10 Best Hemp Clothing Brands & Companies That Passed Our Review

By Natalia Mello | Updated on September 21, 2021

The best hemp clothing brands and companies are boosting your confidence while making both you and the planet healthier.

When it comes to eco-friendly materials, hemp ranks among the best. The fabric is durable, anti-fungal, antibacterial, thermodynamic, resistant to mold, and very soft. On top of that, hemp grows extremely quickly, yields large quantities of fiber per acre, and can be harvested multiple times each year.1

Hemp moreover delivers several environmental and agricultural benefits. Those benefits include sequestering carbon dioxide (CO2), hence combating climate change.2

Keep reading to boost your knowledge about hemp fabric and get to know the 10 best companies providing hemp garments.

An 8 Billion Trees graphic showing the process of producing hemp clothing.

The Health and Environmental Benefits of Hemp Clothing

Sweatshirts, tank tops, pants, t-shirts, and other clothes made from hemp are extremely comfortable. Contrary to what most people think, hemp clothing becomes softer as time passes.

Also, because its fiber has a hollow structure, air can easily flow through hemp fabric. Since the air is an excellent thermal insulator, hemp-made clothes will keep you refreshed on hot days and warm when it’s cold.3

Hemp also fights certain bacteria (including E. coli) and fungal species, which makes it a healthy and hypoallergenic alternative. Hemp clothing also offers protection from ultraviolet light, mold, salt water, mildew, and rotting. In addition, hemp fabric retains its shape much better than other materials and is eight times stronger than cotton.1

Unlike clothes made from synthetic fibers, hemp clothing does not contribute to plastic pollution.

Synthetic fabrics – such as nylon, acrylic, and polyester – are made from petrochemicals. Because of that, these fabrics contain plastics and washing them is one of the main sources of microplastic pollution.4

Microplastics cycle through the atmosphere and enter the ocean, the soil, and unlikely places such as the guts of insects in Antarctica and human placentas.5 Because hemp fiber comes from the stem of the plant Cannabis sativa L., it is entirely biodegradable and compostable.6

Besides significantly contributing to the issue of microplastic pollution, synthetic materials are associated with copious greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, given the nature of their energy-intensive manufacturing processes. Hemp, on the other hand, absorbs CO2 emissions: one ton of hemp sequesters 1.63 tons of carbon from the atmosphere.7

Hemp moreover grows very quickly – it matures in 90 to 120 days and can be harvested three times each year.8 It can grow in many different environments and produces up to 2,650 pounds of fabric per acre,9 yielding twice as much fiber than cotton planted in the same area.10

Cultivating hemp does not require the use of chemical herbicides or pesticides, as Cannabis sativa L. is naturally impervious to pests.2  Because chemical pest repellents are noxious to both humans and the environment, expanding hemp cultivation is a safe and healthy choice for humans and non-humans. Few examples of health issues linked with chemical pesticides include cancer, Alzheimer, and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).11

Besides being resistant to pests, hemp is a great ally when it comes to rehabilitating degraded soils. Because of its deep roots, it helps prevent soil erosion. Moreover, its nutrient-reach leaves and stem can be deposited in the soil, increasing its fertility and allowing for more abundant yields.

As if that wasn’t enough, hemp cleans the soil, since the plant can eliminate toxic particles from the environment. Because of these qualities, hemp is ideal for crop rotation systems, a sustainable farming practice.2

Hemp cultivation also saves water. While the production of 1 pound of cotton requires roughly 2,273 gallons of water, producing the same amount of hemp consumes 288-408 gallons.9

Providing these many benefits, it is easy to understand why more and more companies are producing hemp garments. Keep scrolling for a comprehensive overview of the leaders in the market!

The 10 Best Hemp Clothing Brands and Companies

The following brands and companies are listed in alphabetical order, and not according to how well they rank in terms of sustainability or style. All of them offer fashionable, green, and comfy clothing.

An image of the Bohempia men's white hemp t-shirt.


Selling clothes (socks, t-shirts, and underwear), shoes, and accessories for both females and males, Bohempia has been promoting sustainable fashion since 2015.12

The design is clear-cut and the pieces are crafted in the European Union. The company constantly keeps track of how the products are made, under which conditions the producers are working, and the quality of the material they use.

An image of the Eileen Fisher olive green hemp jacket.

Eileen Fisher23

Besides greening the planet with beautifully crafted hemp clothing for women, Eileen Fisher supports circular economy, living by the motto “where others see waste, we see possibility.13

Eileen is a slow fashion designer who encourages you to enjoy her timeless and minimalist creations as much as you can, then send the pieces back to the company when you no longer use them. The company renews and resells each piece they receive.13

An image of the Groceries Apparel paco hemp tie-dye shirt.

Groceries Apparel24

Based in Los Angeles, this brand sells affordable hemp pullovers, leggings, skirts, tops, and face masks to both women and men.14

Groceries Apparel ensures fair and healthy working, offers the clients the chance to fully trace the origin and manufacturing process of their purchases, minimizes waste generation, and has a low carbon footprint.14

An image of the Hempy's hemp green beanie.


