115 Types of White Flowers: Names of Tiny Flowers, White Flowers By Season

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Gardening | March 14, 2024

Woman thinking about types of white flowers wonders what about white flowers tiny flower names while looking at a number of white flowers around her head including white rose, white tulip, white daffodils, and white black eyed susan flowers.

Did you know that there are hundreds of types of white flowers that bloom in all regions and seasons?

It’s true.

White flowers offer a beautiful and pleasingly pure addition to any garden or indoor space, creating a bright and elegant aesthetic.

Plus, many kinds of white flowers make the perfect accompaniment to a profusion of color displays.

This guide to types of white flowers examines 115 named varieties, so that you can choose the best indoor or outdoor addition, and groups them by blooming season, growing region and more.

White Flowers for All Occasions: Names of Tiny Flowers

Symbolically, a red rose is a display of love while white flowers represent purity, serenity, and tranquility. Across the world, they are appreciated for their beauty, fragrance, and versatility…and come in all shades of white.

There are types of white flowers that are pure white, while others have a touch of sharply contrasting color in the center that makes a bold statement whether planted to grow in a garden awash with green or presented as a floral arrangement to a loved one.

There are hundreds of white flowers growing in every type of climate and landscape on the planet in different shapes, and sizes, and all with heady fragrances.

Some are available seasonally while others are bursting forth annually, biennial, or perennially.

When choosing a white flower range for your upcoming project, it’s worth knowing what roots are being set down, and how often you will be able to appreciate the sights and smells of your labor.

Types of White Flowers: White Flowers By Season (Annuals, Biennials, and Perennials)

All of the types of flowers below require exposure to sunlight to varying degrees.

Some require full sun, others full shade, while there are some that need a little of both, partial shade.

Many survive only for one season or take two years to bloom. Rather than just having one species to decorate your garden, a mix-and-match approach can bring amazing results.

Choose wisely, take the time to visualize the end result, and study the specifications, and requirements of your new white flowers that will hopefully, with a little tender loving care, emblazon your landscape for years to come with, surprisingly, a splash of color.


The life cycle of a flower categorized as annual can be measured in the space of a year.12

The germination process begins in the spring, perfectly timed so that they burst forth in all their glory for the hot summer months.

A seemingly short time later when the winter months start to creep in, fresh seeds are dispersed, and as one flower withers away, many more are ready to start the life cycle all over again.

FlowerScientific NameFamilyTypeUS Growing Hardiness Zone
AngeloniaAngeloniaPlantaginaceaeAnnual9 to 11
AngefaceSuper white angeloniaScrophulariaceaeAnnual10 to 11
Black-Eyed SusanRudbeckia hirtaAsteraceaeAnnual3 to 10
Chinese Forget Me Not ‘White’Cynoglossum amabileBoraginaceaeAnnual2 to 10
CosmosCosmos bipinnatusAsteraceaeAnnual2 to 11
Diamond FrostEuphorbia hypericifolia ‘Inneuphe’EuphorbiaceaeAnnual10 to 12
White LarkspurDephiniumRanunculaceaeAnnual2 to 11
Dusty MillerCentaurea cinerariaAsteraceaeAnnual8 to 10
Love-In-A-MistNigella damascenaRanunculaceaeAnnual2 to 11
LupineLupinusFabaceaeAnnual and Perennial3 to 9
Close up photo of the flower of Cosmos.

(Image: Manish Sharma17)

FlowerScientific NameFamilyTypeUS Growing Hardiness Zone
MarigoldTagetesAsteraceaeAnnual2 to 11
Persian ButtercupRanunculus asiaticusRanunculaceaeAnnual8 to 10
ScabiosaScabiosaCaprifoliaceaeAnnual and Perennial3 to 7
Snow PrincessLobulariaLobularia – Sweet AlyssumAnnual2 to 11
SuperbellsCalibrachoa hybridSolanaceaeAnnual9 to 11
Superbena WipeoutVerbenaVerbenaceaeAnnual8 to 11
Sweet AlyssumLobularia maritimaBrassicaceaeAnnual9 to 11
DelphiniumsDelphiniumRanunculaceaeAnnual and Perennial3 to 7
Photo of the flowers of Delphiniums.

(Image: Timo C. Dinger18)

1. Angelonia

The angelonia plant emits a slight apple scent that is welcomed indoors and outdoors. It continues to bloom from the beginning of summer to the end of fall, much to the delight of butterflies, bees, and hummingbirds.

Clusters of white Angelface and purple flowers blooming amidst green foliage in a garden setting.

(Image: Shutterstock20)

3. Black-Eyed Susan

Classed as a wildflower, the black-eyed Susan flower is instantly recognizable growing in fields all over the country. Its round almost black center is its trademark and that feature when contrasting against its white petals, makes it stand out whether sitting in the countryside, in a garden or brightening a room on a summer’s day.

Close up photo of the flowers of Chinese Forget Me Not ‘White’.

5. Cosmos

Easy to grow in any backyard, the small cosmos flower is low maintenance and a pleasure to have around. Another interesting fact is that they are actually edible so there is no cause for panic if your pet poodle decides to have a quick nibble while out in the garden.

Photo of Diamond Frost.

(Image: Heike Frohnhoff22)

7. Delphiniums

Growing tall and straight, a cane as support is often required to create the desired look of these proud, outstanding plants that are often placed along borderlines.

Photo of the leaves of Dusty Miller.

