Best Electric Bike Kit With Battery in 2023 (Full Table Comparison)

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Woman riding an electric bike kit with battery conversion riding down a dirt road on her bike that has been converted to an e-bike.

Buying the best electric bike kit with battery instead of purchasing a new e-bike helps you save a lot of money through recycling.

Not only is it sustainable, kind to the environment, and efficient when on a tight budget, you help reduce wastes and do even more for the planet by using a form of transportation that has much less emissions.

If you are in the market for a new electric bike kit with battery but are overwhelmed by all the available options, this article reviews the best electric bike kits and answers some of the common frequently asked questions by people who’ve bought and used them

Reviewing the Best Electric Bike Kit With Battery

Best Electric Bike Kits With Battery



It is a versatile kit from a reputable brand with fancy features like an LCD and has options to install on the rear or front wheel. It is also weather-proof, and you don't have to worry about riding under harsh conditions.


AW 48V Mountain Bike Conversion Kit

The BAFANG conversion kit’s power makes it stand out as it is handy for various activities, including mountain cycling. The motor is also quiet, and the battery lasts longer, but the downside is that it is incompatible with some bikes.


EBIKELING Waterproof Conversion Kit

The best aspects of this system is that it helps you attain high speeds of up to 75km/hr and its multifunctional display indicates critical information you need while on the road. However, it is pricier than the 36V option.


NBPOWER 135mm 72V 2000w Conversion Kit

This adaptable kit works with many bike types and is easy to install, but it ranks low because its battery is not very effective and needs frequent recharging.

Selecting the proper conversion kit can be complicated, but it has contributed to a reduction in carbon emissions.Those who want to take additional steps to better protect the environment may look for carbon offset providers for programs that they may find interesting.

Do you know how many trees offset carbon emissions? Knowing this can help you understand and motivate you to go for green solutions.

You could learn how your actions might have a detrimental impact on the environment by using an environmental footprint calculator. It will help you decide on what actions to take and just by finding the e-bike that best fits your preferences, you are already one step closer in helping reduce the carbon footprint.

Aside from finding the right e-bike that suits your needs and preferences, carbon offset programs like a road trip carbon offset will help.

Types of Conversion Kits: Mid Drive E-Bike Kit, Friction Drive, and E-Bike Wheels

Here are the three common conversion kits in the market.

Friction Drive

This system is relatively straightforward as the tire pushes against a roller which makes it turn, but it is not as effective as the other versions.

Mid-Drive Kit

This tech is the most common in e-bikes since the weight lies on the lowest part of the frame, applying pressure on the crank. It is pricier than other options, given that the tech is better, but the challenge is how it can be pretty complicated for beginners.

E-Bike Wheels

In this conversion type, the wheels swap out for electric alternatives, seamlessly and naturally distributing the weight but doing this usually affects how you handle your bike.5

Best E-Bike Conversion Kit (Best Electric Bike Conversion Kit)

Every rider has a preference when choosing the perfect e-bike conversion kit; what works for another may not be ideal for you. However, most users go for powerful and versatile systems, which versions like the EBIKELING and BAFANG offer.

They feature the latest tech and are compatible with most mountain bikes, taking the top two spots effortlessly. The NBPOWER and AW 48V are also impressive, with the former reaching up to 75km/hr while the other is the easiest to install.

What Makes the Most Powerful Electric Bike Conversion Kit: Factors Affecting Their Performance

The system’s power and energy are essential considerations when deciding on an e-bike’s efficiency.3 When the voltage is high, it implies that the kit has more engine speed and, in turn, a more impressive performance.

Note that when choosing a battery, always go for one with the highest voltage since it will likely offer better performance. While the 24V works fine for daily use, you will need a 48V when mountain climbing or riding on rough terrains, but the 72W is ideal for the ultimate power.

Rear vs Front Wheel Motor Electric Bike Conversion Kit With Battery

Here is a table summarizing the major differences.

Front Wheel MotorHind Wheel E-Bikes
Best choice for proper weight distributionThe weight does not distribute equally
Easier to carryIt affects the bike’s portability
Motors are safer to operate during accelerationsLess safe but more effortless when performing stunts
The e-bike features are more distinct and can attract e-bike thievesAesthetically appealing since it resembles a standard bike

Detailed Guide To the Best Electric Bike Kit With Battery

If you are in the market for the most environmentally friendly electric bike kit with battery 2023, this is the guide for you. Read on for a detailed review to help you choose the best e-bike kit.


