Biodegradable Urns Tree & Cremation Tree Pods: How They Actually Work

Organic burial using biodegradable urns tree pods and other green burial options create a living large tree.

Biodegradable urns, tree pods, and cremation tree pod options give you the choice to have a green funeral. Whether you want to become one with nature or plan to leave beautiful memories for your loved ones by planting a tree for someone who has died, there are numerous options for biodegradable caskets and tree pod burial.

But if you have not looked into this subject before, it can be tricky to learn how these biodegradable urns, trees, and cremation arrangements actually work.

To help you make this important decision with the information you need, this complete guide explains green funeral arrangements and organic burial pods.

Biodegradable Urn, Tree Pods, and Cremation Urns: What Are They?

The biodegradable urns, tree pods, and cremation urns give you the option to use your ashes after your death to grow a tree in your name. This can be a beautiful celebration of the circle of life, while also giving your loved ones a corporeal and living plant to remember you by.

When planting a memorial tree with ashes, you have multiple options at hand to grow a tree out of your cremated remains. These cremation urns and tree pods are built to biodegrade soon after you plant them, giving way for your chosen tree to thrive from the ground while using your ashes. This is the reason why the practice has become known as a part of a green burial or natural burial approach.1

Besides following the route of tree cremation, tree pod, or tree urn, you can also look into getting a biodegradable urn (flower variety). This floral growth urn can be used for performing a water cremation. In turn, you can use biodegradable urns for water burial as well.

Biodegradable Urns Tree: How Does Tree Cremation, Tree Pod Burial, and Putting Cremation Ashes Into Trees Work?

In order to put your cremation ashes into trees, you need to use biodegradable urns tree or organic burial pods.

Unlike traditional coffins that can take up to 20 years to decompose or conventional urns that are kept within your home, these urns dissolve into the earth that you bury them in.

Close up image of traditional coffin.

(Image: Pavel Danilyuk6)

As the urn decomposes, the tree pod or tree seed that is kept within it starts to grow. This starts the recycling process for the urn’s external materials as well as your cremated remains. As the tree seed uses the surrounding soil to thrive, your remains also become a part of its natural growth. This creates the beautiful process of growing a tree in this world even after you are gone from it.

There are many options of urns available for tree cremation, pod burial, and similar arrangements. How long it takes for a biodegradable urn to dissolve depends upon the materials being used within the urn. For instance, if you are using biodegradable sand urns, they can dissolve into the earth around 4 months after they are buried. On the other hand, biodegradable cardboard urns can take around 1 year to become a part of the surrounding soil.

However, the actual timeline depends upon the type of urn that you use as well as where you bury it. Typically, reliable manufacturers of these cremation tree pod and urn options give you a projected timeline for them.

Cremation Tree Pod: Planting a Memorial Tree With Ashes

When using a tree cremation pod or urn for your burial, you have various options at hand in terms of your tree pod burial locations. Many people opt to bury their ashes in their own homes or personal estate, where the tree in their name can grow close to their loved ones. Whereas, others opt for designated tree burial locations that are not so different from a cemetery in terms of community use.

Whichever option you choose, you need to make sure that your loved ones or other designated people can take care of the tree that is going to thrive through your remains. Since a tree can take years to grow and often requires the attention of an arborist, you need to keep these requirements in mind before leaving your loved ones with these responsibilities.

You also have to be mindful of these points if you are choosing a green burial for a loved one instead of yourself. As long as you are certain that you, family and friends, or designated people can look after the tree, you can choose between private property and community locations where such burials are allowed.

How To Become a Tree When You Die: Cost, Process, and Necessary Arrangements

After learning about planting a memorial tree with ashes, the next step comes in the form of knowing exactly what kind of processes are involved with this type of funeral. While the arrangements may seem difficult at first, you can rest assured that the process becomes quite easy to understand once you start learning about it through a detailed source.

Apart from taking care of the typical responsibilities for a funeral2 such as getting a death certificate, a green burial requires the following steps.

