2023 Guide to Ethical Baby Clothes: 5 Sustainable Baby Clothing Brands

Happy baby laying in crib wearing sustainable baby clothing.

Sustainable baby clothing is key to ensuring that even your little one’s closet is eco-friendly. Since kids quickly outgrow their clothes, fast-fashion baby clothing waste can be detrimental to the environment–2.2 billion pounds of consumer textile waste in American landfills is linked to children’s clothing.1

Moreover, sustainable materials like organic cotton can be better for baby’s health, too. Not only does organic cotton produce 46% less CO2 emissions than regular cotton, it’s produced without harmful chemicals, leaving its fibers softer and less abrasive. This also means less of a health risk for factory workers who would otherwise be exposed to toxins.2

With a wide variety of adorable patterns and styles available online, eco-friendly baby clothing is a win-win. Check out these sustainable baby clothing brands:

The Sweetest Sustainable Baby Clothing Brands Reviewed


Best Overall Organic Baby Clothes: Colored Organics

Focused on giving back to communities in need and using 100% truly organic cotton in its production process, Colored Organics carries a wide variety of clothing for children, ranging from newborns up to six-year-olds.


Softest Fair Trade Baby Clothes: Pact

Made with organic cotton in certified Fair Trade factories, Pact’s baby clothes come in a bright array of colors and patterns, and the company offers great deals on pre-packaged sets.


Cuddliest Eco Friendly Baby Clothes: Mon Coeur

With an impressive array of upcycled materials and a commitment to philanthropy and recycling programs, Mon Coeur is sure to outfit your baby in New York-chic comfort and style.


Adorable Ethically Sourced Baby Clothes: Estella

New York-based luxury brand Estella offers ethically handmade, organic children’s clothing and toys with personality.


Cutest Ethical Baby Clothes: Finn & Emma

Finn & Emma offers adorable graphic tees and bodysuits, made ethically and organically with toxin-free fabrics and dyes.

What Is Ethical Baby Clothing?

Ethical baby clothing is made from sustainably-sourced materials through a fair and transparent supply chain. Fast-fashion factory workers are typically paid five times less than a living wage in their country and are often forced to work 14-16 hour days, seven days a week. Air in these factories is often unventilated and contains toxins, and the buildings themselves can be structurally unsound or prone to fires 3. It’s imperative to buy baby clothes sourced from factories with adequate work and wage standards in order to put an end to this tragic cycle.

Moreover, clothing made from sustainable materials is healthier for our bodies and the bodies of those making the garments, is grown using rainwater, promotes biodiversity, and decreases carbon footprint significantly.2 It can be tempting to give into the fast fashion industry, especially as clothing for growing kids can feel disposable. Children grow so fast, that many pieces you buy are often only worn once or twice. But there are more environmentally-conscious ways to handle baby’s wardrobe refresh. You can try selling or buying secondhand, trading with friends, renting, donating, and more. There are tons of opportunities to make sustainable baby clothes a must have this year.

In the meanwhile, check out these adorable options:

Best Overall Organic Baby Clothes: Colored Organics

Colored Organics pink outfit screenshot.
Sustainable Baby Clothing Ethics: Colored Organics pieces are ethically produced using only certified organic cotton, and the company partners with a new nonprofit monthly to donate clothing to children in need.
Clothing Styles and Range: One-pieces, tops, bottoms, sleepers, dresses, overalls
Size Range: NB - 18-24 M
Price Range: $$
Company Located In: Minneapolis, MN, USA
Rating: 5 out of 5

Why We Love This Sustainable Baby Clothing Brand

All of Colored Organics’s pieces are made from 100% certified organic cotton, meaning its clothes are incredibly soft and free from toxic chemicals, and safer for the farmers that grow the fabric as well. The company is 100% sweatshop free, ensuring a GOTS-certified safe factory work environment, zero child labor, fair wages and medical benefits, and a capped eight-hour work day (Image: Colored Organics7).

Moreover, CO partners monthly with a different charitable organization that helps children in some way, from supporting a local children’s hospital to helping families in Afghanistan. Colored Organics pieces are not only adorable and soft, but have a lasting impact both socially and environmentally.

Softest Fair Trade Baby Clothes: Pact

Suatinable baby clothing sets by Pact.
Clothing Styles and Range: Bodysuits, sleepers, pants, tees
Size Range: 0-3 M - 9-12 M
Price Range: $-$$
Company Located In: San Francisco, CA, USA
Rating: 5 out of 5

Why We Love This Sustainable Baby Clothing Brand

Pact offers a range of sustainable baby clothing in a variety of colors and patterns. Its clothing is made from GOTS-certified organic cotton in order to save water and negate the use of harmful chemicals in production. The company ships in recycled, recyclable packaging and offers a program that tells each consumer how to neutralize the carbon footprint of their order (i.e. purchasing a certain amount of wind energy credits). Pact also offers a “Give Back Box” program that allows customers to donate old clothing to nonprofits using re-used pact shipping boxes (Image: Pact8).

