Trivia for Kids: Do You Know These Animal Fun Facts?

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Learn aniamls facts with 8 Billion Trees.

Interested in answering some kids animal trivia facts?

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Question 1) What animal is known as a symbol of peace and innocence?

  • They are so beautiful with those white feathers! On top of that, they have such soft calls. For a long time, people have associated doves with sacredness and divinity. Because of these facts, doves have become the symbol of peace and innocence!1

Question 2) How many days can a snail sleep?

  • You might have thought “oh, they are so lazy!,” but that is not the case. Snails need humidity (moisture) to survive, so they need to sleep – to protect themselves – when the weather is too dry and hot!2

Question 3) Which animal is considered the world’s fastest land animal on Earth?

  • Cheetahs are stunning animals, and they can reach up to 70 miles per hour when they are running!3

Question 4) How many bones are in a shark’s body?

Sharks at night swimming around the fish at a pier in Galapagos, Ecuador, with an 8 Billion Tres watermark.

  • Sharks are part of a group of fish that does not have bones: they have cartilaginous skeletons! This means that their ‘skeletons’ are made of cartilage, the same thing that makes up your ears and nose. Even if they don’t have bones, they can still fossilize, like the dinosaurs did.4

Question 5) What is a group of lions called?

  • A swarm is a big group of insects (especially those that fly), a bask is a group of crocodiles (when they are on land), and an army can be a group of people!5

Question 6) What animals die after giving birth?

  • Some animals, like the octopus, die right after they reproduce. The female octopus starts to behave oddly and stops eating after she lays her eggs, and eventually dies. She also will try to kill her mate…when that doesn’t happen, the male octopus often dies within a month after she lays the eggs.6

Question 7) What is a panda’s favorite meal?

  • Pandas have carnivorous teeth, but they use them to crush their favorite meal instead of meat!7

Question 8) What kind of animal does a Portuguese man-of-war resemble?

  • This animal looks a lot  and stings like a jellyfish, but it technically is not one. The Portuguese man-of-war is actually not a single organism, but a colony (or group) of organisms that are working together!8

Question 9) Which animal’s brain size is smaller than its eyeball?

  • The ostrich is the largest bird that lives on Earth. Its eyes are so big they end up leaving little room for the brain in its skull!9

Question 10) What is the only mammal on Earth that cannot jump?

  • That is because they simply don’t have to jump! While other mammals have evolved to jump to defend themselves, elephants keep safe because of their big size and their protective social groups.10


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