with. In fact, you should know that exterminators literally offer the most competitively low prices because there are so many of them in the market.

To give you the best deal, they have to take some factors into consideration. So, if you’re wondering “how much does an ant exterminator cost?”, it will vary from household to household based on the following.

Type of Ant

One of the most important considerations that exterminators make is what type of ant infestation they will be dealing with.6 It makes a lot of sense if you come to think of it because each insect is different and some are more aggressive, deadlier, and harder to get rid of.

So, of course, the more tasking the job, the more you will be charged. For instance, take a look at the carpenter ant exterminator cost and the carpenter ant treatment cost.

Time is of the essence when determining how to get rid of carpenter ants because they are very well-known for their wood-eating abilities. Fire ants are also not to be messed with, considering how painful their stings are.

Argentine and pharaoh ants are also included in the list of some of the most expensive ants to eradicate, so you may have to pay a little more for such infestations.

Size of the Home

Ants have a knack for roaming around while they are on the lookout for food and the best places to hide out. That is why getting rid of them is particularly hard when you have a massive home.

Close up image of an ant hill that requires ant control.

(Image: Amizero11)

Exterminators will have to track them from wherever they are and have them removed. Considering that it is quite a lot of work, it is no wonder you will likely be charged more if you have a bigger home.

Extent of the Infestation

Unfortunately, one more thing about ants is the fact that they live in colonies, massive networks of ants, each with specific roles, so the same thing happens in case of an infestation. Imagine an elaborate structure of these insects living an organized life below your house.

As long as the infestation is out of hand, then brace yourself for a huge ant extermination cost.

What Influences Ant Exterminator Cost: Type of Extermination Method

There are two sides to this factor. One, the method of extermination usually depends on the type of ant in question and how massive the infestation is.

Again, on the other hand, the method will also affect how much is pest control for ants. What is the cheapest method available?

That has got to be barrier sprays, followed by mount treatments. These are the go-to when the infestation is mild and easier to manage, but on the contrary, there are cases that call for more radical solutions like two-step methods and fumigation.

These are the last resort when all DIY methods fail, and there is no way you could handle the treatment all on your own. These cost around $1,000, sometimes going to as much as $4,000.4

Where the Infestation Is

Not many are aware of this, but where the infestation is also affects the cost of the extermination. Did you know that some rooms are more hectic to work on than others?

Take, for instance, two types of ant attacks, one in the kitchen and another one in the basement or your house’s foundation. Obviously, the latter is going to need more advanced treatment, which will make extermination much more expensive.

The Frequency of the Treatment

For anyone hiring an exterminator for the first time, you have to know that, in some cases, a single treatment is just not enough. If experts are looking at a massive infestation or special cases where the ants are more than likely going to keep coming back, then revisits are going to be on the table.

This means several treatments and scheduled appointments, say monthly, quarterly, or yearly, and that basically means digging deeper into your pockets.7 Here is where the notion of hidden costs comes in because some homeowners are not aware that they may need more treatments based on the nature of the infestation.

Additional Factors Influencing How Much Is Pest Control for Ants

The question of how much is pest control for ants is never specific.

As you know by now, there are so many factors that determine the ant extermination cost, but apart from that, there are other extra considerations that you will have to account for when budgeting for professional treatment.

Graphics that shows the additional factors influencing how much is pest control for ants.

These are what you may now call ‘hidden charges.’

  • Will You Take Preventative Methods?: While eradication methods will go a long way in dealing with infestations, you also have to consider one thing: what if the ants come back? Of course, no one wants to keep calling exterminators every single time, so the best way to go is to take the necessary prevention methods, which means spending more money.
  • Cost for Inspections: Many first-timers overlook this, but it also costs money to bring in experts to assess the situation. This is a necessary step on the road to treatment because they have to confirm what kind of ants they are going to handle, where they are, the size of the infestation, or maybe if they are indeed ants and not other tiny insects.
  • Cost for Repairing Damages: Another ‘hidden’ charge when it comes to the removal of ants is the repair costs. Take, for instance, the carpenter ants that can eat literally any type of wood that they come across. Your furniture, deck, shed, and other wooden structures will not be spared. So, after dealing with the ant exterminator cost, you will also have to think about the repairs.

