Planting a Tree for Someone Who Has Died: Memorial Trees Guide

Couple and older woman look at the ground where a marker is next to a memorial tree planted for deceased loved ones who have carried out planting a tree for someone who has died as a organic burial option.

Planting a tree for someone who has died is a great way to create memories21 of a deceased beloved ones.

But, many states have laws and regulations about natural burials.

This detailed memorial tree guide can be used to learn the suitable approach for planting a tree for someone who has died and use it to remember them without going against the legal requirements.

Memorial Trees for Deceased Loved Ones

A memorial tree is a peaceful physical reminder.22 These trees help survivors navigate the healing process.

You can easily gift a memorial tree using three simple steps.

Firstly, you must choose the certificate tribute proposal you wish to send. Next, you should choose a suitable planting location where our deceased loved ones found meaningful. Lastly, you can add a personal message.

Image of a beautiful white house and its huge open space lawn with trees and flowers near the house.

(Image: Dianne24)

The location can be anywhere on private property, and flowering trees are often chosen.

Plant a Tree for Someone Who Has Died (Planting a Tree for Someone Who Has Died)

Planting a tree for someone who has died is a living tribute to benefit the current and future generations. Planting this tree in a national forest can be a natural monument and activate participants in nature’s plan for future decades.2

When planting a memorial tree, you must identify the preferable tree species. There are various tree species you can choose from when planting a tree for your deceased loved ones.

For instance, you can plant an Oak to symbolize their knowledge and strength. Similarly, you can plant a Rowan to signal their inspiration and protection.2

You can plant a memorial tree on public or private land.23 If you choose to plant this tree on public land, you first need to borrow permission from the government agency that controls it.

Also, if you wish to bury urn ash and plant a tree, you should check the guidelines from your local council to avoid invading the applicable requirements.2

Tree Pod and Tree Coffins

Tree pod burial options are growing in popularity as people recognize the environmental benefits to this type of natural interment.This type of organic burial pod is used to create a living memory.

Tree coffins are typically made by creating a hole in a huge log. They are mainly used in burials since the prehistoric era in various geographical regions, including Africa, Europe, Australia, and Asia. Typically, they have a 1.5-meter diameter and 5 meters long.

Cremation Tree Pod

A cremation tree pod is an organic-made casket resembling an egg placed on a tree after someone is cremated. Later, the growing tree ruptures the protective ceramic shell and becomes a living memory for our beloved ones. This pod is a great feature for increasing the number of trees instead of digging tombs.

Cocoon Tree Pod Burial Cost

The cocoon tree pod burial cost ranges between $99 to $330. However, this cost is non-inclusive of placing a tree which can cost more than $55, depending on the variety of trees you choose.

Bio-degradable Urns Tree

The bio-degradable urns tree combines the ashes of incriminated loved ones with the earth to foster the germination of a tree or seed. Typically, this product is a fertilizer to the growing tree, helping it become a loving memorial for our beloved ones.1

The bios urns are made from fully bio-degradable, recyclable materials. Typically, the bio-degradable urns support the tree you choose. They are appropriate for burying human ashes to help future generations create a great memory for their deceased loved ones.1

This tree has no expiry date, and you can keep it for your desired duration.1

Trees for Funerals

Planting trees for funerals help us to express our sympathy while allowing the memory of our deceased beloved ones to thrive. Typically, these trees are a special and heartfelt tribute that is less costly compared to flowers and other gifts. You can explore the available tree species and determine your preferred species when planting this tree.

Become a Tree After Death

Basically, to become a tree after death involves cremation and the ashes of the remains being placed in an egg-shaped Capsula Mundi about 18 inches below the tree.

This involves a biological life cycle with a transformation similar to a living thing.

An image illustrating the components of a biodegradable urn made from coconut shell, with a seedling growing from soil placed over ashes, promoting the idea of life emerging from remains.

Most people perceive that the ashes help the tree to thrive while it contains a high level of alkaline that can hinder its growth.

Tree Urn

A tree urn is a bio-degradable bio that helps a tree to grow when combined with cremated remains or ashes. This memorial tree planting system allows you to easily transform the ashes of your deceased loved ones into a long-lasting memory. To plant this tree, you need to purchase a bio-degradable urn from a vendor.

Planting a Tree for Someone Who Has Died: Best Memorial Tree Planting Service

You may consider planting a tree in the loving memory of your deceased loved ones. However, when coping with loss, you may be unable to plant this tree alone. Fortunately, with the help of a great memorial tree company, you can easily get this tree planted and remember your loved ones.