(Image: B Smith24)

9. Love-in-a-Mist

Growing naturally along roadsides and in fields, this old-fashioned flower has been brought in from the wild and tamed for domestic garden implantation. It is ideal for hanging baskets or for mass planting to cover a wider area.

Photo of Lupine flower.

(Image: Mari (mari_di_ann)26)

Photo of flowers of Angelonia.

(Image: S. Tsuchiya19)

2. Angelface

This plant is super-sized at twice the size of other angelonia types of flowers and, being more than comfortable in heatwaves, blooms easily throughout the summer season. Definitely worth introducing into a drab landscape to add a clean, crisp contrast against the background of green foliage.

Close up photo of the flower and leaves of Black-Eyed Susan.

4. Chinese Forget Me Not ‘White’

Delicate and light, this flower has somewhat invasive roots that can meander over fairly large distances. Its stems and leaves have a furry surface and as the flowers bloom they have a wild, uncontrolled appearance and, due to their nature, will occupy any free surrounding spaces if not controlled.

Close up photo of the flower of Cosmos.

(Image: Marjon Besteman21)

6. Diamond Frost

A moist, well-draining soil is required but care has to be taken not to overwater. Diamond frost is a bushy plant peppered with little white flowers that appreciates a touch of afternoon shade during the hot summer months.6

Close up photo of the Delphiniums flowers.

(Image: MetsikGarden23)

8. Dusty Miller

The leaves of this plant are large and covered in fine hairs that give it an interesting feeling when touched, adding an unusual texture to a landscaping project.

Close up photo of the Love-in-a-Mist flowers.

(Image: Sr. M. Jutta25)

10. Lupine

Easily identifiable by its pointed leaflets, the lupine flower grows in pea-shaped clusters and can reach heights of between 1 to 5 feet. They grow quickly in full sun, emit a pleasant fragrance, and make a striking indoor floral arrangement.

11. Marigold

Incorporating marigolds into a large or small garden is a wise move. Their popularity is justified because they can be used as a focal point, or set aside to capture the attention with just a glance or a brief scent from its fresh fragrances.

Close up photo of the flower of Persian Buttercup

(Image: Karolina Grabowska28)

13. Scabiosa

With a bunch of stamens situated in its center, the scabiosa is often referred to as the pincushion flower and can grow to an impressive 7.6 cm.

Photo of the Snow Princess.

(Image: Peter Schmidt30)

15. Superbells

Superbells are the types of flowers that are easy to care for and easy on the eyes whether displayed in a rock garden, in hanging baskets, or settled in a window box.

Close up photo of the flower of Superbena Wipeout.

(Image: Alexandru Manole32)

17. Sweet Alyssum

There are four petals per flower that form dense clusters that virtually blanket the rest of the foliage and emit a pleasant aroma just like honey, that the bees and butterflies flock to.

Close up photo of the flower of White Larkspur.

(Image: Jan van der Wolf34)

Close up photo of the flowers of Marigold.

(Image: Feel of the Nature27)

12. Persian Buttercup

Without a doubt, this is a fan favorite for wedding arrangements and gifts with its delicate and soft petals.

Scabiosa flower on a white background.

(Image: Cup of Couple29)

14. Snow Princess

Drought-resistant, the tiny Snow Princess is accustomed to thriving in diverse conditions and flowers abundantly to take advantage of its short life cycle. It has a sweet smell that is pleasant in open spaces but can be overpowering in small rooms.10

Overhead view of multiple pure white Superbells flowers in full bloom, surrounded by green leaves.

(Image: Serres Fortier31)

16. Superbena Wipeout

When planting a Superbena, the location at the front of the bed is ideal with their large flowers showcased in the first line.

Photo of the Sweet Alyssum.

(Image: Lynn Greyling33)

18. White Larkspur

Adorned with irregularly shaped petals, planting tall larkspurs closely bunched together creates a beautiful statement that is hard not to appreciate on any given sunny day.


In contrast, the biennial type of flowers has managed to extend its life cycle by another year compared to annuals.

During the first year, the flower’s focus is on setting down stable roots and a solid structure for growth, so the second year can be directed towards being the best flower it can be for the rest of the second year.

And then in the fall seeds are released and begin jockeying for topsoil position to replace the old who are on their way out.

FlowerScientific NameFamilyTypeUS Growing Hardiness Zone
AngelicaAngelica archangelica9ApiaceaeBiennial and Perennial4 to 9
Arctic PoppyPapaver radicatumPapaveraceaeBiennial and Perennial2 to 8
BellflowerCampanula mediumCampanulaceaeBiennial5 to 8
Catherine’s WheelsMichauxia campanuloidesProteaceaeBiennial6 to 10
Clary SageSalvia sclarea ‘Vatican White’LamiaceaeBiennial4 to 10
DaisyBellis perennisAsteraceaeAnnual, Biennial and Perennial3 to 9
FoxglovesDigitalisPlantaginaceaeBiennial4 to 9
HollyhocksAlcea roseaMalvaceaeBiennial, Annual and Perennial2 to 10
Close up photo of the flower of Foxglove.

(Image: Petr Ganaj35)

FlowerScientific NameFamilyTypeUS Growing Hardiness Zone
PansyViola tricolor var. HortensisViolaceaeBiennial5 to 9
Queen Anne’s LaceDaucus carota7ApiaceaeBiennial3 to 9
Sweet WilliamDianthus barbatusCaryophyllaceaeBiennial5 to 8
WallflowerMatthiola incanaBrassicaceaeBiennial4
White-Flowered HonestyLunaria annua var. AlbifloraBrassicaceaeBiennial and Perennial5 to 9
White Sweet RocketHesperis matronalis var. AlbifloraBrassicaceaeBiennial and Perennial3 to 9
White Shooting StarPrimula latilobaPrimulaceaeBiennial and Perennial4 to 8
Close up photo of the flower of Pansy.

