How to Stop Climate Change and Do Your Part to Save the Planet

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Carbon Offsets Credits | November 9, 2022

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How to Stop Climate Change… The question itself seems daunting because the world’s climate is complex! But, if humans messed it up and created the situation… how do we stop it? Is it already too late?

The problem is complex, but thankfully, the goal is simple: reduce our carbon footprint. The starting point begins when you understand your own ecological and carbon footprint (the actions and tasks you perform that generate greenhouse gases and consume the planet’s resources)… and you reach the finish line when every person on the planet has achieved net zero carbon emissions. Sounds impossible, right? It’s easier than you might think!

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We Know Climate Change Is Happening, But How Do We Reverse Global Warming?

All of life releases carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Plants need it to live. But, what science 101 didn’t teach us years ago is that too much CO2 can have a devastating impact.

Our day-to-day activities, from surfing the internet to grabbing a cup of coffee, release greenhouse gases into the air, like carbon dioxide (CO2) from our car’s gasoline tank, or methane emissions from the production and transport of coal.

Here’s the problem: These gases are capable of storing much more heat than our atmosphere normally does. The result is a greenhouse effect, where the temperature of the planet itself begins to rise. This rise in global temperature can cause ecosystems to fail, species to go extinct, and extreme weather patterns to wreak havoc on our communities.

The key to saving our planet is working together to reduce our carbon footprint. The less CO2 and other GHGs we release into the atmosphere, the easier it will be for our planet to stabilize, reach carbon neutrality and “undo” the causes of climate change.

The Climate Is Changing, But are You? 10 Ways to Reduce Climate Change NOW!

Wondering how to reduce global warming? Here are 10 Things You Can Do RIGHT NOW to Fight Climate Change:

1. Switch to Green Electricity. Supporting green electricity providers not only reduces greenhouse gas emissions but also helps accelerate the growth of the clean energy industry.

2. Conserve Energy. Turning off appliances, lights, and other gadgets makes a difference. Because most electricity is still produced using fossil fuels, our electricity consumption at home has a direct impact on carbon emissions.

3. Eat Less Meat and Dairy. This one might be difficult for some people, but reducing your meat intake even a small amount is a surefire way to lower your carbon footprint. That’s because the Livestock and Dairy industries account for between 12% and 17% of total GHG emissions.

4. Avoid Flying (Or Buy a Carbon Offset). There is no better way to get from Point A to Point B than with a commercial airliner. But airplanes (especially private flights) release a staggering amount of CO2 into the atmosphere. Flying less is one way to keep your carbon footprint down. You can also buy a Carbon Offset for your next flight, “balancing out” your flight’s CO2 emissions by investing in clean energy projects and reforestation programs.

5. Ride Your Bike to Work. There will never be a form of quick transportation that is as green and eco-friendly as riding a bike. And in most modern cities, riding your bike is usually even faster than taking public transportation.

6. Add Solar Panels to Your House. Clean solar technology is more affordable than ever. Adding even a few solar panels to your home can lead to valuable savings on your energy bill, but even better, it can reduce our reliance on GHG-emitting power plants.

7. Recycle Your Clothes. You might not think it, but the fashion industry incredibly resource intensive, and overseas clothing factories are great at churning out CO2 and consuming fresh water supplies. Meanwhile, too many Americans are simply throwing their clothes away. Donating or gifting your clothes is much more eco-friendly, not to mention good for the community. And, hit some thrift stores for some cool finds!

8. Don’t Buy a New Home: Renovate an Old One. While it’s possible to find new homes that were constructed with carbon-neutral materials, most new construction projects are notorious sources of greenhouse gas emissions. By purchasing a house that is already built, and then adding a few energy-efficient upgrades, you can stay carbon-friendly. Or, if you are in the process of building a new home, ask your contractor about construction carbon offsets that erase the footprint of the new construction.

9. Support Climate Change Initiatives. Thankfully, there are more climate change initiatives these days than ever, so you can choose the one that aligns with your style.

10. Reduce Your Reliance on Plastic. The problem with plastic is that it lasts forever. That’s why streets, rivers, and beaches around the globe are now choked with the stuff. It’s even embedded in the ocean as microplastics. But it’s not just unpleasant to look at … according to research published in Yale Climate Connections, plastics (in their many forms) generate dangerous heat-trapping gases at every stage of their life cycle.

Green Power! Renewable Energy

The rapid advancement of green energy technologies is one of our best hopes for saving the planet from climate change. As types of renewable energy like solar, hydro, tidal, and even geothermal generators become cheaper to manufacture, they become an increasingly viable option for new power projects.

Biomass-to-Energy is quickly emerging as a big part of the planet’s new renewable energy potentials. The air-burning of wood and waste biomass, in fact, was able to supply 26% of all U.S. renewable energy consumption in 2015.

When biomass energy projects are paired with forestry management programs, energy can be created from fallen or selectively felled wood, contributing to forest health and carbon sequestration.

What Happens if We Don’t Stop Global Warming? Is It Too Late to Stop Climate Change?

If we don’t act fast, global temperatures are on track to increase by as much as 10.8F, according to NASA. When Planet Earth gets hot enough, it will reach what scientists are referring to as a tipping point. This is when climate changes will be irreversible, and our planet will enter a new climate state for good.

But there’s still time to stop climate change. By doing everything we can to reduce our personal carbon footprints, we can turn things around before we ever reach the “tipping point.”

An image of a trashcan and landfill showing that americans create 251 tons of trash each year and 135 tons of that goes straight into landfills.

What’s YOUR Impact on Climate Change?

If you’re living in the new millennium, then you have a carbon footprint, and it’s contributing to global warming. But you don’t have to give up your car, your job, or your favorite burger joint in order to reduce your carbon footprint. With our Carbon Footprint Calculator, you can find out exactly how much CO2 emissions your daily life is generating.

You can also purchase a carbon offset for that exact amount, “balancing out” your carbon emissions with an investment in carbon-reducing projects.

How to Reduce Carbon Footprint? Buy Carbon Offsets

Reversing global warming might seem like an impossible task, but it doesn’t have to be. If we work together, we can protect our communities, ecosystems, and planet from the potentially devastating impact of climate change.

Offsets are an innovative but simple way to contribute to the fight against climate change. These low-cost climate boosters are designed to balance out the CO2 emissions that you create in your daily life. From your morning commute to your next overseas vacation, it’s possible to eliminate your carbon footprint with the help of carbon offsets.

8 Billion Trees provides high-quality carbon offsets that can be purchased online. You can choose the type of activity that you want to buy an offset for, using the average CO2 emissions for each one. The proceeds from your offset support a number of tree-growing initiatives across the globe, designed to re-invigorate local ecosystems and restore their natural carbon-capturing ability, as well rebuilding communities and rehabilitating wildlife and habitat restoration.

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Learn More About Carbon Offsets

If you’re seriously interested in supporting global warming solutions, take the time to research where you’re sending your money. You can learn more about certified carbon offset programs at independently-operated organizations like the American Carbon Registry, Verified Carbon Standard (Verra), and Green-e Climate Standard.