Carbon Neutral vs Climate Neutral: Know the Difference (Why It Matters)

Carbon neutral vs climate neutral? Many people wonder if there’s any difference between them, and if so, what is it? Although these phrases are often used interchangeably, the terms are not synonymous, they’re actually two very different ideas.

Carbon Neutral

Carbon neutral means “net zero emissions.” Basically, this means that you’ve worked to make your Co2 emissions zero, either by your lifestyle (which would mean you lived without electricity, grew all your own food, and never drove, and wore dirt for clothes), or through a carbon offset program that erased the Co2 you generate.

The carbon emissions you create (in everyday life) + the carbon emissions you offset = Net Zero Emissions

Climate Neutral

Climate neutral is the same concept and depends on the same calculations, but instead of just focusing on carbon emissions (Co2), climate neutral means eliminating all greenhouse gases from the atmosphere.

The greenhouse gases you create + the greenhouse gases you offset = Climate impact zero

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Woman in Tocantins Brazil carrying a sapling to a forestry planting site while wearing a green shirt. There’s also a green truck and other 8 Billion Trees team members in the background.