Buy Carbon Offsets In Seconds: Help Slow Climate Change Immediately (Do Your Part)

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Carbon Offsets Credits | March 29, 2023

A visual aid in the form of a bar graph showing that 90% of Forests in Madagascar have been destroyed and on the bottom of the image you can see the data was sourced from NASA’s Land-Cover and Land-Use Change Program website.

Buying tree planting offset is the way leading businesses and Eco-conscious individuals are saving the environment and making a difference. In fact, getting started is easier than you might think. It doesn’t require a lengthy or confusing process. It’s just a click away.

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You might be asking yourself, what’s the big deal about purchasing ‘offsets’ to erase carbon? Everyone produces carbon dioxide simply by breathing. The ecosystem was built for that, right?

Right… but there’s a ‘but’…

Why Purchase Carbon Offset? Acting Now Will Reduce Your Carbon Emissions Footprint

Every day, the planet struggles to fight the growing carbon emission problem and the increasing carbon footprints of us all. According to NOAA, as much as $106 Billion worth of coastal property will no longer be livable by 2050, but that’s just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. The damage to the earth extends far beyond the coasts. Scientists agree that greenhouse gas is the cause of extreme weather events, including droughts and more.

Modern lifestyles fueled by electricity, gas engines and growing industries have jeopardized the planet’s delicate ecosystem by dumping way more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere than it can handle. And, there’s a short timeline before all that carbon starts making our world a pretty unlivable place for everyone.

The good news is that in addition to making Eco-conscious lifestyle changes, you can buy carbon offsets to help counteract the damage. In fact, they can be your secret weapon for eliminating your carbon footprint for good.

Getting Offsets for Flights

Some airlines make buying offsets a snap. For instance, Delta airlines has its own carbon footprint calculator. You can estimate the amount of carbon generated by your flight and then pick a way to stay neutral. Other airlines are getting onboard, too. Check to see if your airline has a program like this. If not, you can always use an ecological footprint calculator to estimate the carbon bill for a flight and use the data to purchase offsets. Or, you can use this review to see which airlines offer the best green solutions.

Buying Offsets for Cars

There are many options to erase the emissions generated by your car’s combustible engine. You can learn more about offsets for cars here.

Buying Carbon Offsets for Home and Business

Everyday, the electricity you use at your home and business is generating an ecological footprint, not to mention the water you use, and climate control systems. The sad reality is that every part of our lives are generating excess greenhouse gas and making a deficit in the ecological balance of the planet. By funding reforestation efforts that replace the natural ‘atmosphere cleaners’ (aka trees), you can do your part to eliminate the harmful gases we’re all making.

An 8 Billion Trees graphic image showing “at least 50 million acres of rainforest are lost every year, totaling an area the size of England(50,346 square miles), Wales(8,006 square miles) and Scotland(30,918 square miles) combined.” with a side-by-side comparison of each country's size in addition to a visualization that demonstrates 1 square miles equals approximately 484 football fields.

Where to Buy Carbon Offsets

Before you jump in and starting buying offsets, you’ll need to make sure that the provider is reputable and actually helping eliminate emissions with their offset. Fortunately, we’ve taken the guess work out of the equation, and have developed a list of the best carbon offset providers.

What’s the Price of Carbon Offsets

Finding a set, across the board price for offsets is tough. The fact of the matter is there is no regulatory guidelines for these environmental boons… and the cost can vary depending on the provider.

  • Terrapass sells offsets for individuals, small businesses and medium and large businesses. Projects are funded through monthly subscription. An individual subscription can be as little as $4.86 per month. You can also do a one-time purchase if the subscription model isn’t for you for $4.99 for 1,000 pounds of carbon. They have wide-ranging carbon-offset projects for you to choose for your funding.
  • Cool Effect has a calculator specifically targeted at business. Projects range from approximately $5-$23 per ton of carbon.
  • has calculators both for individuals and businesses. Project support ranges from $10-$15 per ton of carbon. Lifestyle offsets for individuals, couples and families range from $240 to $16,320. They have packaged offsets for travel, home and business and there is wide variety of price points and options for everyone.
  • 8 Billion Trees offers a wide variety of offset packages and monthly subscriptions, all based on both planting trees and conserving and protecting existing forests. One thing to keep in mind when choosing is to make sure that the ‘program’ itself doesn’t generate more CO2 than it sequesters.

For most carbon offset providers, you can purchase offsets online through their websites and choose the projects you wish to fund through your purchase.

Ready to Make a Difference But Need More Details? Offset Purchasing Explained

If you’re ready to start offsetting your carbon emissions, that’s great! The following information can help you choose the ones that will fit best with your lifestyle.

How Carbon Offsets Work

Carbon offsetting helps sequester (erase) the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere by supporting efforts that mitigate the greenhouse gas problem. Basically, a carbon offset is “funding” that is used to pay for programs and actions that reduce carbon in the atmosphere, specifically (and usually) through a carbon neutral certificate. Additional offset programs include tree planting efforts that pay to reforest areas that have been wantonly slashed and burned.

It isn’t as complicated as it sounds. Whether you operate a progressive business or an Eco-conscious citizen, carbon offsets are easy to purchase. Companies like 8 Billion Trees operate forestry programs that plant trees to offset your carbon footprint, but they go a step further by also protecting existing forests and carrying out wildlife rehabilitation and protection projects.

These sorts of ‘extras’ mean that your offset actually does more! Instead of simply erasing your emissions for a specific day, year or task… the extra protections sequester more carbon, which delivers solutions for the entire planet.

A graphic image showing humans represent less than .01% of all life on earth but have destroyed 8 out of 10 animals and 5 out of every 10 plants. The image provides a powerful visualization because 80% of the animals and 50% of the plants are lifeless and lying on the ground.

What Kind of Carbon Offset Programs are There to Offset Carbon Emissions?

These carbon offset programs are all great examples of investments to help offset carbon emissions and reduce your carbon footprint.

How to Pick the Right Offsets

Carbon offsets are a great way to heal the planet, but not all offsets are equal. An offset is only as good as the provider. Because most offsets aren’t regulated, making sure the company you work with is reputable and transparent is important.

Scammers are out there too, and the best way to ensure that your money is going to the right place is to buy offsets from organizations that have reputable third-party verification. That being said, there are a lot of great offset providers out there doing wonderful work to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Your support is important and will help them to keep doing it!