Environmental Quiz for Children: Test Your Knowledge of the Planet

Georgette Kilgore headshot, wearing 8 Billion Trees shirt with forest in the background.Written by Georgette Kilgore

Quizzes Tests | March 15, 2024

Seedlings being water at the Para planting nursery site in Brazil.

The land, trees, plants, animals, water, and air we breathe all make up our environment. Unfortunately, our environment has been getting hurt by human activities, like cutting down trees or dumping waste into landfills.

There are things that you can do to help, though!

Test your knowledge of the environment with these 10 questions, and then take some of our other quizzes to learn more about how you can be a better friend to the environment.

Question 1) Which of these materials cannot be recycled?

  • Because we can’t separate the materials that make a light bulb, we cannot recycle them. In addition, some light bulbs contain mercury – a heavy (dangerous) metal.1

Question 2) Which of these is a renewable energy resource?Wind turbines on a hill in California.

  • Renewable energy sources are those abundant and continually renovating in nature, like the wind!2

Question 3) Which of the following will help you to save water?

  • We must make sure there are no leakages in our houses and use as little water as possible: flush only once, take shorter showers, and close the faucet when brushing your teeth!

Question 4) Which is the most eco-friendly mode of transportation?A Delta airlines commercial aircraft landing on the airstrip in front of a forest, with an 8 Billion Trees watermark.

  • Instead of burning fossil fuels that pollute and heat our planet, when we bike we are only burning calories.3

Question 5) Which day is Earth Day?

  • The Earth Day is a day to remind us of the importance of adopting more eco-friendly lifestyles. Although it is celebrated on April 22nd, Earth Day is actually everyday!4

Question 6) Which of the following is a greenhouse gas?

  • All of these gases trap the Sun’s heat in the atmosphere!5

Question 7) Which of these countries emits the most carbon dioxide?

  • As China is growing fast and burns a lot of coal (a fossil fuel), it produces loads of carbon dioxide.6

Question 8) How long does a Styrofoam cup take to decompose?

  • Nature cannot degrade Styrofoam quickly and we cannot recycle this material! It is always better to refuse Styrofoam cups!7

Question 9) What is the most common type of trash that litters our oceans?A beach during sunset at the Galapagos Islands, with an 8 Billion Trees watermark.

  • Humans throw a lot of cigarettes everywhere and these end up in the ocean. In any case, there are loads of plastic bags and bottles, straws, and stirrers in the ocean as well! 8

Question 10) How long does it take for a glass bottle or jar to decompose?

  • A glass bottle will take 40 centuries to decompose if it isn’t recycled. Recycling a single glass bottle or jar will save enough energy to power a light bulb for four hours.9


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