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Carbon Offsets Credits | April 3, 2023

Hands shaking in front of a forest showing carbon offset subscription programs and carbon offset companies working with governments to reduce emissions.

Carbon offset subscription programs are effective solutions for individuals and companies making efforts to reduce climate-related impacts of emissions.

While taking responsibility for your carbon footprint by selecting offsets is an awesome strategy, it is important to fully evaluate various options and choose the right fit.6

This review focuses on the game changers of the carbon offset subscription program, ranking their effectiveness and providing key information about what these offsets offer the planet.

What Are the Best Carbon Offset Subscription Programs: Ranking Based on Categories

Given the entry of several companies into the carbon trade, there is a risk of your funds not going to the required project. The following is a round-up of the top 11 programs and their impressive aspects to protect you as a client.

Best Carbon Offset Subscription Programs 2023


Best Over All Carbon Offset Program: 8 Billion Trees

Ranks best for impact on the ecosystem, reforestation and wildlife preservation, use of footprint calculators and available media.


Best Green Energy Offset: Native Energy

Ranks best for green energy options and third-party verification.


Best Air Travel Offset: Sustainable Travel International (STI)

Best for reducing emissions generated by air travel.


Best Eco-Offset: MyClimate: Best for Environmental Impact

Ranks best for creating a positive environmental impact.



Ranks best for monthly subscriptions.


Best for Business: 3Degrees

Ranks best for business use and business carbon offsets.


Best Commuting Offsets: Clear

Easily ranks best for commuting.


Best for Climate Change: Wren

Ranks best for climate justice.


Best for Helping People: Cool Effect

By offering programs in many countries, this offset ranks best for helping communities.


Most Versatile: GoClimate

Ranks best for undertaking many projects.


Best for Carbon Reduction Offsets: EcoCRED

Ranks best for the high level of carbon reduction.

Conservation and Forest Carbon Offsets Programs

Reforestation efforts are common offset programs that work in two ways, planting new trees to capture more carbon or protecting the existing ones. Each continent has global projects, from planting more trees in the US to maintaining the Amazon rainforest.

Thanks to new technologies, companies don’t find it challenging to quantify carbon offsets. They can now accurately calculate the benefits and make informed decisions regarding reforestation.

8 Billion Trees

Ranks best for: Reforestation's impact on the ecosystem and wildlife
Ranks best for: Use of footprint calculators
Ranks best for: Available media (Projects clearly detailed through media)
Rating: 5 out of 5

Carbon offset takes multiple forms, but one of the most essential is forest carbon, and 8 Billion Trees has made this possible thanks to various effective worldwide efforts. The goal is to pump up reforestation and help restore trees as a natural resource.

This way, the organization can rebuild the ecosystem in natural forests and impact the wildlife that depends on trees for survival. To confirm its legitimacy, it has public documents to prove backing up by the government, meaning transparency goes beyond third-party reviews.

It also has an engaging social media presence where you can follow current and future projects. The most impressive aspect about 8 Billion Trees is its use of elaborate carbon offset calculators, a feature you may not find in some carbon offset subscription programs.

Instead of providing averages like other companies, the system in 8BT helps you calculate all aspects of your lifestyle and their impact on the environment, from the food you eat to your transport modes.7

Native Energy

Ranks best for: Green Energy
Ranks best for: Third-Party Verification
Rating: 5 out of 5

Native Energy is another competent program focused on climate-friendly projects globally. Clients love that it is easy to use and deploys intensive methods to help evaluate and take up offset projects, besides selling renewable green energy credits (Image: Native Energy11).

The credits effectively reduce the emission of greenhouse gasses, and one impressive structure is the Carbon-Tracking Software that helps businesses keep up with international GHG policies. It is also a certified corporation that ensures that the client’s funds always go towards the right projects.

Each program is certified by a third-party organization like Gold Standard, Climate Action Reserve, Plan Vivo, Verified Carbon Standard, and many others. Another plus is its flexible purchase systems, allowing you to buy the credits monthly, quarterly, or yearly.

Sustainable Travel International (STI)

Ranks best for: Air Travel
Rating: 5 out of 5

STI is dedicated to making the air travel industry sustainable by advocating for responsible travel and allowing people to fund various offset programs. It is also quite simple to use; you only have to enter key details about your flight, and the calculator will generate the results (Image: STI12).