(Image: flockine36)

19. Angelica

Being biennial, the first year is focused on just growing the leaves. Year two is when the numerous small flowers burst forth at the beginning of the spring season, looking like miniature crowns of trees and emitting a pleasant musky scent.

Photo of Angelica plant.

(Image: Kay Dittner37)

Close up photo of the flower of Arctic Poppy.

(Image: Laura Ockel38)

20. Arctic Poppy

They are classed as parabolic and circumpolar, which means they are the hottest in the center of the flower and follow the ark of the sun to capture the maximum amount of rays possible.

21. Bellflower

The tubular-shaped flowers contrast nicely against the bright green leaves as they open like an upside-down bell. They will continue to bloom until the fall and will form an impressive feature as ground cover.

Close up photo of the Bellflower.

(Image: Ivan Evans39)

A closeup of Catherine's Wheel plant showing its red flowers.

(Image: Surely Shirly40)

22. Catherine’s Wheels

With tall stalks, these pure red or white lantern-shaped flowers make a lasting impression wherever they are blooming, and make impressive ornamental cut flowers.

23. Clary Sage

The Clary sage attracts attention from its heady scent, unusual visage, and bright whiteness cocooned within a green backdrop.

Photo of Clary Sage.

(Image: Annette Meyer41)

Close up photo of a Daisy.

(Image: Klaus Böhm42)

24. Daisy

It may be the most widely known of flowers but it is far from common. Growing only 10 cm tall, they are coveted by both children and keen gardeners everywhere.

25. Foxglove

The Canary Islands is one zone where the foxglove was originally native before its bell-shaped flowers became more widely sought after.


Close up photo of the Foxglove flowers.

(Image: pasja100043)

Close up photo of the flower of Hollyhocks.

(Image: tarasov_film_ph44)

26. Hollyhocks

This particular type of flower not only reaches heights of 8 feet but shows off on the way up by displaying broad petals of 7.5 cm and looks good in any setting.

27. Pansy

Pansies are symbols of love and a sure sign that spring is on its way. Their popularity also stems from their cold weather hardiness and garden centers always have the in stock.

Close up photo of the flower of Pansy.

(Image: Myriams-Fotos45)

Close-up of a cluster of small white flowers of Queen-Annes-Lace blooming in a grassy field.

(Image: leoleobobeo46)

28. Queen Anne’s Lace

These tiny, flat-topped flowers rest atop tapered sepals and when gently pressed give off an aroma similar to carrots. The creamy whiteness of this flower makes it an ideal addition to a subtle flower arrangement.

29. Sweet William

Small in stature, big on statement, the whiteness of the sweet william is highlighted by a splash of color in its center that only serves to further accentuate the fringes on the petals.

Photo of the flowers and leaves of Sweet William.

(Image: József Kincse47)

Photo of the flowers, buds, stems, and leaves of Wallflower.

(Image: Deep Baraj48)

30. Wallflower

Surprisingly, the wallflower can grow to heights of up to 15 feet and because of this height casts its sweet scent far and wide.

31. White-Flowered Honesty

Needs to be grown in fertile soil where there is full sun with partial shade in the afternoon. Serves well as a cut flower and will last for days.

Photo of the White-Flowered Honesty.

(Image: laura adai49)

Closeup of a White Sweet Rocket plant showing flowers with white petals and a splash of light pink hue.

(Image: Hatice Yılmaz50)

32. White Sweet Rocket

With the ability to self-seed, it’s best to sow the seeds in late spring and let natural selection choose where the new crop will sow itself around the garden.

33. White Shooting Star

A leafless stalk supports a cluster small of flowers that point downwards while the corolla is turned backward. For pollination to occur a specific vibration from bees is required so the pollen can be released.

White Shooting Star Plant showing small white flowers at the end of long flower stems.

(Image: peganum51)


Rather than dying off at the first sign of winter, perennials are types of flowers that go dormant and batten down the hatches. This is achievable because these flowers ensure that their root system is well established in the soil for the first two years of life to consistently extract the maximum amount of nutrients possible.

Energy conservation is their goal in order to ensure survival for years to come and, barring disease, infestations, or being snipped off to be presented in a floral bouquet, can enjoy a long and fragrant life.

FlowerScientific NameFamilyTypeUS Growing Hardiness Zone14
AlliumMont blancAlliumPerennial3 to 8
AnemoneAnemone nemorosaRanunculaceaeHerbaceous Perennial3 to 9
AmaryllisAmaryllisAmaryllidaceaePerennial8 to 9
Angel’s TrumpetBrugmansiaSolanaceaeNightshade8 to 11
Arabian JasmineJasminum sambacOleaceaePerennial Shrub8 to 11
AstilbeAstilbeSaxifragaceaePerennial3 to 8
Baby’s BreathGypsophila paniculataCaryophyllaceaePerennial3 to 9
A closeup of Angel's Trumpet plant showing its white trumpet-shaped flower.

