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Plantable Tree Card Set


Plantable Tree Card Set
Plantable Tree Card Set Plantable Tree Card Set Plantable Tree Card Set

Looking to show off your tree planting pride and spread awareness on the growing issue of habitat destruction and deforestation causing rapid climate change? These shareable, plantable cards are perfect!

Each set of 10 cards shows off your pride and can be given to others to spread awareness on the deforestation crisis. Even better, each card is biodegradable and when planted, will grow into wild flowers! Do the Earth good while spreading awareness--the perfect combination.

And as always with every item purchased in our store, you will save 100 existing trees and plant 10 new trees to help prevent deforestation and loss of habitat for unique species while fighting global climate change.

We plant and conserve trees where they are desperately needed to save animals being forced from their homes due to habitat destruction.

Furthermore, we focus on near-extinct species like the orangutans in Indonesia, the lemurs in Madagascar, and the sloths in Brazil. Without our immediate action and help, these displaced animals will be unable to survive.

Help stop the loss of habitats and trees around the world. With your help, we can solve this problem before it is too late and these animals are gone forever.

Each card is made of recycled and biodegradable materials that transform into flowers after being planted.

100 existing trees will be saved and 10 more trees will be planted on your behalf with the purchase of this special card.