You disclose the number of passengers, the distance to be covered, and whether it is premium or economy, then find out the total carbon footprint and offset the cost.

Note that STI is keen on funding only certified initiatives and has effectively worked since 2007, offsetting more than 380 000 CO2 emissions in metric tons.5


Ranks best for: Ecological Impact
Rating: 4 out of 5

MyClimate is one of the most devoted programs to save the environment, given its range of water, wind, forestry, and renewable energy projects (Image: MyClimate13).

It has been reputable for its ecological impact programs since its founding in 2002 in Zurich, and working with them guarantees that your funds go to carbon neutrality.

It boasts over 174 projects across 45 countries and has created jobs for the residents, improving their living standards. Additionally, it has impacted more than 65 000 school children and served individuals, NGOs, and institutions in multiple capacities.


Ranks best for: Monthly Subscriptions
Rating: 4 out of 5

Companies turn to Terrapass when they want to consistently fund carbon offsetting programs every month.8 Since 2004, the company has expanded its projects to combat greenhouse gas emissions from energy use, air travel, and other sectors (Image: Terrapass14).

Terrrapass has impacted thousands of companies and private individuals, making them mind their carbon footprints. The subscription service makes it easy for clients to participate in the projects and stand up for climate justice.


Ranks best for: Business
Rating: 4 out of 5

This carbon offset subscription program targets corporate clients consulting on sustainable efforts. Businesses can purchase and sell the credits, and clients can earn points for LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification (Image: 3Degrees15).

3Degrees engages in carbon offset programs in various sectors, including forestry, landfill gas, industrial processes, and others. The exception to 3Degrees is that clients cannot directly purchase offsets. You request a quote for your goals which works for corporate entities looking for massive offsets.


Ranks best for: Commute
Rating: 4 out of 5

Clear works like other carbon offset programs, but the advantage is that it narrows down to particular categories, allowing you to calculate your footprint at home and commuting methods, whether you travel by car or motorcycle (Image: Clear16).

The commute calculator is a fascinating feature of the company; you enter the details of how you travel, including the mode and distance you cover daily in a year, and the system generates the cost for offsetting the miles.


Ranks best for: Climate Justice
Rating: 4 out of 5

This climate-conscious company focuses on making the planet safer for the coming generations. It has so far neutralized more than 160 000 tons of carbon in various countries, and the funds have facilitated projects like reforestation in Kenya and clean cooking in Uganda (Image: Wren17).

Their calculator considers your energy use, clothes, pets, diet, and other lifestyle choices. You choose from three subscriptions; the climate-positive or lifetime gift based on your preference.

Cool Effect

Ranks best for: Helping People
Rating: 3 out of 5

The company started in 1998 advocating for clean cooking in Honduras and has, over the years, expanded its focus to other climate-friendly projects that collectively reduce carbon pollution. It now offers solutions for harmful gas emissions, deforestation, and travel pollution (Image: Cool Effect18).

These projects are underway in the US, China, India, Kenya, Indonesia, and other countries. Over 90% of your funds go directly to facilitating these projects, while the rest goes to research and other essential charges.4


Ranks best for: Various Projects
Rating: 3 out of 5

Though it is one of the most recently launched companies since its creation in 2017, GoClimate has delved into various projects globally to help reduce carbon emissions. They calculate your carbon footprint and allow subscriptions to fund several certified projects (Image: Go Climate19).

The purchases support water filtering in Indonesia, landfill gas projects in Colombia, geothermal energy production in Sumatra, clean cookstoves in Chile, and several other endeavors globally. You can also choose the ideal subscriptions; monthly, gift cards, or flight offsets.


Ranks best for: High Level of Carbon Reduction
Rating: 3 out of 5

So far, EcoCRED has reduced a whopping 4 million pounds of carbon emissions through its thousands of users, and joining guarantees that your efforts go to the right company (Image: Native Energy20).

You can also achieve the milestones and help make the planet carbon-free by opting for the individual package or other consumer offset programs that target wildlife rehabilitation and energy efficiency.

Main Types of Carbon Offset Projects

Each carbon offset subscription program is involved in at least one of the projects below.

Forestry and Ecological Impact

This project is popular among companies with credits based on carbon that trees capture or the amount preserved by guarding existing trees.2

These projects are usually costly but are the most effective thanks to their several benefits, like conserving wildlife and the ecosystem in general.