(Image: PSD Gang52)

FlowerScientific NameFamilyTypeUS Growing Hardiness Zone
BacopaBacopa monnieriPlantaginaceaePerennial8 to 11
BegoniaBegoniaBegoniaceaePerennial8 to 11
Butterfly BushBuddlejaScrophulariaceaeHerbaceous Perennial5 to 10
Canada AnemoneAnemone canadensisRanunculaceaePerennial3 to 8
CandytuftIberis sempervirensBrassicaceaePerennial3 to 9
CarnationsDianthus caryophyllusCaryophyllaceaePerennial5 to 10
Christmas RoseHelleborus nigerRanunculaceaePerennial4 to 9
TulipTulipaLiliaceaePerennial3 to 8
Photo of Bacopa flower.

(Image: D Theodora53)

FlowerScientific NameFamilyTypeUS Growing Hardiness Zone
ChrysanthemumChrysanthemumAsteraceaePerennial4 to 9
ClematisClematisRanunculaceaeHerbaceous Perennial4 to 9
ColumbineAquilegiaRanunculaceaePerennial3 to 8
DaffodilNarcissusAmaryllidaceaePerennial4 to 8
DahliaDahliaAsteraceaeAnnual and Perennial3 to 11
8 to 11
DianthusDianthusCaryophyllaceaeHerbaceous Perennial4 to 8
False ShamrockOxalis triangularisOxalidaceaePerennial8 to 11
Fan FlowerScaevolaGoodeniaceaeEvergreen Perennial Shrub9 to 11
Floristan White LiatrisLiatris spicataAsteraceaeHerbaceous Perennial Flowering Plant3 to 9

34. Allium

These are long-lasting flowers, with the main aroma coming from the stems when they are broken, and make a last impression when planted in groups.

Close up photo of the Anemone.

(Image: Jack Blueberry55)

36. Amaryllis

So popular is this flower that every year millions of amaryllis bulbs are imported into the United States every year from South Africa and Holland. Not only do they last a long time when cut, but they can live for up to 75 years in your garden, aiding in carbon sequestration in the fight against global CO2 emissions.

Photo of the flowers and leaves of Angel’s Trumpet.

(Image: hartono subagio57)

38. Arabian Jasmine

Renowned for its heady perfume, installing a row of Arabian jasmine anywhere near your home is only going to make sweet-smelling memories.

Photo of Astilbe.

(Image: Jörg Husemann59)

40. Baby’s Breath

Considered a weed in some countries, these tiny flowers are nevertheless very beloved, their delicate demeanor belying the powerful impact they have in both dried and floral arrangements.

Close up photo of the flower of Bacopa.

(Image: likesilkto61)

42. Begonia

Because begonia thrives in the shade as well as the sun, they are extremely popular for indoor and outdoor use. They are easy to grow and are compact enough to be seated either off to one side or taking center stage.1

Closeup of Butterfly Bush plant showing its white tiny flowers in a cluster.

(Image: PollyDot63)

Close up photo of Allium.

(Image: Maya Roberts54)

35. Anemone

The pattern of distribution is low to the ground, creating a showstopping display of star-shaped flowers with a smattering of yellow antlers in the center.

A closeup of Amaryllis flower showing its white-petaled flowers on green flower stalks.

(Image: Leo Chane56)

37. Angel’s Trumpet

With its distinctive shape, the angel’s trumpet is without a doubt an eye-catching flower. But care needs to be taken when handling and it should never be ingested even though it is related to tomatoes and potatoes.

Photo of the Arabian Jasmine plant.

(Image: anandasandra58)

39. Astilbe

The astilbe flower is shaped like a plume and brings a level of brightness to any garden awash in green foliage. It is also as if its design is intentional to attract butterflies and bees as they settle within it briefly to aid in pollination.

Photo of Baby's Breath plant.

(Image: Bruno60)

41. Bacopa

This is a minuscule flower that is famous from South America to the Middle East for its medicinal uses. It is also used in aquariums as it can grow directly in water so a waterlogged environment is not a problem.

Close up photo of the flower of Begonia.

(Image: Eva Bronzini62)

43. Butterfly Bush

Originally growing to 7 feet tall, new cultivars are more accommodating for the average garden. But even though they are smaller they are still a hit with pollinating insects due to their heady nectar.

44. Canada Anemone

As a wildflower, the Canada anemone blooms spectacularly en masse with 5 sepals surrounding a yellow center and can push other vegetation aside as it grows.

Photo of the Candytuft.

(Image: 65223465)

46. Carnations

After roses, carnations are one of the most popular flowers used in bouquets and to decorate gardens and homes in every state in shades from purist white to deepest red.

Close up photo of the flower of Christmas Rose.

(Image: Ilo (Couleur)67)

48. Tulip

Worldwide, there are 3,500 varieties of tulips with Holland being the biggest producer, and in the United States, it is advisable to plant just before the fall so they bloom in March to be at their best for spring.

Close up photo of Chrysanthemum.

(Image: Anca Gabriela Zosin69)

50. Clematis

A clematis plant is regularly used as a climbing vine to accentuate parts of the garden where other types of flowers cannot, crawling over trellises and fences to extend the flow of the fauna.

Photo of flowers and leaves of Columbine.

(Image: In the picture71)

52. Daffodil

There are 25 species of daffodils, yet thousands of hybrids. Plant in autumn in well-draining soil that will capture full light and your garden could have the company of this cheerful flower for up to 50 years.

Photo of the flowers and leaves of Dahlia.

(Image: Ralph (Ralphs_Fotos)73)

Top shot of Canada Anemone showing five-petaled white flowers with large leaves.