Photo that shows the characteristics of beech tree.
Battery Life of 14V | 13 Ah (Running Time): 1.20 hours
Price Range: $499.99 - $889.00
Voltage/ Watts: 48V / 750W
Pros: It offers impressive power, effective for road and mountain cycling. It has an effective high-power battery. The motor is relatively quiet. The battery comes in various options. You install it in the middle of the bike, offering balance by evenly distributing the weight.
Cons: The motor is incompatible with some bike types.
Rating: 5 out of 5

This kit works for you if you want to recycle your e-bike using the best motor that generally improves your riding experience. It is a quiet system that provides massive power (750W), and it helps that it is simple to install.

The package features a battery, 750W motor, chainring with a guard, brake levers or sensors, speed sensors, cranks, thumb throttle, display (optional), 1T4 EB-BUS cable, headlight, gloves, and other necessary installation tools.

You should have assembled all the parts within minutes by carefully following the instructions, and the motor will fit perfectly. Another impressive aspect is how the kit offers two modes ideal for pedal and electric riding, allowing you to ride faster and exercise concurrently.

You can use it to transform your standard bike into an electric one or refurbish your old e-bike. With reaching speeds of up to 55km/hr, the BAFANG BBSO2B kit is currently one of the most high-power motors and worth considering for any cycling enthusiast.

How To Choose the Best E-Bike Conversion Kit With Battery

Many questions surround vehicle conversions and how these two compare in terms of their ability to increase gas emissions. Some people are even interested in the carbon footprint of electric cars vs gasoline, and they use the carbon emissions calculator to determine what personal habits might have increased their carbon footprint.

Below are factors to consider when choosing the best e-bike conversion kit with battery.

Motor Power

The motor’s power is one of the most critical aspects to consider before buying an electric bike kit with a battery. You need at least 1000 Watts, which guarantees enough power for high speeds and riding hilly landscapes.

You can also use the 5000W versions if you need more power.1 In most cases, your region’s topography will determine how much power you need because you need a high-end kit to ride in hilly cities.


The battery is equally critical because it should provide the power you need when traveling long distances.6 Ensure it is at least 48V, and always go for lithium-ion options, which are faster to charge and last longer.


If you are a first-timer, you want a straightforward system to install and operate, and the controller type determines that. You should first confirm how the system works to know how to handle it, or riding will be challenging and risky.


Before you invest in a conversion kit, it is vital to check that it is compatible with your bike because some systems don’t fit. It also helps to confirm your state’s laws on e-bikes regarding power, speed limit, and other aspects.7

2000W Electric Bike Kit With Battery: What Does It Mean for Your Bike?

If your bike rates 2000W, you can ride at 40-44 miles an hour, but this speed can vary depending on several factors. For instance, it is influenced by factors like the landscape, the bike’s condition, and the weight you have loaded on the bike.

The speed will significantly reduce if the bike is overloaded or in a poor state. How you ride and the terrain you ride on also matter because you cannot achieve high speeds on rugged surfaces, and harsh weather can interfere with the kit’s performance.

AW 48V Mountain Bike Conversion Kit

Photo that shows the characteristics of beech tree.
Battery Life of 48V | 20 Ah (Running Time): 1.04 hours
Price Range: $294.99 - $685.00
Voltage/ Watts: 48V / 1000W
Pros: It is a versatile kit that is compatible with many bikes. You can use pedal-assist or throttle mode thanks to the dual mode controller. It is easy to install.
Cons: The battery needs frequent recharging.
Rating: 3 out of 5

Thanks to its powerful motor with impressive torque, you need this kit for your mountain bike if you love hiking and climbing hills. The kit comes with batteries, chargers, and controllers, saving you the hassle of buying individual components.

The sturdy aluminum frame can support more than 200 pounds, and the motor guarantees an effortless 45km/hr speed, making your bike high-performance. Light indicators on the thumb throttle tell you how much battery you are on to notify you when you need recharging.

Therefore, you don’t have to worry about abruptly shutting down when you need it most, making it ideal for commutes and short trips. It is also simple to install and use, even as a beginner, and it is the best way to turn your mountain bike into an electric version.