Close up image of a tree seedling in a clay pot being held by someone.

(Image: Kasturi Laxmi Mohit25)

Here are various tree memorial companies you can consider for the best memorial tree planting service:

Seeds of Life

Seeds of Life is a company founded to allow people to celebrate various things, including someone’s life. The company can plant various trees in your yard, such as Oaks, Magnolias, and Roses, trees that flourish to an incredible memory in honor of our loved ones.3

Generally, this company gives you various options for purchasing a tree, including a seed package, a large gift tree, and a seedling.3

Trees for a Change

Trees for a change also gives you various memorial tree options. These memorial trees are mainly planted in forest areas for fire victims. Depending on your preferred package, this company will plant a tree to help you have a memory for your deceased loved ones.4

The Comfort Company

The Comfort Company provides various memorial tree options, such as Dogwood, Japanese Red Maple, Colorado Blue Spruce, and a Maple. All these trees come with a height between 8 and 14 inches when two to three years old. This company offers affordable memorial trees at $56.99 and may offer sympathy gifts where applicable.5

A Living Tribute

A Living Tribute is among the well-known memorial tree companies. This organization is mainly based in Greenwich, Connecticut, and plants memorial trees in various National Forests in the United States. It mainly sells memorial trees at $9.99 and accompanies them with a special gift.6

The Gifted Tree

You can also consider the Gifted Tree an incredible option for planting a memorial tree. Generally, you need to choose a tree from a seed card, a comprehensive framed card containing the tree’s information. Later, you can select the location and pay for the tree, starting at $19.95.7

The Trees Remember

The Trees Remember is an incredible memorial tree company that offers different gift packages. This company plants a tree and accompanies it with a personalized note card where you can write your message. Typically, you can buy a tree with a gift package for $26 and at discounted prices of $10 for 20 trees.8

Arbor Day Foundation

The Arbor Day Foundation gives memorial trees at $2 each with a minimum of 5 trees. It mainly plants trees in National Forests impacted by natural disasters. After the purchase, the company gives you a card where you can note your name as the giver, the number of trees, and other information.9

Jewish National Fund

The Jewish National Fund offers a memorial tree planting service for people with a strong Jewish faith. Their prices start at $18, allowing you to choose a suitable tree from various tree certificates. These certificates are related to a specific forest, so you should carefully read the descriptions before purchasing your preferred tree.10 is a memorial tree planting site that mainly features tributes and obituaries while offering unique gifts such as memorial trees.

For ten trees, you can buy memorial trees from the company for $90. Also, you can make customized orders, and the company will send arborists to plant the trees for you.11


The 1-800-Flowers offers a Magnolia Tree for compassion. This tree comes to your home when ready to be planted with the instructions of the suitable watering tool. With absolute customer satisfaction, you can buy large and small trees from the company ranging from $59.99 to $134.99.12

One Tree Planted

One Tree Planted is an incredible planting memorial tree service provider that serves people across the globe. The organization mainly plants trees in Latin America, North America, Africa, Asia, and Europe with the motto “One dollar, one tree.”

To have a memorial tree planted by this company, you need to compose your certificate, and they will send you a low-price tree.13

Tree Givers

Also known as Original Memorial Tree, Tree Givers20 has been operating since 1981 and has planted over 250,000 trees across the US.

After you purchase a tree from this company, they will send it with a customizable card, a sympathy letter, and a planting certificate. Generally, their tree prices start from $24.95, and you can get multiple add-on options.13

American Forests

American Forests is another highly-loved memorial tree company that plants a tree for one dollar, requiring a minimum contribution of $25. This company plants trees in privileged wildlands to protect animals and plants in those regions.14

After purchasing a tree, the company also sends a customized e-card to the receipt to enable you to know your thoughts while planting a long-lasting tree for your loved ones.14

U.S. Forest Service

The U.S. Forest Service19 is an agency that allows you to contribute while it plants trees in the National Forests to promote a healthy environment. Although the trees are not traced with the minimum donation amount, you can donate a minimum of $10 and get ten trees planted.

Generally, the Forest Service sends you a certificate for buying memorial trees where you can customize various information.

Plant a Tree in Memory of Someone

An image of a hand holding a soil and a seedling.

(Image: Noah Buscher26)

When our loved ones pass away, their memory leaves us with a huge impact on our lives and the community. Planting a tree in memory of someone indicates that their legacy continues.18 When planting this memorial tree, you should select a meaningful tree that is a tribute to the deceased loved ones.