Moreover, Pact’s factories are Fair Trade certified, meaning safe conditions and sustainable livelihoods are ensured for workers, local communities are uplifted, and social, economic, and environmental standards are upheld company-wide.

Cuddliest Eco-Friendly Baby Clothes: Mon Coeur

Mon-Coeur screenshot.
Sustainable Baby Clothing Ethics: (brief outline of the sustainability and ethics held)
Clothing Styles and Range: Onesies, tees, sweaters, pants, denim, jackets, outerwear
Size Range: 3 M - 24 M
Price Range: $$
Company Located In: New York, NY, USA
Rating: 5 out of 5

Why We Love This Sustainable Baby Clothing Brand

Mon Coeur’s baby clothing is made from 100% recycled content. The brand pledges a portion of the profits to eco-friendly causes, like beach cleanups and the support of communities disproportionately affected by climate change. Moreover, the label’s New Again program upcycles baby clothing, turning it back into yarn through a zero-waste process (Image: Moncoeur9).

Mon Coeur features a stylish line of baby clothing, as well as outfits for children up to nine years old.

Adorable Ethically-Sourced Baby Clothes: Estella

Estella onsie screenshot.
Sustainable Baby Clothing Ethics: New York-based, family-founded clothing brand Estella provides ethically-sourced, organic baby clothing with a quirky, eccentric flair.
Clothing Styles and Range: Bodysuits, rompers, hats, bibs
Size Range: 0-3 M - 12-18 M
Price Range: $$$
Company Located In: New York, NY, USA
Rating: 5 out of 5

Why We Love This Sustainable Baby Clothing Brand

Estella’s luxury baby clothing, toys, and gifts are 100% organic and ethically sourced, created by a team of artisans who are paid fair wages. Estella’s rattles, baby blankets, and nursery accessories are created by a small team of knitters in Peru, and their knit layette collection and alpaca blankets are made by a fair wage, Fair Trade certified organization in Bolivia. All of Estella’s sustainable baby clothing is handcrafted using GOTS-certified organic cotton (Image: Estella10).

When Estella was founded in 2002, its owners (married couple Jean Polsky and Chike Chukwulozie) noticed that NYC’s luxury children’s fashion was centered around big box retail and muted, conservative styles. The pair sought to change that with Estella’s bright colors and bold designs, created by craftspeople rather than corporations.

Cutest Ethical Baby Clothes: Finn & Emma

Finn and Emma sustainable baby clothing screenshot.
Sustainable Baby Clothing Ethics: Finn & Emma offers sustainable baby clothing with an impressive range of cute and hilarious graphic designs. Their pieces are made with GOTS-certified organic cotton and non-toxic, eco-friendly dyes, and every step of their supply chain is Fair Trade certified.
Clothing Styles and Range: Bodysuits, tees, pants, hoodies, dresses
Size Range: 0-3 M - 9-12 M
Price Range: $-$$
Company Located In: Fairfield, NJ, USA
Rating: 5 out of 5

Why We Love This Sustainable Baby Clothing Brand

Finn & Emma’s line of organic, naturally-dyed baby clothing features their trademark whimsical graphic designs. Fabrics must meet a standard of at least 95% organically grown cotton and are free from toxins like nickel, heavy metals, PVC, and formaldehyde. All inks, dyes, and process chemicals are held to toxicity and biodegradability requirements as well (Image: finn+Emma11).

The label’s factory workers are paid a fair wage and kept in safe, humane conditions at every step of the production process. Finn & Emma even offers baby-safe rattles made by a women’s collective in Peru, finished with vegetable seed wax and filled with beans.

What Materials to Look for When Choosing Ethical Baby Brands

Ethical baby brands primarily use organic cotton (look for the GOTS certification). However, certain brands use other sustainable materials such as recycled polyester or rPET (made from upcycled plastic bottles). Any organic or recycled material is a safe sustainable bet!

Help the Environment with Recycled Baby Clothes

Baby clothes are such a huge contributor to landfill waste because of the limited use they get before they’re outgrown. Just looking at the sizes from the brands we’ve mentioned implies that your baby may need a whole new wardrobe every three months! One way to combat this dilemma is by recycling your baby clothes. Donating or trading with other new parents is a way to extend the life of a  piece of baby clothing and saves money for both parties. Even donating to a thrift store or vintage shop could help out a local child in need. It’s only natural that your growing baby will cycle through clothes quickly–just be sure you don’t dispose of what’s left behind!

More Sustainable Baby Clothing Brands


Borobabi screenshot.
Sustainable Baby Clothing Ethics: America’s first circular retailer, BOROBABI offers a system through which sustainable baby clothing can be rented on a monthly basis. Its pieces are ethically made from natural fibers.
Clothing Styles and Range: Shirts, pants, onesies
Size Range: 0-24 M
Price Range: $-$$$
Company Located In: Paterson, NJ, USA
Rating: 5 out of 5

Why We Love This Brand

BOROBABI has its sustainable system down to a science. Parents take an online quiz, and a team of real mom stylists curates new or pre-owned pieces they think will match your sense of style. The items are shipped to your door, and you have five days to decide if you’d like to keep, lease, or return them, notifying BOROBABI of your decision via text. Each bundle comes with a prepaid return shipping label (Image: Borobabi12).

