Kids Quiz: What Is Deforestation?

Written by andrei

Quizzes Tests | March 15, 2024

A man with a chainsaw cutting down a tree in a deforestation site in Brazil, with an 8 Billion Trees watermark.

Almost 2.5 million trees are cut down every day…

Take this kids deforestation quiz to find out why, how it hurts the Earth, and how to help.

Question 1) True or False? Deforestation is the destruction of forests, so the land where it stood could be used for other uses, such as agriculture.

  • Deforestation is when a business, individual, or government decides to cut down trees, or “clear the land.” This is usually done for agricultural or cattle-ranching purposes, which need land to grow crops of food and raise cows for meat.1

Question 2) True or False? Deforestation is one of the leading causes of Global Warming.

  • Deforestation is the #2 biggest cause of global warming, which is the warming of Earth’s atmosphere. It causes about 24% of all global greenhouse gas emissions, which are the bad gasses that cause the heat to be trapped on Earth’s surface.2 

Question 3) Which of the following is not an effect of deforestation?A man sawing the limbs of a tree that had been cut down due to deforestation, with an 8 Billion Trees watermark.

  • All of these problems can be caused by deforestation. Rainforests are home to about 80% of the world’s plants and animals, and the people who live there (indigenous people) need the rainforest for their food and home. Forests also make $75-100 billion for the economy every year.2 

Question 4) Food and timber production are the two main causes of deforestation. Which of the following are the other causes?

  • There are lots of reasons for deforestation, but the two main reasons for deforestation are timber and food production. Other reasons include mining, oil extraction, road building and urban expansion.1

Question 5) What can we do to combat deforestation?Saplings in a Brazil tree planting nursery helps to combat deforestation.

  • To combat deforestation, you can plant trees, protect forests, and reduce your use of paper products, like paper towels and paper plates. You can also recycle any forest products that you do use, choose recycled forest products, and support organizations that help trees.1

Question 6) How many trees are needed to supply a day’s worth of oxygen to 4 people?

  • One big tree can do a lot… like supplying a whole day’s worth of oxygen for four people! Trees can also absorb up to 48 pounds of carbon dioxide (CO2), a harmful greenhouse gas, every year.1

Question 7) What natural factor also causes deforestation?

  • Wildfires happen naturally sometimes if it gets too hot or dry, but are more often caused by humans who make mistakes by not putting out campfires or throwing away cigarette butts. Plus, humans are a major cause of global warming, which is what causes the earth to become more hot and dry… which leads to even more wildfires, and more land without trees.3

Question 8) Forests are home to what percentage of the earth’s land animals and plants?

  • Forests have shelter, water, and sunlight, which make it a great place for anything to live. That’s why 85% of the planet’s land animals and plants live in forests.3

Question 9) What percentage of earth’s land is covered by forests?A forest in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park in Tennessee, with an 8 Billion Trees watermark.

  • 31% of our planet is covered by forests, which produce oxygen and provide homes for both animals and people. They also give us food, water, clothing, medicine and keep our air clean and breathable.1

Question 10) Why is it important to protect the Amazon Rainforest?

  • The Amazon Rainforest is the biggest rainforest in the world, which means it is home to millions of animals and plants! It also means that it can suck up a lot of Carbon Dioxide, resulting in much cleaner air.4


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