(Image: peganum64)

45. Candytuft

As a wildflower, the Canada anemone blooms spectacularly en masse with 5 sepals surrounding a yellow center and can push other vegetation aside as it grows.

Close up photo of the flower of Carnations.

(Image: Julie Blake Edison66)

47. Christmas Rose

To call the Christmas rose hardy is an understatement. Even a light snowfall cannot deter this resilient plant from blooming in the coldest of conditions and being evergreen ensures that it is a permanent year-round feature.

Close up photo of Tulip.

(Image: Tiểu Bảo Trương68)

49. Chrysanthemum

Mainly originating in China, Chrysanthemums are a big deal in any American location and there are thousands of varieties to cater to all tastes and design styles.8

Close up photo of Clematis.

(Image: Skyler Ewing70)

51. Columbine

Despite having delicate blooms and giving the impression of fragility, the resilient columbine can survive in soils with limited nutrient availability so will easily blossom in your garden.

Photo of Daffodil bloom.

(Image: Ralph (Ralphs_Fotos)72)

53. Dahlia

Dahlias are prized for their flowery multiple-layered heads, that have pointed petals radiating outward in beautiful creamy-white geometric patterns from the center.

54. Dianthus

Imbued with a unique scent, dianthus flowers are not just prized for their captivating appearance, but the essential oils produced from them.

Close up photo of False Shamrock.

(Image: Olena Troshchak75)

56. Fan Flower

Hanging baskets and window boxes are ideal locations for this decorative plant where its fan-shaped flowers can be fully appreciated.

Photo of Floristan White Liatris plant.

(Image: Светлана (zoosnow)77)

Close up photo of Dianthus.

(Image: Teona Swift74)

55. False Shamrock

Named after the Irish three-leaved clover, the most fantastic aspect of this flower is the way the leaves open during daylight hours and close when night falls.

Close up photo of flowers and leaves of Fan Flower.

(Image: H.M. Stolker76)

57. Floristan White Liatris

The thin flowers hug a thin, yet strong vertical stem and grow to heights of 4 feet. Strategically placed and it can add contours and contrast to a landscape.

FlowerScientific NameFamilyTypeUS Growing Hardiness Zone
HelleboreHelleborusRanunculaceaeHerbaceous Perennial6 to 9
HeliotropeHeliotropium arborescens ‘Albans’BoraginaceaePerennial10 to 11
IrisIrisIridaceaePerennial7 to 11
LobeliaLobeliaCampanulaceaeTender Perennial and Annual10 to 11
Lily of the ValleyConvallaria majalisAsparagaceaePerennial2 to 9
LilyLiliumLiliaceaePerennial4 to 9
A big bunch of Lily of the Valley with its white flowers.

(Image: Ganossi78)

FlowerScientific NameFamilyTypeUS Growing Hardiness Zone
MasterwortAstrantia majorApiaceaePerennial4 to 9
MoonflowerIpomoea albaConvolvulaceaePerennial Flowering Vines10 to 12
White NemesiaNemesia strumosa11ScrophulariaceaePerennial and Annual2 to 10
NicotianaNicotianaSolanaceaeHerbaceous Perennial9 to 10
PeonyPaeonia lactifloraPaeoniaceaeHerbaceous Perennial3 to 8
PeriwinkleCatharanthus roseusApocynaceaeHerbaceous Perennial11 to 12
Peruvian LilyAlstroemeriaAlstroemeriaceaePerennial7 to 9
Star of BethlehemOrnithogalum umbellatumAsparagaceaePerennial4 to 9
WisteriaWisteriaFabaceaePerennial5 to 9
Close up photo of the flower of Masterwort.

(Image: Annette Meyer79)

FlowerScientific NameFamilyTypeUS Growing Hardiness Zone
Calla LilyZantedeschia aethiopicaAraceaeHerbaceous Perennial8 to 10
Gerbera DaisyGerbera jamesoniiAsteraceaeHerbaceous Perennial8 to 10
Gooseneck LoosestrifeLysimachia clethroidesPrimulaceaePerennial3 to 9
Great White TrilliumTrillium grandiflorumMelanthiaceaePerennial3 to 8
HibiscusHibiscus moscheutosMalvaceaePerennial5 to 8
Misty Lace GoatsbeardAruncusRosaceaeHerbaceous Perennial3 to 8
Mountain MintPycnanthemum virginianumLamiaceaeHerbaceous Perennial3 to 9
PhloxPhloxPolemoniaceaeHerbaceous Perennial and Annual4 to 8

58. Hellebore

Hellebore is very suited for growing in the shade, these types of flowers are not invasive and remain in the zone where they are planted.16

Photo of the flowers of Hellebore.

(Image: beauty_of_nature (jhenning)80)

Photo of the flowers and leaves of Heliotrope.

(Image: Thanh Phong Vo81)

59. Heliotrope

This is an evergreen plant that is compact with a healthy covering of intense white flowers, that emit an equally intense vanilla aroma.

60. Iris

There is a distinctive fuzzy patch or beard in the center of the petals and generally there a three upward-facing petals and three downward-facing petals to complete this unique flower.

Photo of Iris plant.

(Image: Alicja (_Alicja_)82)

Photo of flowers and leaves of Lobelia.

(Image: Katarzyna Tyl83)

61. Lobelia

Butterflies are attracted by the lobelia flower because of the sweet nectar, but gardeners enjoy the aesthetic appeal when seen flowing from a garden container.

62. Lily of the Valley

Shaped like little bells, these flowers are a firm favorite of brides around the world, representing luck in love.