The package features a front-wheel conversion kit that is easy to assemble and make any necessary alterations. The AW 48V will not disappoint if you want a powerful motor to take your electric mountain bike hiking.

Can You Trust the Cheapest Electric Bike Conversion Kit?

Buyers usually get skeptical when a product’s price is too low, but sometimes it doesn’t mean it is a wrong choice. One thing that matters most when buying a low-priced kit is efficiency and weight.2

If too heavy, handling and transporting the bike will be complex, and if you don’t trust the brand, you may buy an ineffective product. You can check the online reviews first and look at the good and bad to help you decide whether it is worth it.

Is the 1000W Electric Bike Kit With Battery as Efficient as the 2000W?

Both 1000W and 2000W are efficient, but as expected, the higher the power, the better the performance. The 2000W works for heavy and experienced riders who use it for more strenuous tasks, but the 1000W version works fine for daily commutes and casual riding.

The latter is not as powerful since it doesn’t achieve 2000W incredible speed and power. Therefore, the version to go for usually depends on your needs and what you want from your bike, but the bottom line is that they are both efficient.

How Much Does It Cost To Convert a Bike to Electric, and Is It Worth It?

There are various brands and conversion kit types, perfect for each user, but in most cases, the purchase will set you back $300-$900. This range is for high-quality systems though you can find a cheaper one which may be ineffective.

The price depends on the motor’s capabilities and what you want the bike to do regarding controls, speed, and torque. If you are sporty and always want to test your limits, converting to an electric bike will be an excellent investment.

Besides, using e-bikes helps reduce CO2 emissions, and in most cases, conversion is cheaper than buying a new bike unless the total costs are higher.

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How To Find the Best Electric Bike Conversion Kit (29-Inch): Does Size Matter?

The conversion kit’s size is one of the essential aspects to check before buying one for your bike because getting a tinier version may not fit if you have 29-inch wheels.

When buying online, the product’s description will always include the wheel’s outer diameter and the width in inches unless buying online where you carefully check that against your bike size.

Should You Buy an Electric Bike Conversion Kit With Battery or an Electric Bike?

If you only want the best e-bike performance, you may be tempted to purchase expensive conversion kits. On the downside, sometimes the cost can be higher than buying a new electric bike, meaning you would instead invest in a new one.4

To help you decide on the better option, you can go to an e-bike shop and check the prices, comparing them to what it would cost you to convert your standard bike. Also, note that your bike will only be worth the effort if it is in excellent condition.

Otherwise, you will only add excessive weight and strain it, and the new system will fail to perform, regardless of the specs.

Cheap Electric Bike Conversion Kit With Battery Installation Tips

The first thing to do is to confirm that the wheel size matches your bike; most kits are labeled 26 inches while others measure 27.5 and 28 inches, but some fit into wheels of different sizes.

For instance, a 27.5-inch rear wheel with disk brakes can accommodate a 26-inch conversion kit. The only challenge is when you have traditional V-brakes; your hybrid 700c V-brakes will not fit the 26-inch rim though it would be effortless with disk brakes.

EBIKELING Waterproof Conversion Kit

Photo that shows the characteristics of beech tree.
Battery Life of 48V | 20 Ah (Running Time): 1.56 hoursBattery Life of 48V | 20 Ah (Running Time): 1.56 hours
Price Range: $469.99 - $1,069.99
Voltage/ Watts: 48V / 1500W
Pros: The kit is waterproof and weather resistant. It has a speed limit LCD. It has versatile installation options for wheel mounting and throttle.
Cons: It is pricier than other kits on the market.
Rating: 5 out of 5

The brand name EBIKELING is famous for all things electric bikes, and you will prefer it if you are keen on brand reputation. It has a 500W motor sufficient for all your daily needs, whether you want to go to work, school or recreation.

You can choose from seven battery types in various shapes, as long as it perfectly fits your bike. The package is ready for installation, and you only have to exchange them with your standard tires.

The box contains everything you need, from the controller, brake levels, pedal-assist, motor, cable ties, and torque arm. There is also an LCD that notifies you of the speed limit in your region to help you stay safe.

You can go for the rear or front mount and half-twist or thumb throttle, whichever works best for your bike. Lastly, remember that the kits are waterproof, making them more dependable than other types, even in harsh weather.

What Does a 700C Front Wheel Electric Bike Conversion Kit With Battery Mean?

