Kids Carbon Footprint Calculator: Learn to Live Eco-friendly!

By Georgette Kilgore | Updated on August 18, 2021

Everyone generates carbon emissions (we breathe out carbon dioxide–Co2 –during respiration) … and trees and plants need it to live! But, over the past few decades, suddenly, humans started making much, much more Co2 than the planet could handle.

Young kid stands in the middle of a field wearing 8 Billion Trees brand green t-shirt with hands on his hips at a tree planting site with recently planted native saplings in the background in the central Brazilian state of Tocantins

Combustible engines and fossil fuels used to generate power have saturated the atmosphere with too much Co2. And, this heat-trapping gas is getting more and more concentrated thanks to massive deforestation. Cutting down and burning the areas that store carbon (a.k.a carbon sinks) has exasperated the problem and scientists agree that current climate change problems are liked to this greenhouse gas build up.


Since everything we do, from texting on our phones to using electricity and driving, creates carbon emissions, how can we reduce it and help solve the problems our planet is facing from too much Co2?

It’s simple! First, calculate your carbon emissions with a kids carbon footprint calculator, then learn more about ways to reduce your footprint with easy tasks anyone can do!