This brand, which is based in San Diego, has been active since 1995. It offers stylish and affordable tees, socks, hats, leggings, scarves, beanies, and masks to males and females. Hemp fabrics are mixed with other sustainable materials, like organic cotton.15

The company donates 20 percent of the profits made from selling any products in their “Black Hat Series” to programs aiming at saving the planet and enhancing community development: “buy a hat, save the future.15

Hempy’s has committed to supporting local economies and reducing the company’s carbon footprint: the clothes and accessories are manufactured as close as possible to where the products are sold. The company has a strong and growing international presence.15

An image of the Jungmaven hemp campy pants.


This is one of the major producers of hemp garments in the United States. It sells tees, underwear, pants, sweatshirts, outerwear, and accessories to kids, women, and men.16

According to them, “Being ‘Jung’ means making a conscious, daily choice to heal the planet with your actions.16

Back in the early 1990s, the company’s founder, Robert Jungmann decided to share his knowledge about how to halt clear-cutting practices and other environmental problems by promoting the use of industrial hemp.16

When hemp’s fashion potential was not acknowledged, Robert Jungmann designed a hemp t-shirt as a way to show the world the plant’s ability to cure the planet while producing high-quality fabric. He moreover became a founding member of an organization playing a big role in the legalization of industrial hemp: Hemp Industries Association.16

An image of the Outerknown hemp sur sweatshirt.


Offering hemp + organic cotton blends, this brand gets you ready for days on the beach and outdoor adventures.17

Outerknown was the first company to try to obtain Fair Labor Association accreditation prior to shipping its first product. The company invests in the livelihoods of 5 thousand people who bring their vision to life, through Fair Trade USA.17

An image of the Onno hemp shirt.


This US brand sells hemp + organic cotton tees for males and females. The t-shirts have obtained a certification (Certified Global Organic Textile Standard) that ensures the textiles receive very little to no chemical inputs – such as toxic dyes and bleaches – in their manufacturing process.18

The company additionally buys carbon offsets from trusted carbon offset providers to mitigate their greenhouse gas emissions and further contribute to a healthier planet.18

An image of the Patagonia hemp canvas women's jacket


You may already know Patagonia for its famous outdoor apparel. It turns out that the brand is also heavily investing in sustainable clothing, and offers an extensive range of hemp options for males and females. This year, hemp was added into 68 of their products.19

The brand’s hemp portfolio includes shirts, pants, jackets, overalls, tees, shorts, hats, and coats. Most of these are made of hemp blended with sustainable materials like lyocell, organic cotton, and recycled polyester.19

Patagonia is a member of an organization – 1% for the Planet – that warrants 1 percent of their profit helps fund programs steering the protection and restoration of the planet’s ecosystems.19

An image of the Thought hemp grandpa top.p


Thought was founded in 1995 in Australia. Back then, the name of the company was Braintree Clothing. Nowadays, Thought is based in the United Kingdom and offers a wide array of sustainable clothing options for women and men, including hemp.20

You can find high-quality pants, jackets, shorts, dresses, socks, and accessories made of a hemp and organic cotton mix.20

The company is a member of an alliance of businesses, NGOs, and trade unions – the Ethical Trading Initiative – that advocate for worker’s rights across the world. Thought has also received certifications from well-known sustainability bodies such as Fair Trade, OEKO-TEX, ECO CERT, and the Global Organic Textile Standard.20

An image of the Toad and Co. hemp taj jumpsuit


This US-based brand offers various products – such as skirts, dresses, shirts, tees, face masks, and accessories – made of hemp + other sustainable materials (especially organic cotton).21

The company was founded in 1996 and employs different sustainability strategies in its operations. For instance, Toad&Co participates in composting programs and has installed energy-efficient light bulbs in all offices.21

Besides that, the company buys Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) to guarantee the energy consumed in their activities comes from renewable sources, such as the wind and sun. Just like Patagonia, Toad&Co is a member of 1% for the Planet.21

It’s Time to Go for a Greener Wardrobe

Even small changes in your clothing choices can contribute to radically improving our planet’s ecosystems health and resilience.

For decreased carbon emissions, plastic pollution, chemical pesticides, and waste generation – and for improved conditions in soils, bodies of water, and the air – say yes to hemp textiles!

You can now further explore these 10 companies providing beautiful pieces that will keep you comfy, stylish, healthy, and reduce your carbon footprint.

This hemp shirt not only is eco-friendly, but actively saves the earth with carbon offsets.

To go even further, though, you can choose a hemp product that not only is made from organic, eco-friendly materials, but also helps to plant forests and save wildlife. Some products come with carbon offsets, meaning that not only are you helping the Earth by choosing hemp, you are directly contributing to its survival!

By making choices that incorporate as many positives for the planet as possible, you can become an eco-warrior with what you wear.


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