What’s the Average American Carbon Footprint? Emissions by State

Have you ever wondered what the average American carbon footprint is? Brace yourself… it’s humongous! Although the average carbon footprint per person is around 5 tons, in America it’s nearly 20 tons! And while that number is large, it could be higher for your state because location (and mainly energy production) plays a huge role.

Do you wonder where you fit in the global carbon footprint schema… to know exactly how much carbon you’re creating every day? It’s easy to find out. And, it’s easy to erase those emissions.

Calculate Your Carbon and Ecological Footprint Using Our Simple Formulas HERE.

8 Billion Trees team member kneeling down in a remote location of the Amazon Rainforest(Tocantins Region) digging a hole to plant a native species sapling as part of a climate change planting operation that focuses on rebuilding the ecosystem, promoting biodiversity, and offsetting the average carbon footprint