Carbon Offsets for Emirates Flights Don’t Exist. What are Your Options?

Emirates airlines hasn’t committed to carbon offsets quite yet, but that doesn’t mean they’re just sitting on their hands. They have put forth a solid effort to “foster innovation and invest in eco-efficient technology, including aircraft, engines and ground equipment.” Experts recommend that you try to reduce your footprint before you offset it, and that’s exactly what this luxury airline has done first.

Their efforts to encourage a sustainable business model are commendable, but we surely hope Emirates plans to become carbon neutral like some of the other big players (Delta, British Airways, American Airlines & More). However, you don’t have to worry about using this airline, as long as you plant trees and sequester your calculated flight’s carbon emissions using projects (like ours) that re-build the Amazon Rainforest. Alternatively, consider booking your upcoming flight with another airline that has committed to carbon neutrality.

Two men in the Amazon Rainforest carrying seedlings to a forestry planting site operated by 8 Billion Trees (a provider of carbon offsets).

You can read more about Emirates efforts & other environmentally conscious airlines here.