How To Tell That You Need Ant Extermination

Ask anyone, and they will tell you that the only way that they can be sure that there is an ant infestation is if they see them forming a trail, marching in and around the house. At least it helps that they are not very good at trying to hide like roaches and the like.

It is pretty shocking how many ants are in the world; in quadrillions, so you already know what to expect. So, how do you tell that you are under attack?

Here are the not-so-obvious signs, apart from directly sighting them, that will tell you when to call an exterminator for ants.

  • Trails of Sawdust: One thing about carpenter ants is that they will chew into anything. You can tell that they have been there when you see piles of dust around furniture and wooden structures.
  • Weakened Wood: Again, carpenter ants have a way of attacking wooden structures, extensively tunneling through them, causing them to hollow. So how do you tell? You will likely notice that the structures are too weak, possibly crumbling down. You could also tell that something is off when you tap on it, for instance, a beam, because it tends to sound hollowed out.
  • Frail Rustling Noises: You see, ants live and travel in large colonies, and there are instances where you can actually hear them, maybe as their bodies brush against walls.1 It may be too late the minute you can hear them because that obviously means that they have grown in number.
  • Piles of Dirt: You can also identify ants in your space if you see piles of dirt in the oddest of places because that means that they are trying to build their home.8 These tiny insects also tend to push up this dirt, all thanks to their tunneling.

How Long Should Exterminators Take To Get Rid of Ants?

The time that it takes to say that ants are completely out of your home depends on many factors. For one, how large the infestation is, two, what type of ant the exterminators will be dealing with, and lastly, how huge your house is.

A man wearing a suit while looking at his watch.

Image: Jeffrey Paa Kwesi Opare13)

All in all, it could take a day, a couple more, or even a few weeks, depending on how hard or involving the job is, so be sure to ask the pro about the timeframe.

DIY Vs. Exterminator, Which Is Better?

One of the most heated debates when it comes to pest extermination is this question: some swear by cheap DIY methods, while others state that no treatment is as good as the job that the exterminators do. So, it all narrows down to your preference and, most importantly, the situation in your hands.

For instance, DIY works if you are on a budget, have a small house, and are dealing with a small-scale infestation. But on the contrary, you will have to hire an exterminator if you have a huge house and are handling a massive colony of ants.

Ant Pest Control: DIY Vs. Ant Exterminator Cost

Are you wondering how to get rid of sugar ants or any other type in the fastest and most effective way? Then, you should consider talking to a professional.

However, this comes with its costs, sometimes high considering massive infestations and other reasons, so it is only normal for you to also take into consideration DIY pest control. On the one hand, you are doing it all on your own, and on the other, you are handing it over to the experts, so which is the better way to go?

Starting with DIY ant pest control methods, these are usually homemade or otherwise cheaper solutions to your ant problems. The advantage over exterminators is the fact that it is cheaper, such that you can buy a $5 can of spray or baits, and that should be it.

An exterminator wearing white protective suit preparing her insecticide spray.

(Image: Matilda Wormwood12)

But still, this will only work when you are dealing with a tiny infestation, not a massive one. DIY is perfect for the initial stages, way before the colony starts spreading.

Besides, while at it, you also have to be on the lookout for angry ants that will come after you for trying to harm them. To avoid all the inconveniences that come with DIY, many homeowners would rather hire professionals to get the job done for them.

You don’t really have to worry about getting stung because the experts come in with all the necessary tools and safety gear. They also go ahead to inspect your home, find out what the problem is, determine what ants they are dealing with, and how serious the situation is.

This way, they can make calculated and informed decisions on the best way forward. The winning feature in support of DIY methods is how they are cheaper: you may literally spend anything from $5 to $50, and that is perfect for when you are on a budget.

But still, DIY doesn’t work that well when it comes to massive infestations, at least not as effectively as hiring exterminators.2 Professionals are the go-to when dealing with the most aggressive of ants that have built huge colonies and are also ideal when your house is too big.

In the long run, you will realize that exterminators will save you quite a lot of time and money.

How Much Is Pest Control for Ants? What Is the Ant Exterminator Cost?

Are you wondering how you will budget for ant extermination? You will be glad to know that it doesn’t have to be a lot of money, especially if you take certain factors into consideration.

In most cases, you will need anything between $80-$500, and the smaller the infestation, the smaller your house, and the less aggressive the ants are, the less you will end up paying, and the reverse applies.