Close up photo of the flowers of Lily of the Valley.

(Image: Herbert Aust84)

Photo of the flowers of Lily.

(Image: Nestor Varela85)

63. Lily

When looking for a cut flower, Lilies can’t be beaten. They have the longest lifespan when placed in a vase but true lilies have very little scent apart from the first bloom.

64. Masterwort

These small flowers are characterized by a splash of color in the center surrounded by multiple petals. Ideal as ground cover, it tends to grow sideways than upwards.

Close up photo of Masterwort.

(Image: Perez Vöcking86)

Photo of a flower and leaves of Moonflower.

(Image: Raymond Eichelberger87)

65. Moonflower

This large, moon-shaped flower is a firm favorite for gardeners to brighten up any region, but it’s at night that they make a bigger impact when they release their potent fragrance.

66. White Nemesia

Growing up to 2 feet, this type of flower can be used as edging plants to form the shape of a landscaping project, or used decoratively in hanging planters.

Photo of White Nemesia plants.

(Image: Herbert Aust88)

Photo of Nicotiana plants.

(Image: Hans89)

67. Nicotiana

At night is when they make the biggest impact, becoming more fragrant when the sun goes down.

68. Peony

This is a large, very flexible flower that can hang around your garden for up to 100 years. As a cut flower they can last for a week, are fragrant, and come in all colors to complement the rich white.

Photo of the flowers and leaves of Peony.

(Image: Prema Purna90)

Close up photo of flower and leaves of Periwinkle.

(Image: Anton Uniqueton91)

69. Periwinkle

Also known as bright eyes, the periwinkle is mainly used as a bordering plant and enjoys sub-tropical regions only.

70. Peruvian Lily

Strangely, the Peruvian lily has no scent but makes excellent long-lasting cut flowers.

Close up photo of the Peruvian Lily.

(Image: Jonathan Nenemann92)

Close up photo of the flowers of Star of Bethlehem.

(Image: Игорь Антипов93)

71. Star of Bethlehem

During daylight hours the star of Bethlehem gradually unfolds to reveal its starlike shape, then gently closes as the sun descends on the horizon.

72. Wisteria

Extremely popular in gardens across Florida, the wisteria flowers grow in dense clusters yet still manage to look elegant.

Photo of the Wisteria flower.

(Image: likesilkto94)

Close up photo of Calla Lily.

(Image: Florence D.95)

73. Calla Lily

One stalk supports one of these beautiful flowers that have accompanied many brides to the altar and posed on thousands of window shelves across the country.

74. Gerbera Daisy

This particular type of flower is widely used as a cut flower due to its ability to survive in vases for days.

Close up photo of Gerbera Daisy.

(Image: tran kiet96)

Photo of Gooseneck Loosestrife.

(Image: Annette Meyer97)

75. Gooseneck Loosestrife

The name is derived from the tall stem bedecked with star-shaped flowers arching downwards under the weight of the clusters.

76. Great White Trillium

This is a very striking flower that has three broad petals, three leaves, and three green sepals, and leaves a lasting impression whether viewed in the confines of a small garden or in the open spaces of the wilderness.

Close up photo of the flower of Great White Trillium.

(Image: u_mqyghf7ek598)

Close up photo of the flower of Hibiscus.

(Image: 준원 서 (Joshua_seajw92)99)

77. Hibiscus

Hibiscus is an American native, the flowers are wide and airy with a crimson splash of color surrounding an inner stem and antlers in the center.13

78. Misty Lace Goatsbeard

Despite having thin, delicate flowers, this is a hardy plant that tolerates high temperatures and adds a degree of texture when incorporated in mixed flower beds.

Photo of Misty Lace Goatsbeard.

(Image: Leopictures (ulleo)100)

Photo of Mountain Mint.

(Image: Javier Robles101)

79. Mountain Mint

Distinguishable by its fresh, minty aroma, the dark green foliage is topped off by numerous flowers with tiny hairs running along their edges.

80. Phlox

Because of their captivating fragrance, size, and star-like shape, these types of flowers are habitually used in decorative bouquets.

Close up photo of the flower of Phlox.

(Image: Sonja Kalee102)

FlowerScientific NameFamilyTypeUS Growing Hardiness Zone
PrimroseOenotheraPrimulaceaePerennial3 to 10
Profusion SalviaSalvia nemorosaLamiaceaeHerbaceous Perennial3 to 8
SnapdragonAntirrhinum majusPlantaginaceaePerennial7 to 11
ThymeThymus nitidus ‘Peter Davis’LamiaceaePerennial3 to 7
TuberosePolianthes tuberosaAsparagaceaePerennial7 to 10
White BouvardiaBouvardia ternifoliaRubiaceaeHerbaceous Perennial9 to 11
Photo of Snapdragon.

(Image: Cup of Couple103)

FlowerScientific NameFamilyTypeUS Growing Hardiness Zone
White ButtercupRanunculus aquatilisRanunculaceaePerennial Aquatic Plant5 to 8
White City Spanish BluebellsHyacinthoides hispanicaAsparagaceaeBulbous Perennial3 to 8
White Hyacinth FlowersHyacinthusAsparagaceaeBulbous Perennial3 to 8
White LavenderLavandula angustifoliaLamiaceaeHerb, Perennial, Shrub5 to 9
Shrubby BindweedConvolvulus cneorumConvolvulaceaePerennial8 to 11
White ColumbineAquilegiaRanunculaceaeHerbaceous Perennial4 to 9
Top shot of White Buttercup showing yellow center and 5 white petals.

