Organizations that Plant Trees and Offer Forestry Carbon Offsets

As more and more people become aware of their carbon emissions (generated by nearly everything we do) many are searching for ways to counteract dangerous greenhouse gasses, by seeking organizations that plant trees and offer forestry carbon offsets. Forestry offsets (based on tree planting) offer an excellent solution because when forests are reestablished, carbon sinks (areas that store Co2, drawing it out of the atmosphere) and created and the entire planet benefits from reduced greenhouse gas concentration!

But, reduced carbon dioxide amounts are just part of the equation. Companies that plant trees restore habitats and help protect existing forest lands from slashing and burning. That means more ecosystems are protected and more wildlife habitats are saved.

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8 Billion Trees brand image of the canopy of the spruce fir forest viewed from the ground on a trail looking up at the trees covering the sky in the middle of the Smoky Mountains National Park