  • Getting the remains cremated. You need to contact a reliable funeral home to perform this service.
  • Buying a biodegradable tree urn. You can obtain these urns from popular sellers such as Bio Urn and The Living Urn. Water burial urns are also available.
  • Choosing the right tree. You can choose tree pods or seeds from a variety of biodegradable urns tree options. For water burials, you can choose a flower arrangement instead.
  • Selecting a burial site. You may either perform the burial at your own private property or one of several tree pod burial locations. While choosing a water burial, you can select a large body of water to perform the funeral.
  • Planning your funeral. You can plan your funeral in a conventional manner, with the tree burial or water burial being the only change from traditional ceremonies.

Biodegradable Urns Tree: Cremation Tree Kit and Water Burials

When it comes to determining The Living Tree or Bio Urn cost, your options can fluctuate according to the urn and tree type that you choose. This also holds true for other companies that offer cremation tree kit or water burial kit options. Typically, the cost of these pods can range from $99 to $350. However, these costs can go upwards due to the type of tree that you end up choosing.

Wide angle shot of trees with blue sky background.

The burial site can also factor into the pricing. For instance, if you are using a tree urn on private property, you may only have to pay the cost of planting a tree. However, if you are choosing a community memorial tree site, you may need to pay for the part of the land that you are using. This pricing can heavily vary on the town, city, or state that you choose to have the burial in.

There is also another option for tree burials. This comes in the form of mixing your ashes within the soil of a grown tree instead of using biodegradable urns (tree saplings). Since this option does not require a biodegradable urn, it directly puts your cremation ashes into trees. You can also use a tree planting quote of your choice during the service. This means that you replace the steps of getting an urn with visiting such a tree memorial facility to make the arrangements.

Tree Urn Burial: What You Need To Know About Your Tree Cremation Pod

When choosing between biodegradable urns, you have three main options available.

  • Cardboard Urns
  • Sand Urns
  • Water Burial Urns

Cardboard urns can take up to 1 year to decompose, while sand urns can take around 4 months to recycle. In either case, both types of urns do a great job and allow you to recycle your remains in order to grow a memorial tree.

Photo of three urns, one made of wood, one made of clay, and the last one made of marble while on top of a maple-colored table.

(Image: GailRubin7)

On the other hand, water burial urns are either made from tree bark, paper, or clay. When you send off your remains into the body of water, these urns sink and allow your ashes to dissolve in the water in order to combine your remains with nature. This allows you to have a green burial3 that lets you connect with Earth after your demise.

Biodegradable Urns (Tree Types): How Do Bio Urns Work for Tree Growth?

The tree types available for biodegradable urns depend upon the area where you want to perform your green burial. Depending upon the manufacturer from where you get your urn, you can either get seeds or a cremation tree pod for a plant of your choice.

Close up of pine tree trunk, twigs and needles.

Some of the most common plants that are used for tree burials include but are not limited to:

This gives you plenty of choices to select biodegradable urns (tree pods and saplings) that truly hold your heart to be the sign of your memory.

Biodegradable Urn (Flower Arrangements): Blooming Bio Urn Cost and Process

If you are choosing a water burial, you can choose a biodegradable urn (flower arrangements). These urns are available from various specialized funeral service providers as well as individual small business owners.

Your options in this category typically include the following materials.

  • Tree bark
  • Paper
  • Clay

While you can learn how to make a water-soluble urn yourself, choosing between these options can provide you or your loved ones with relief and time to grieve. Typically, these urns come with floral arrangements on top and cost around $150-$250 on average.

You can then choose a site such as a shore by a lake or ocean to perform your water burial.

What is The Living Urn: Tree Options, Cost, and Process

The Living Urn is a popular provider of biodegradable urns (tree seeds and pods) that often comes up when you are looking for tree pod burial. The company allows you to choose a dissoluble urn along with a tree option, and delivers it to your doorstep.

At the time of writing, the cost for the system alone, without a tree seed, starts from around $129. If you want a tree sapling with the urn system, you will need to pay an additional price of around $30. Some indoor planting options are also available and start from $179.

What is Bio Urn: Tree Options, Cost, and Process

The Bio Urn is also a seller of the biodegradable urn (tree burial system). The Bio Urn system is available in the form of an outdoor urn that you bury. The system is also shipped to your doorstep so you can plan for your funeral without added stress.

