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Natália G.R. de Mello holds doctorate and masters degress in environmental science and works as a contributor for 8 Billion Trees.Written by Natalia Mello

Eco-Friendly Natural Products | April 3, 2023

An 8 Billion Trees graphics of differences of clothes made from hemp and cotton.

Hemp clothing wholesale is not only a good option to save money while purchasing high-quality products… it is a strategy that protects and restores the Earth as well!

Buying wholesale is automatically easier on the environment, since it often saves a lot of materials from packaging. Plus, More than 25,000 products can be manufactured from hemp (Cannabis sativa L.), including building materials, cosmetics, health foods, plastic composites, biofuels, paper, and clothing.1

Hemp is a fast-growing renewable resource that improves soil fertility, removes toxins from the environment, absorbs carbon dioxide (CO2), dispenses the use of noxious pesticides and herbicides, saves water, and provides many other environmental benefits.2,3,4

Fabric made of hemp is extremely resistant and soft. It contains natural anti-fungal, antibacterial, and thermal insulation properties, keeping users healthy and comfortable independently on how warm or cold it gets.5

Various types of hemp apparel are currently available in the market, including tees, dresses, coats, socks, pants, underwear, and others. These can be made of 100 percent hemp, or of a blend between hemp and other sustainable textiles, like organic cotton.

But why is betting on sustainable hemp clothing wholesale a good idea?

Green Is the New Black

Making sustainable choices in all aspects of our lives is evermore paramount. Facing serious issues such as climate change, the sixth mass extinction, sea and atmospheric pollution, the accumulation of plastic and other types of waste in the environment, we must act now.

Going for more sustainable clothing options might not be the first thing that pops into our minds when we decide to lead a greener and healthier lifestyle. Nonetheless, the clothing industry heavily contributes to many of the environmental issues that are currently ravaging our planet.

For example, manufacturing our clothes produces 1.2 billion tons of greenhouse gases (GHG) each year. That is equivalent to 10 percent of total global GHG emissions.6

In addition, the fashion industry aggravates issues such as animal cruelty, exacerbated water consumption and pollution, the use of pesticides, and waste generation.

That is not to speak of the numerous social problems associated with the industry, such as the proliferation of sweatshops and child labor. Conventional garments also usually contain ingredients – such as heavy metals – that directly impact the health of those producing and wearing them.

Conventional clothing is also usually made of synthetic materials derived from crude oil, and shed microplastics every time they are washed.7

That’s right, your clothes are probably made of plastic!

On the other hand, sustainable clothing options like hemp:

  • Dispense the use of toxins and materials that harm both human and non-human health
  • Have a much lower carbon footprint than conventional apparel
  • Contribute to the circular economy movement, thus reducing waste generation and saving natural resources8

Making and encouraging a switch to garments that tread lightly in the environment is thus an ethical strategy to (re)build a greener and fairer Earth. Fortunately, the green clothing market continues to expand, offering beautiful and high-quality options for users who worry about their carbon and ecological footprints.

Moreover, many stereotypes enveloping materials like hemp are being dismantled. The following products are perfect examples of green, ethical, and fashionable hemp clothing options.

Hemp T-Shirts

Hemp tees are very soft, durable, and have great properties such as wicking away moisture, protecting against ultraviolet light, and resisting mildew and mold.

Most of these tees are blends of hemp and organic cotton, which also is a sustainable fabric ditching the use of noxious pesticides and toxins. The proportions are usually 55 percent hemp and 45 percent cotton.9

An image of a gray 8 Billion Trees T-shirt.

Hemp Dress

Hemp dresses come in various beautiful designs. They are also usually a blend of hemp (60 percent) and organic cotton (40 percent), or hemp (80 percent) and lyocell (20 percent).10

Close up of a light orange hemp dress on its backside.

(Image: Isabela Kronemberger14)

Lyocell is made up of wood cellulose, and is categorized as a “processed cellulosic fiber.” Given that it comes from plants, lyocell is easily blended with other natural fabrics. It is also a highly durable, soft, and breathable material.11

Hemp Sweatshirts

Hemp sweatshirts are also usually made of a mixture between hemp and organic cotton. These clothing pieces offer great thermal insulation, thanks to the hollow nature of the structure of hemp fiber.12

Close up of light brown hemp sweatshirt

(Image: Alena Shekhovtcova15)

This hollow structure makes it easier for the air – a good thermal insulator – to pass through the fabric and keep the person wearing the garment warm. Besides that, the sweatshirts are light-weight and wick moisture away.12

Hemp Underwear and Socks

The anti-fungal, antibacterial, hypoallergenic, and breathable attributes of 100 percent hemp fabric makes it the perfect material to craft both male and female underwear and socks.

An image of a woman's hands holding a small cardboard box with 3 socks inside.

(Image: Ron Lach16)

These are soft, durable, anti-odor choices that keep users healthy and comfortable throughout the day.13

Hemp Pants and Shorts

These clothing pieces are also commonly made of hemp mixed with organic cotton.

Image of a white shirt and shorts.

(Image: Mikhail Nilov17)

They are versatile, resistant, cozy, lightweight, and ensure thermal comfort – just like all of other hemp clothing options listed above.12

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The purchases of these products not only contribute to reshaping the clothing industry: the hemp and cotton blend t-shirt can also help fund tree planting projects across the world and protect wildlife in the Amazon rainforest if you choose one that includes a carbon offset!

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