(Image: Michael Busch104)

FlowerScientific NameFamilyTypeUS Growing Hardiness Zone
White SnowdropGalanthusAmaryllidaceaeBulbous Perennial3 to 7
WindflowerAnemoneRanunculaceaePerennial7 to 10
YarrowAchillea millefoliumAsteraceaeHerbaceous Perennial3 to 9
YuccaYuccaAsparagaceaePerennial4 to 10

81. Primrose

Expect to see this early riser as soon as March, and in gardens statewide as it is easy to grow, easy to maintain, and looks great.

Photo of Profusion Salvia.

(Image: Jeffrey Hamilton106)

83. Snapdragon

Known as the flower of spring, the snapdragon is one of the white flowers for spring and becomes an eye-catching centerpiece whether planted in the yard or in a floral arrangement.

Top angle photo of Thyme.

(Image: Marie Czarnecki108)

85. Tuberose

Florists love this flower because of its subtle aromatic scent and gardeners adore it because its tube-shaped flowers unfurl majestically at night.

Photo of White Bouvardia.

(Image: Beverly Buckley110)

87. White Buttercup

This type of flower is accustomed to growing submerged in water with just the head poking above the surface.

Photo of White City Spanish Bluebells.

(Image: PollyDot112)

89. White Hyacinth Flowers

Even before the end of winter, hyacinths have been known to poke through a layer of snow just to be the first flower to emerge in spring and spread its heady fragrance as soon as possible.

Photo of White Lavender.

Photo of Primrose.

(Image: Hans105)

82. Profusion Salvia

Attracting pollinators such as bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds, this ethereal flower is a delight to have implanted among other types of flowers.

Photo of the Snapdragon.

(Image: Ralph (Ralphs_Fotos)107)

84. Thyme

Easily underestimated and overlooked, thyme flowers are excellent for lining the sides of pathways, on borders, or being used as ground cover.

A Tuberose field with a closeup of its white flower.

(Image: aferropro109)

86. White Bouvardia

Appearing like little trumpets strategically placed on thin stems for maximum effect, the Bouvardia flora is a handsome green shrub that fills out those little gaps in any gardening project.4

White Buttercup on water showing its flower with white petals and yellow center.

(Image: Michael Busch111)

88. White City Spanish Bluebells

They are an amazing sight when planted in groups as they resemble church bells ready to ring at the start of summer.

Close up photo of White Hyacinth Flowers.

(Image: Mariya (mariya_m)113)

90. White Lavender

Inducing a feeling of calmness is what the lavender plant evokes, but it is also used for medicinal purposes and for essential oils.

91. Shrubby Bindweed

This Evergreen Shrub is a spectacle in itself with silvery-green leaves, but when the trumpet-like flowers open fully the transformation is a sight to behold.

Close up photo of the White Columbine.

(Image: Светлана (zoosnow)115)

93. White Snowdrop

Also called the Milk flower because of its creamy whiteness, it is a symbol of purity, the coming of spring, and religion.

Close up photo of Windflower.

(Image: GLady117)

95. Yarrow

Its tiny flowers emit a faint licorice-like aroma and when eaten have a similar flavor to tarragon.

Yucca plant showing its white and yellowish-white flowers with the sky in the background.

(Image: Eliza (eliza28diamonds)119)

Photo of Shrubby Bindweed.

(Image: Leslie Saunders114)

92. White Columbine

The columbine plant is actually three flowers in one and is a symbol of love, hope, and faith.

Photo of the White Snowdrop.

(Image: Hans116)

94. Windflower

Nature lovers flock to this flower due to its ability to adapt to varied soil compositions, its fragrance, and its hardiness.

Close up photo of Yarrow.

(Image: Olli Kilpi118)

96. Yucca

The flowers of a Yucca plant during the day angle downwards, but during the night they point toward the stars.2

Types of White Flowers for Fall, White Flowers for Winter, White Flowers For Spring, White Flowers for Summer

There are a wide variety of white flowers that survive for just the season, for just a few months.

Utilizing several types of white flowers will create an impressive contrast against the monochrome green foliage that will brighten a garden in exciting ways.

FlowerScientific NameFamilyTypeUS Growing Hardiness Zone
Bottlebrush BuckeyeAesculus parvifloraSapindaceaeDeciduous Shrub5
CamelliaCamellia japonicaTheaceaeShrub, Evergreen7 to 9
Delaware Valley White AzaleaRhododendronEricaceaeEvergreen Shrub4 to 8
GardeniaGardenia jasminiodesRubiaceaeEvergreen Shrub7 to 10
Lacecap HydrangeaHydrangea macrophyllaHydrangeaceaeDeciduous Shrub4 to 9
HydrangeaHydrangea aborescensHydrangeaceaeDeciduous Shrub3 to 9
Southern MagnoliaMagnolia grandifloraMagnoliaceaeShrub, Tree4 to 9
Mock OrangePhiladelphusHydrangeaceaeDeciduous Shrubs4 to 7
JasmineJasminumOleaceaeDeciduous7 to 10
VincaVincaApocynaceaeEvergreen Shrubs4 to 9
Trumpet FlowerDaturaSolanaceaeNightshade4 to 10
Close up photo of Gardenia.

