Eco-Friendly Products

Georgette Kilgore headshot, wearing 8 Billion Trees shirt with forest in the background.Written by Georgette Kilgore

August 18, 2021

You probably know 8 Billion Trees as a leading carbon offset credits provider, but did you know we also have an entire line of eco-friendly products designed to reduce your carbon footprint?

In fact, we have one of the most popular collections of Earth Day Shirts found anywhere (and each shirt plants 3 new animal tree homes)!

Buy eco products you need while helping to heal the planet and save animals at the same time.

Sustainable Clothing

Woman or Aliaja wearing sustainable clothing by 8 Bilion Trees helps plant trees.

The fashion industry is a huge contributor to the global ecological footprint, consuming materials and fresh water, and generating massive greenhouse gas emissions.

Sustainable clothing indicates that an item helps reduce the environmental impact, while also nourishing the planet and the people who are involved in the production.

At 8 Billion Trees, everything we do is designed to support our mission to protect existing resources and reforest areas that have been destroyed. Our sustainable clothing is not only made with ethical materials, each item funds the planting of new trees and the protection of existing ones!

This mean that not only are the emissions generated by the manufacturing process erased… extra emissions and Co2 are sequestered.

Planting trees is our number one mission, but all of our products are made with sustainable materials to deliver environmentally friendly options for things you use every day. Choose from sustainable and reusable products, biodegradable and natural beauty items, or our carbon offset packages designed to eliminate the carbon emissions produced by various tasks.

8 Billion Trees Face Bandana and Mask

This super soft face bandana sleeve is made from of 100% recycled, post-consumer materials that wear all sorts of ways.

Plus, the environment will thank you because each bandana plants five new trees and conserves another 50!

8 Billion Trees Bandana Face Mask is perfect to cover your face.

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Eco-Friendly Gifts

These items make awesome gifts, and you are also ‘giving’ back to the planet with every purchase or gift!

Eco-friendly Reusable Canvas Tote

When shopping or planning a day out, a reusable canvas tote is indispensable!

Our canvas shopping bag is sturdy and will provide years of use.

Earth-friendly Steel Water Bottle (Double Insulated) Water Container

Reusing drinking cups instead of using paper or plastic is a great way to reduce emissions in your everyday life.

Our double insulated water bottle is perfect for hot or cold beverages.

Eco-friendly gifts are perfect for all occasions.

Sustainable Jewelry

Want to add some eco-friendly accessories to your daily wear, or need something special to don for an important occasion?

No problem!

Our tree of life charm bracelets can match any look.

Sustainable jewelry with background of a pink flower

Sustainable jewelry can help fight climate change! With the current environmental crisis facing the planet, consumers are learning that the world’s resources aren’t elastic. That means that every time we buy something, the ecological cost for that item is greater than we realize. By using responsible sourcing and materials that are recycled or renewable, we can help limit the cost to our environment.

Our sustainable jewelry products not only deliver environmental peace of mind by using recycled materials, they also help reduce even more Co2 emissions by funding our tree planting projects in the Amazon rainforest.

Check out these gorgeous, eco-savvy styles!

Don’t forget to check out our eco warrior bundle which can make a perfect gift set for yourself or someone you love. With sustainable eco friendly, natural products, you can go the extra mile in reducing your carbon footprint.