8 Billion Trees

$20 Monthly Membership - Plant 10 Trees Every Month

Your $20 a month membership fee pays for at least 10 trees to be planted every month!

We plant at least 10 trees every month for your membership.  You get details of where the trees are being planted and why with pictures every month.

The trees we plant are around the world and designed to regrow previously deforested areas.

This helps local economies grow as well.  Each tree produces so much value for everyone! Trees truly are amazing.

Our goal is to plant a total of 8 billion trees.  It's a huge goal, but we think we can do it with everyone's help.

The next big project for thousands of trees is in Indonesia and will be a huge boost to the local economy.

We felt frustrated with the way the world was going so we started 8 Billion Trees and set the huge goal of planting 8 billion trees.  If you feel the same way and love trees please join us!