Carbon Neutral Certifications & Offsets For Your Bimmer's (BMW) Footprint

Georgette Kilgore headshot, wearing 8 Billion Trees shirt with forest in the background.Written by Georgette Kilgore

August 18, 2021

BMW is a leader in the green transportation sector, as well as in fine engineering. But although this company is one leading the way to make vehicles more environmentally friendly, there’s still a BMW carbon footprint to erase… production.

Five 8 Billion Trees team members holding sapling bags that are ready to be planted in front of a green truck with an 8 Billion Trees Logo on the door

The manufacturing process of any vehicle generates carbon emissions. Reducing CO2 emissions from your car while driving is great, but erasing the greenhouse gasses from the manufacturing is even better!

Calculate your BMW carbon footprint HERE.

Take action to erase those harmful manufacturing emissions by checking out tree-planting carbon offset programs like the Daily Driver Carbon Offset. There are other programs available too. Click here for more.