(Image: hartono subagio120)

FlowerScientific NameFamilyTypeUS Growing Hardiness Zone
LilacSyringa vulgarisOleaceaeShrubs3 to 7
Dendrobium OrchidDendrobiumOrchidaceaeHerbaceous Shrubs6 to 11
DogwoodCornus floridaCornaceaeShrubs5 to 9
White WaterlilyNymphaea odorata15NymhaeaceaeAquatic Herbs1 to 11
RoseRosaRosaceaeDeciduous Shrub3 to 11
PetuniaPetunia hybridaSolanaceaeNightshade9 to 11
Virginia SweetspireItea virginicaIteaceaeShrub6 to 9
White RoseRosa x albaRosaceaeDeciduous Shrub3 to 8

97. Bottlebrush Buckeye

This eye-catching cluster of long, fluffy white flowers blooms in early July and can be used as a border on any size landscape to separate two properties.

Photo of Bottlebrush Buckeye.

(Image: Manfred Richter121)

Photo of Camellia Japonica.

(Image: NoName_13122)

98. Camellia

The Camellia Japonica is a beautiful, layered flower that is held in high esteem in Japan and China and is often used in religious ceremonies. It is one of the white flowers for fall.

99. Delaware Valley White Azalea

In late April or early May, this evergreen azalea will begin to bloom its tubular-shaped flowers that love the sun but abhor the winter cold when it comes around.

Photo of Delaware Valley White Azalea.

(Image: Maryia Plashchynskaya123)

Close up photo of Gardenia.

(Image: endro lewa124)

100. Gardenia

A very fragrant flower, it is popular with florists as it has a lot of snow-white petals that unfold gradually from the bulbous center.

101. Lacecap Hydrangea

The hydrangea is a pretty famous flower all across the United States as it is regularly used in wedding bouquets, but surprisingly it has no fragrance.

Photo of Lacecap Hydrangea.

(Image: Petr Ganaj125)

Close up photo of Hydrangea.

(Image: NoName_13126)

102. Hydrangea

One of the white flowers of summer, this species of hydrangea is small and delicate, and clusters together to form mounds that grow quickly but last only for a short space of time.

103. Southern Magnolia

Iconic doesn’t do justice to the Southern Magnolia flower that blooms virtually in every state, is sowed in every garden, and is used in millions of floral arrangements.3

Photo of the Southern Magnolia.

(Image: PollyDot127)

Close up photo of Mock Orange.

(Image: Hans128)

104. Mock Orange

Often used as a privacy screen, this ornamental shrub can grow 10 feet high and nearly as wide with fragrant flowers thickly peppering the foliage into near invisibility.

105. Jasmine

The versatility of the jasmine plant can see it climbing upwards over a trellis or sprawling across the ground languidly.

Photo of Jasmine.

(Image: Manfred Richter129)

Close up photo of Vinca.

(Image: Kaidevil Wiwan130)

106. Vinca

The foliage alone highlights the large, bright flowers that are more suited planted in hanging baskets than interspersed among other types of flowers.

107. Trumpet Flower

Also known as the devil’s weed, this exotic-looking flower is as poisonous as they come and should be handled with care, and never ingested.

Photo of Trumpet Flower.

(Image: Fredy (dendoktoor)131)

Photo of Lilac.

(Image: Elena Rozzuvaeva132)

108. Lilac

Planting in full sun will maximize the pleasant aroma of this tall shrub which is perfect to create natural borders.

109. Dendrobium Orchid

This particular species only grows on trees and is used in corsages partly due to the absence of any overpowering, heady fragrances.

Closeup of Dendrobium Orchid showing its white-petaled flowers on flower stems.

(Image: Chesna133)

Close up photo of the Dogwood flower.

(Image: Hans134)

110. Dogwood

Being a deciduous tree, the dogwood tree bursts into full bloom every year with a wide glorious canopy full of only red, pink, or bright white flowers. An amazing sight!

111. White Waterlily

If this type of flower is not going to be placed in a pond, it is imperative that it is potted specifically in aquatic soil for the best results.

Photo of the White Waterlily and its leaves.

(Image: Paul Hammond135)

Photo of white Roses and its leaves.

(Image: Puck Milder136)

112. Rose

The iconic Rose flower is a timeless beauty appreciated worldwide for its stunning looks and breathtaking aromas.

113. Petunia

Originally from South America, they bloom in virtually all colors from spring to autumn and require about 6 hours of good sunlight a day.

Photo of Petunia.

(Image: Matthias Böckel137)

Photo of the Virginia Sweetspire.

(Image: Rebecca Swafford138)

114. Virginia Sweetspire

Being quite long, the Sweetspire drapes over the foliage attractively, a feature enhanced when they are planted en masse and not individually.

115. White Rose

As one of the white flowers for winter, this hybrid version has been created to be winter-hardy and to be more resistant to disease so it can be grown in challenging environments.

Close up photo of the White Rose.

(Image: Pixabay139)

There are a thousand different types of white flowers that are enjoyed year after year in the United States, in their own way helping to reduce the country’s carbon footprint.

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Choosing any one of these 115 types of white flowers will bring inquisitive butterflies fluttering into your back garden, and nature into your home.5

Frequently Asked Questions About Types of White Flower

Which Flower Is the Most Famous?

The rose is the most popular flower in the world.

Which State Produces the Most Flowers?

Due to its climate, California produces the most flowers in the United States.

Which White Flower Is the Most Common?

The Daisy is classed as the most common flower due to its wide proliferation.

What Do White Flowers Symbolize?

Innocence, beauty, and purity.

Are There Types of White Flowers That Bloom at Night?

Yes, Easter lily cactus blooms only at night.


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