Renewable Energy

Shifting to solar, wind, and hydroelectric power is more environmentally friendly, and programs invest in them to reduce overdependence on fuel. These projects also provide access to clean electricity and create jobs for the local people.

Waste to Energy

This project uses methane as electricity, obtaining it from landfill gasses and agricultural waste. The gas can be converted to cheaper and readily available energy for the local communities, saving firewood and fuel costs.

Community Projects

Companies target marginalized and disadvantaged communities by providing clean energy and technology. They empower local communities worldwide through philanthropic endeavors like providing clean water and energy.

How To Find the Best Carbon Offset Programs

There are various carbon offset subscription programs, and you only want to fund a reputable one that is certain to champion your cause. The initiative you choose should be transparent and impactful; a sure way to know if third parties endorse it.

You have to be certain that each dollar you donate goes to high-quality projects that are sustainable, effective, and environmentally friendly. The organizations should work on several projects, use simple online calculators, and engage in other activities to reduce individual carbon offsets.9

What Are the Challenges and Wins of Carbon Offset Companies?

If a company switches from a manufacturing process that releases much carbon to cleaner technology, the advantages will always outweigh the downsides. This idea can translate to individual, national and regional levels, ensuring a safe environment.

Countries will be ahead in achieving their emission targets, and climate change will gradually be under control. However, one challenge to overcome is properly using the credits, ensuring that companies don’t use them to avoid dealing with their emissions.3

Wren Carbon Offset Subscription Options

Wren offers users three monthly payment options: a lifetime gift and a climate-positive gift, typically costing around $19.80 per 1000 kg of carbon offset. Alternatively, you can go for a customized plan where you can enter any amount you want for a specific amount of offsets.

Terrapass Review: What Do Customers Say About the Company?

Sitejabber, a company review site, indicates that TerraPass got 2.97 stars from 6 reviews. Some customers were unsatisfied with the product, citing that there is no way to opt out of the subscription that keeps deducting funds from their accounts.

Another section of users is also happy with the company’s environmentally-friendly policies and loves how their lifestyle has changed since they started using it.

Overview of Sustainable Travel International Carbon Offset Subscription Program

STI is one of the best carbon offset companies for the tourism industry due to its dedication to conserving the world’s travel destinations and protecting the people living there through a flying international carbon offset. It ensures that there is quality assurance and is guided by third-party verification.

They offer quality assurance, and all the projects it undertakes are aligned with the UN’s sustainable goals. Besides, the site has a simple carbon footprint calculator. The only limitation is that educational materials on the concept are limited.

Native Energy Review: How Does the Carbon Offset Subscription Program Work?

Native Energy has been operating since 2000 and boasts third-party verification and transparency for its clients. Its longevity in the carbon offset industry stamps its legitimacy, and over the last two decades, it has proven effective.

The team in Native Energy comprises scientists, engineers, and other qualified professionals, and being a certified B Corp means it has passed the rigorous standards. However, one downside is that many believe its website is not user-friendly.

Carbon Offset Project Developers: What Do Carbon Offset Developers Do?

CO2 offset projects involve ecological conservation, GHG emissions reduction, and other energy-efficient programs to manage climate change. Carbon offset project developers must ensure that all these tasks are successful.

They organize their teams to protect the ecosystem from deforestation, facilitate planting more trees, and encourage local communities to take up more energy-efficient cooking and lighting methods.

Carbon Offset Shipping: What It Is and How To Achieve It

Carbon offset shipping is an elaborate way to minimize the carbon footprint caused by shipping packages. Turning to carbon-neutral methods helps reduce carbon emissions and, in turn, keeps the environment safe.

Luckily, there are remedies to help reduce your shipping carbon footprint. You can use sustainable shipping companies that work with online brands, make sure you use recyclable packaging materials, reduce the overall packaging and avoid single-use plastics during shipping.

How Does Carbon Offset Tree Planting Calculator Work?

Trees are nature’s filters, helping in capturing CO2 emissions that are released into the air. Thanks to tree planting calculators, you can obtain essential information on how to plant trees to capture carbon emissions.

The trees effectively purify the air, and the calculator is the most accurate way to know how many to plant. It accounts for particular daily activities and the number of trees that will compensate for the emissions to restore balance.

The carbon offset tree planting calculator will give you details like the number of trees you should plant, the best species for the role, and the ideal planting location.