Bio Urn (tree burial) offers its system starting from $129.99. A pine tree seed4 is already inside the system that lets you store your ashes along with germination soil. However, you can easily replace the seed according to what suits your local area.

The Living Urn vs Bios Urn Reviews

Both The Living Urn and Bio Urn offer a dependable system for tree cremation pod and seed burial.

In a side-by-side comparison, this is how they fare against each other.

  • Reviews: The reviews for both services outline satisfied customers with minimal issues.
  • Variety: The Living Urn offers a wider variety of outdoor and indoor systems including water burial, while Bio Urn only has outdoor systems. However, the latter does offer a pet burial system.
  • Tree Options: The Living Urn tree options include various tree varieties; Bio Urn delivers a pine tree seed that you can replace with your own tree sapling.
  • Cost: Both companies offer their starter systems at the same price (The Living Urn: $129, Bio Urn: $129.99).

This means that if you are going for a traditional tree burial, you can choose either of the providers. But if you need more options or tree saplings, The Living Urn would be a better choice.

You Can Use This Information Regarding Biodegradable Urns, Tree Pods, and Outdoor Burials To Plan a Beautiful Funeral

By keeping this information in mind, you can plan a beautiful funeral for yourself, while also turning your remains into a flourishing tree that celebrates life after your demise.

With plenty of options at hand for biodegradable urns (tree pods and saplings), natural burials (memorial trees), and water burials (at sea, lakes, and rivers), you can arrange a green burial for your loved ones as well with the help of biodegradable urns tree pods and more.

Frequently Asked Questions About Biodegradable Urns Tree Pods

Bio Urn Pets: What Options Do You Have for a Pet Tree Burial?

Bio Urn offers biodegradable urns for pets. These urns use the same materials and system in the brand’s outdoor urns for humans. After your pet has deceased, you can get them cremated and put their remains in the Bio Urn Pets system. From there, you can use a seed or sapling of your choice to grow a tree in their memory.

How Do Biodegradable Urns for Water Burial Work?

Biodegradable urns for water burial are soluble in water. In order to perform a water burial, you can put your remains in the urn and let it float over the water’s surface. After a few minutes, the urn starts to sink and lets your ashes embrace the water as its way to be one with nature. You can choose between different materials and also decorate them with flowers for the funeral.

What To Expect With Biodegradable Sand Urns?

Biodegradable sand urns are typically made from a composition of sand and natural gelatin. These urns can be used for ground or water burials. This makes them a versatile option for tree burials and water burial ceremonies. You can get these urns from a variety of large manufacturers as well as individual craftsmen. You can also decorate them with flowers during the funeral.

What Type of Tree Pod Burial Locations Are Available?

While tree pod burial locations are not as widely available as conventional burial sites, they are gradually getting more popular. Some of these sites allow you to plant your tree sapling with biodegradable urns, while others combine your remains within the soil under an already grown tree. The former option is more economical, while the latter already-grown burial forest approach starts from $7,000 on an average. Prices may vary according to location.

Where Can You Find Cheap Biodegradable Urns?

You can find cheap biodegradable urns through different online stores that are operating as established businesses. Apart from the websites of these vendors, you can also discover them on eCommerce sites such as Amazon. Some individual craftsmen also sell them through online marketplaces5 such as Etsy. This gives you multiple options to find affordable biodegradable urns.

Are Water Burial Urns Available on Discount?

You can find water burial urns across multiple vendors who sell them in different materials. Some of these sellers also run regular discounts on their products, which allows you to find them at more affordable prices. For some of the best deals, you can look for vendors at marketplace such as Etsy. However, you need to be careful about their available ratings and reviews to determine their reliability.

How To Make a Water Soluble Urn?

You can make water burial urns by using different materials. One of the most popular ways to do so is by making a clay urn that could hold your remains. If you are adept at pottery, you can easily make one and decorate it for flowers for the funeral as well. Additionally, you can also make these water soluble urns through paper mache and tree barks.

How Long Does It Take for a Biodegradable Urn To Dissolve? (Biodegradable Urns Tree Dissolution)

The duration to dissolve biodegradable urns in water depends upon their materials. On an average basis, these urns can dissolve within the timeframe of half an hour. This gives you some time to stay at the funeral site, while also making sure that the water burial takes place before you turn away.


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