Leasing baby clothes is up to 75% cheaper than buying them retail – a BOROBABI onesie is $50 to purchase, or just $3.49/month (for an average of 4-6 months, totaling $13.49-$20.94). It’s a genius system and the first of its kind!

Monica +Andy

Monica and Andy pink sweater.
Sustainable Baby Clothing Ethics: Using 100% GOTS-certified organic materials, Monica + Andy features a range of affordable baby clothes in a variety of sweet, adorable patterns.
Clothing Styles and Range: One-pieces, shirts, pants, shorts, dresses, sweaters and sweatshirts, jackets, swimsuits, pajamas, complete outfit bundles
Size Range: Preemie-24 M
Price Range: $$
Company Located In: Chicago, IL, USA
Rating: 5 out of 5

Why We Love This Brand

Mom-founded, Monica + Andy uses only the softest, safest organic materials free from flame-retardants, lead, and phthalate. Its fabrics are wash-tested high-quality. Moreover, the brand offers mix-and-match pieces so you can build and bundle outfits with their various sweet patterns (Image: Monica+Andy13).


Storq sustainable baby clothes.
Sustainable Baby Clothing Ethics: Storq offers conveniently bundled maternity and postpartum essentials made from organic cotton.
Clothing Styles and Range: Onesies
Size Range: 0-3 M
Price Range: $$$
Company Located In: San Francisco, CA, USA
Rating: 5 out of 5

Why We Love This Brand

Storq carries primarily maternity and postpartum clothing and essentials, but is worth mentioning here for its adorable, luxurious First Days at Home Gift Set, including an adorable onesie, socks, blanket, hat, and bunny toy. The set is made from GOTS and Oeko-Tex certified organic cotton, using natural fibers and no dyes, and it all comes in an organic cotton drawstring pouch (Image: Storq14).

Your little one will be dressed in the utmost comfort and style for their first time in their new home (and so will you if you check out Storq’s other collections)!

Nui Organics

Nui Organics sustainable baby clothing.
Sustainable Baby Clothing Ethics: Nui Organics offers a line of chic, earth-toned pieces for babies, made from cozy, sustainable materials.
Clothing Styles and Range: Tops, socks, knitwear, thermals, one-pieces, accessories, sets, dresses, bottoms, footwear, sweaters, sleepwear
Size Range: 0-3 M - 18-24 M
Price Range: $$-$$$
Company Located In: Aotearoa, New Zealand
Rating: 5 out of 5

Why We Love This Brand

Made in ethical, eco-friendly factories in Lithuania, Bulgaria, and India, Nui Organics clothes are GOTS, Oeko-Tex, and bluesign certified. The brand is a member of the Responsible Packaging Movement, actively seeking to eliminate single-use plastics and virgin forest fibers from their packaging, and the brand’s newest collection ships in recyclable paper bags. All of Nui’s products are made from Merino Wool,Merino Silk, Merino Tencel, or organic cotton, making them cozy and warm as well as Earth and body-friendly (Image: Nui15).

Frequently Asked Questions About Eco Baby Clothes

Finding eco-friendly baby clothes isn't just about getting the best garments for your child. It's also about supporting companies that are doing their part to reduce the drains on Earth's renewable and non-renewable resources. The following are some of hte most asked questions about eco baby clothes:

What’s the Best Way to Wash Sustainable Baby Clothing?

The vast majority of sustainable baby clothes are made from organic cotton, which is easy to wash. For best results, wash on cold with mild detergent and air dry. To keep organic cotton clothes like new, wash inside-out and with similar colors and iron on medium heat.4

What Classifies Garments as Organic Fair Trade Baby Clothes?

Fair Trade baby clothes are certified by Fairtrade America/Fairtrade International. This means that workers in developing countries involved in creating the garment/its materials were paid fair wages as well as a Fairtrade premium, and that the product itself is free of GMOs and water was used sparingly in its production.5

USDA Organic certified products are made using organic farming practices, which improve water quality, conserve energy, increase biodiversity, and contribute to soil health.6

Where Can I Find Sustainable Affordable Baby Clothing Brands Near Me?

To find sustainable affordable baby clothing brands near you, check the company location listed below any of our picks to see if their flagship store is near your city. Alternatively, check Remake’s Brand Directory to measure the sustainability of common stores that may be located in your area. If all else fails, you can always try shopping secondhand in your city or trading clothes with nearby parents of similarly-aged children.

Sustainable baby clothes are one of the most crucial parts of building an ethical wardrobe for your growing family. While baby clothing is one of the easiest fashion categories for which to turn to fast fashion, it’s important to be mindful of the substantial amount of waste fast fashion baby clothing creates, factory worker conditions, and even the effects of harmful chemicals on baby’s skin. Sustainable baby clothing is just as adorable, often just as affordable, and programs like BOROBABI’s make disposability easy to avoid.

Whether you’re expecting, purchasing clothes up a new size for your growing kid, or simply buying cute gifts for a friend, sustainable baby clothing is the clear way to go.

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