Many riders often confuse this term thinking the C implies centimeters (cm), while in reality, it is a French tire size system. 700 refers to the electric bike kit with battery diameter, while the c is the tire’s width size; therefore, it is 633mm instead of 700mm.

This system is an ancient French measurement that starts with the letter “a” to “d,” where “a” is the tiniest and “d” is the largest. C is the only letter people still use, while the others stopped functioning.

How Effective Is a 48V 1000W Electric Bike Kit With Battery?

A 48V and 1000W electric bike kit with battery means that the cell’s power rating is 48 Volts while the motor’s power is 1000W. Based on other conversion kit specs, this rating is one of the best qualities on your bike.

Although 2000W is better for high-performance riding on rugged landscapes, the 1000W version is also effective for daily use but is not as powerful. Similarly, the 48V battery ensures you have enough power to ride long distances but is not as high-performance as the 72V options.

NBPOWER 135mm 72V 2000w Conversion Kit

Photo that shows the characteristics of beech tree.
Battery Life of 72V | 20 Ah (Running Time): 1.38 hours
Price Range: $439.00 - $489.99
Voltage/ Watts: 72V / 2000W
Pros: The 72V battery offers more charge to use per ride. You can attain high speeds of 75km/hr. The multifunctional display gives you critical information as you ride.
Cons: The 72V battery is pricier than the 36V option.
Rating: 4 out of 5

NBPOWER 135 mm offers the user power, yet it is easy to use and control in addition to the quiet motor and the battery boasting a high storage capacity. Its might is evident given that it can help you attain speeds of over 75km/ hr.

If your city allows it, you can reach these speeds if you love racing with your friends. It also has an easy-to-use multifunctional display. The SW900 gives you vital details while riding, including the battery level and current speed.

You will also be stunned by the MTX33/39 double-wall rims that offer excellent performance. They are of robust, high-quality, and durable alloy and feature a fantastic finish, ensuring that your bike looks terrific.

Besides, it is one of the simplest systems to install, and it will be ready to use from the box in no time.

What Are the Advantages of a 20-Inch Front Wheel Electric Bike Kit With Battery?

E-bike conversion kits can go up to 29 inches in diameter, meaning that 20-inch wheels are one of the tiniest kit sizes. Considering different retailer prices, you will discover that the kit prices depend on the wheel diameter.

Generally, the smaller the wheel, the less pricey the kit; therefore, you will spend less on a conversion kit if you own a 20-inch bike.

If you want to convert your standard bike to a high-power electric version and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, your best bet is an e-bike kit. The package comes with all the components you need, and it is easy to set up and achieve high bike performance that the regular bike doesn’t offer.

There are various options to choose from, and you can go for any within your budget with all the features you need. Going for an electric bike kit with battery may be one of the best investments you can ever make on your standard bike.

Frequently Asked Questions About Electric Bike Kit With Battery

Can You Find a 5000W Electric Bike Conversion Kit?

While most bikes range from 250W to 2000W, it may seem unreal that an electric bike kit with battery can be as powerful as 5000W.

It is not as surreal as you may think because there are 5000W motor power kits in the market, only that they are more expensive than their low-power counterparts.

Where Can You Find E Bike Conversion Kit for Sale?

The e-bike conversion kit is quite popular now that the electric bike’s demand among students and the working class is rising, and you can find a great deal in online or physical retail shops.8

You can walk into a store and find a perfect match for your bike or carefully check the product description when buying online.

26-inch Front Wheel Electric Bike Conversion Kit with Battery vs 24-inch Front Wheel Electric Bike Conversion Kit With Battery: Are They Interchangeable?

You may make a mistake and buy a small or large conversion kit for your bike and wonder whether it will still fit. 24 and 26 inches may seem close, but the difference is significant when dealing with spare part measurements.

Your last resort may be to return it and exchange it for the correct kit size. It is only in exceptional circumstances that a 27.5-inch wheel can accommodate a 26-inch conversion kit when it has disc brakes.

3000W Electric Bike Kit With Battery vs 1500W Electric Bike Kit With Battery: What Is the Difference?

Power is everything to an electric bike, and the 3000W is tougher than the 1500W bike. The higher the motor power, the faster and stronger the cycle generally is. You will be better off with the 3000W motor if you only want the best performance, whether you need it for daily commuting or recreation.9


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