The Role of Carbon Offset Standards in Carbon Offsets Subscription Programs

Carbon standard groups ascertain that all the carbon offsetting companies effectively impact the environment. These groups have backing from reputable non-profits focusing on the environment’s safety.

They supervise and help the various carbon offsetting activities, carefully ensuring that they all meet certain benchmarks and protocols. Carbon standards will help you identify whether the program you want to back is authentic and has a lasting impact on climate change.

How Can a Carbon Offset Calculator Help?

You don’t need complex calculations to determine your daily carbon footprint because offset programs have automatic calculators on their sites to do the work for you.

An advantage is that these systems add personal emissions by considering various aspects of your lifestyle, like commuting and energy usage. You feed the required data onto the calculator, and it will generate your total carbon footprint.

It can also tell you how much GHG you emit in a particular category. The software in each site has a unique design to help compute individual, business, or home footprint based on your preference.

What Is the Carbon Offset Market Size?

The carbon offset industry may initially seem complicated, but one place to start is to consider the market size.

ProjectVolume (Metric tons)Price per ton ($)Value ($)
Forestry115.04.73544.0 M
Renewable energy18.01.1088.4 M
Energy efficiency16.11.5724.2 M
Agriculture3.41.364.6 M
Waste disposal2.73.9310.6 M
Transport2.11.002.1 M
Household devices1.85.7510.4 M
Manufacturing1.13.223.5 M

Certified Carbon Offset Projects Examples: Carbon Offset Project Examples

Carbon offset companies engage in the following activities to help reduce toxic emissions.

  • Development of renewable energy
  • The capture of methane gas from landfills
  • Reforestation and avoided deforestation
  • Provision of clean cooking stoves
  • Setup of wind farms
  • Use of solar power
  • Use of hydroelectric power

What Is the Best Way To Offset Carbon Footprint?

There are three main steps to take if you want to offset your carbon footprint individually or as a small business or large corporation. First, you can join a carbon offset subscription program and understand how it works.

Photo of an open field with young trees being planted.
Next, learn how to use the calculators and how you can reduce your carbon footprint, then finally, select an ideal offset project from the available ones. If your goal is to help plant more trees, the programs will calculate and tell you how many trees offset carbon emissions and how you can achieve your goals.

Carbon Offsets Reviews: Are All Carbon Offsets Trustworthy?

Launching a carbon offset subscription program aims to ensure a positive impact on the environment, but not all programs are genuine. Some institutions have concerns that companies cannot measure some initiatives, and others don’t have lasting solutions.

Some investigations uncover fake offsets traded where developers do not deliver on the agreed initiatives. In other instances, some organizations cause greenhouse gas emissions, otherwise called leakage.

Similarly, some forest conservation measures only consider the quality of the planted trees but not the necessary factors that ensure the tree fully grows, and reforestation is guaranteed. The best carbon offset program should tend to the planted trees and put in place measures to protect them.

Climate action is a gradual process that requires everyone to chip in, making little effort each day. An excellent place to start is joining a carbon neutrality program that helps address ecological and renewable energy issues and uses simple carbon footprint calculators.10

Most companies engage in forestry, provide clean power sources and participate in community projects. All you need to do is find an effective and trustworthy carbon offset subscription programs, and you will be making a stride toward climate justice.

Frequently Asked Questions About Carbon Offset Subscription Programs

Is Carbon Offsets Purchase Worth It?

If you are keen on climate action, buying carbon offsets is an excellent start. It can get your friends and family discussing climate change, and you can all devise ways to individually reduce your carbon footprints.

If you are passionate about climate justice and want to fund innovative projects all over the globe, carbon offset subscription programs are the best avenues to try.

Do Carbon Offset Companies Deliver on Their Promises?

While some programs do little towards carbon offsets, other legitimate ones are quite effective in their goals and implementation. The way to know is to go for transparent and certified sites with proven track records to deliver on their promises.1

What Are Some of the Best Carbon Offset Programs for Flights?

The best CO2 offsets flight programs include 8 Billion Trees, Sustainable Travel International, and Cool Effect. They have accurate calculators that help you compute your total carbon footprint, and transport stakeholders have joined them to advance their initiatives.

What Are the Best Carbon Offset Subscription Programs for Individuals?

The best initiatives for individuals should have carbon footprint calculators that help compute emissions for each daily activity. 8 Billion Trees and STI are some of the most popular programs with simple user interfaces.

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