How You Can Save Money on Ant Exterminator Cost

Virtually every homeowner wants to save some bucks when it comes to pest extermination. Even though it is not that expensive in many cases, you would still want to learn how to get rid of ants in the cheapest way possible, and here are some simple ways.

  • Focus more on preventative measures: What many don’t really know is that they can be very keen on how they prevent ant attacks such that they never have to invest a lot in treatment. You can do this by regularly cleaning your kitchen floors and the cabinets in your house; this way, you will be able to deny the ants their source of food.
  • Learn a few DIY tricks: While hiring professionals is the way to go for many people out there, you cannot deny the fact that learning a few treatment methods will save you a great deal.9
  • Call the experts as soon as you can: One of the most important things that you can ever do when it comes to extermination is to call in the experts as soon as you spot the infestation. This way, at least, they will handle the population before it gets out of hand or is too expensive for you to handle.
  • Go through the entire treatment process: It may be tempting to finish the extermination as fast as you can, but that is the last thing that you want. You must always go through with the whole treatment, even including follow-up visits, to make sure that there is no way the ants would come back, which is cheaper eventually instead of treating new infestations each time.

How To Choose an Ant Exterminator

If you already know how much pest control is for ants, one of your follow-up concerns is most probably going to be how to pick an ant exterminator. This is a serious project that you are spending on, so it goes without saying that you need nothing short of the best service available in the region.

Graphics with text that shows how to choose an ant exterminator.

To help you settle for the perfect company, here are some insights.

  1. Make sure that the exterminators have been in the business for a while. This means they will definitely have the skills to handle whatever they come across in the field, literally any type of infestation in your home.
  2. You cannot compromise on this; only hire the company that can prove that they are licensed and insured. The last thing you want is to work with people who don’t have any credentials or insurance in case of any injuries on the job.
  3. You have to know what is happening every single step of the way, so make sure that the staff is very good at communicating, especially when it comes to the type of treatment that they are going to deploy. Ask all the questions that you can, from how safe the procedure is to how long the treatment will likely take.
  4. A good company is going to be very fair with the pricing, so you may want to take quotations from a couple of exterminators near you, such as Terminix pricing. But while at it, just make sure that you avoid the extremely cheap ones, the same thing that you do with the very expensive ones.
    In most cases, you may be dealing with unprofessional and inexperienced people.
  5. Last but not least, ask about the payments. Is it going to be a one-off job, or will they have to make follow-ups?
    And if so, how much extra will it really cost you?

Is Ant Exterminator Cost Worth It?

Many homeowners have the notion that pest control prices are too high and end up choosing DIY methods to solve their problems. There is one problem with that: cheaper methods tend to be less effective, especially since they are typically used for small infestations.

When it comes to dealing with massive ant colonies, DIY should be the very last on your list. Here is where hiring an exterminator comes in.10

Not sure whether it is worth it? Consider this.

The experts come in with their know-how, tools, and safety gear. They inspect the entire house, look for where the ants are coming from, identify the type of ant they are dealing with, and finally come up with a solution that is tailored to just you.

This is basically what your money will buy, far from what you can do on your own. Dealing with pests can get messy really fast, so you need to know that you have a trusted team on your side.

No matter what happens, they will know how to handle it. No more persistent and recurring infestations and the best part is that you get to sit back, relax, and delegate the job to the pros.5

So, you can tell that ant exterminator costs are not that bad, especially considering the service that you get. Maybe think of it as an investment to keep your home and family safe.

There is nothing as scary as seeing hundreds of tiny insects marching into and all around your home. And it is even worse knowing that they could sting at the slightest provocation, not just you and your family members, but also your pests.

There are certainly so many dangers to having ants around; apart from their painful stings, other types, like the carpenter ants, are infamous for causing expensive damage to wooden structures. The first thing that you should do is to call in an exterminator if you think that you are dealing with a colony situation.

Alternatively, if you spot just a few of them, you can go ahead and use DIY solutions, which, of course, are way cheaper. However, in cases where it is a whole colony of them, you will be better off getting some help.

Well, as for how much is pest control for ants, it all depends on the situation because there are certain factors that determine ant exterminator costs, like the size of the infestation and the type of ant in question.


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