Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Calculator: Review Your Environmental Impact

Three 8 Billion Trees team members smiling and walking alongside a tree planting site in a remote tree location deep in the Amazon Rainforest(Tocantins Region) after completing the mission of planting native species saplings during a forestry project aimed at reducing greenhouse gases

Everything we do, from surfing the internet to driving to work, is costing the environment. Dangerous greenhouse gasses (GHG) are saturating the atmosphere, causing all sorts of problems for the climate, from droughts and violent storms, to erosion and temperature fluctuations. Many GHG are generated by fossil fuel use for electricity and heat, but others are released through massive deforestation practices around the world.

When these ancient forests are destroyed, they release huge amounts of carbon that had been stored in the vegetation (carbon sinks), and in order to restore the Earth’s delicate ecosystems, they must be replaced.

Fortunately, there’s something we can do to stop the pollution and restore the devastation right now! Understanding how you generate greenhouse gases in your everyday tasks in the first step. Next, you can find an offset program that will erase those carbon emissions, like the Binge Watching carbon offset.

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