Can Refined Agricultural Practices Be Considered Carbon Offsets?

“The agriculture sector is responsible for about 6 percent of total U.S. greenhouse gas emissions,” but using proper manure and fertilization management can help sequester that carbon. A shocking “10.5 percent of agriculture‚Äôs GHG is from manure-based methane,” and that’s literally tons of gas! If animal waste isn’t handled properly, the methane is released into the atmosphere, trapping heat.

While methane capture is an effective way to combat climate change, it’s not the only solution for removing harmful greenhouse gases. There’s actually several other types of carbon offsets that are extremely beneficial and renewable, and we’ve detailed the pros and cons of the each. To learn more about how other greenhouse gas can be removed from the atmosphere, click here.

In a Nursery in The Amazon Rainforest A Woman Explains how Methane Capture And Combustion Converts Methane (CH4) Into Carbon (CO2)