Although a gift tree acts as a suitable memorial gift, it can also serve as a suitable fitting if you love nature, gardening, sustainability, outdoors, or travel. Also, they can serve as perfect substitutes for flowers.

This tree also serves as a convenient re-afforestation feature for areas affected by climatic changes and fire, as an essential step in healing the forests needing support and care.

Plant a Tree in Memory With Plaque

To plant a tree in memory with plaque involves using a customized note where you can indicate your tribute to your deceased loved one. As this tree grows for decades, it will help you to remember your deceased loved one for their extraordinary deeds and memories. You can add this note to any memorial tree species when planting a tree for someone who has died.

Planting a Tree for Someone Who Has Died: Remembrance Trees

Remembrance trees are incredible living reminders for individuals or pets who have passed away. Growing and planting a tree is suitable for caring for the environment as you keep a memory for your deceased loved ones.15

Close up image of a young growing tree with its green leaves on a sunny day.

(Image: name_ gravity27)

Also, you can plant remembrance trees to recall other occasions or events that are memorable in your life.

How Much Does It Cost To Plant a Memorial Tree?

Planting a tree for someone who has died costs between $10 and hundreds. This price depends on the tree you wish to plant and other legal fees. Nonetheless, you should spend about $150 when planting this tree.

Best Memorial Trees

Since everyone is unique based on traits, personalities, and behaviors, psychologists have discovered some trees have personalities similar to humans.17 Thus, they have recommended planting a tree for someone who has died, intending to make a memory.

The following are the best memorial trees you can consider planting:

Cherry Blossom

Cherry Blossom is a captivating, optimistic, and beautiful tree from Japan that you can use as a memorial tree for your deceased loved ones. This tree attracts its admirers mainly during spring with its flourishing double pink flowers.

Ornamental Pear

The ornamental Pear is a resilient and hopeful tree that blooms with comforting white flowers during spring. This tree’s origin can be traced to Vietnam and China and is known to grow up to 7 meters.

Flowering Crab Apple

The Flowering Crap Apple is a poetic and loving tree that shows fragrant, delicate, and double pink flowers close to the end of spring. This tree mainly originates from Central Asia and can grow from 4 to 8 meters.

Tulip Magnolia

Originating from West Indies and North America, Tulio Magnolia is a compassionate and wise tree that displays gorgeous goblet-shaped purple-rich flowers in the early spring. This tree mainly grows to a height between 4.5 and 6 meters.


Originating from South America, Jacaranda is a great memorial tree that displays beautiful purple bell-shaped flowers during late summer. You can plant this tree in memory of your deceased loved ones who loved the purple color. Typically, this tree grows to a height between 10-15 meters.

Yellow Gum

Originating from Australia, Yellow Gum is a passionate and loyal memorial tree that removes scarlet flowers during winter. This tree grows between 10-30 meters long and is highly loved in Australia for acting as a memory for deceased loved ones.

Tree Planting Memorial Service

While planting a tree for someone who has died is a helpful living tribute for the current and future generations, you can invite friends and relatives for a tree-planting memorial service. If you opt for such services, you should send a personalized commemorative card in memory of a deceased friend or loved one.16

Typically, the participants will remember the dead person by viewing the tree due to their participation in the event.

Seeds of Life Memory Tree

The seeds of the living memory tree are a practical way of expressing our encouragement and hope. You can plant this tree on remarkable occasions such as pet sympathy, memorial gifts, birthdays, mother’s day, and housewarmings. Planting this tree can help you to have fresh memories of your deceased loved ones.

Where Can I Plant a Memorial Tree?

When planting a tree for someone who has died, you can view the memorial trees guide applicable to your state. You can also contribute to the notable re-forestation efforts in the National Forest within your location. For instance, you plant your memorial tree in Tonto National Forest if you reside in Arizona.17

Plant a Redwood Tree in Memory

You can plant a redwood tree in memory or honor your dead loved ones. This tree flourishes to give a majestic beauty and cherish nature. When planting this tree, you can choose a suitable location, including your yard or state forest.

Low angle view of tall Redwood Trees in a forest.

(Image: caballerosmauricio28)

When our valuable friends or loved ones pass away, it is good to have a symbol to remember them. Fortunately, planting trees is among the effective ways of achieving this as we conserve the environment. Thankfully, this post has equipped you with a detailed memorial tree guide you can use when planting a tree for someone who has died.

You can use this helpful post when planting a tree for someone who has died to help you select a suitable tree to plant as you contribute to environmental conservation efforts.


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