Carbon Neutral Certification Companies Filter Out Greenwashing Schemes

Carbon neutral certifications (programs that calculate the carbon footprint of an individual or business, and reduce it to a zero “balance” using various methods that reduce or erase those emissions, either through efficiency and reduction practices, or outsourced programs) are an excellent weapon in the fight against climate change… or they can be just another marketing scheme. It all depends on the company making the claims. It’s easy to make false statements about environmental practices (a.k.a. greenwashing) in order to imply that portions of revenue are being used for a noble cause.

That’s where carbon certification companies step in as a non-biased, third party validation. Companies like Climate Neutral, SCS Global Services, Carbon Trust, & CarbonFund all provide this service for a fee, but it’s well worth the cost if your brand wants to prove their claims about neutrality.

Check Out This List of Organizations that Have Paid Their Dues and Completed the Verification Process Here.

8 Billion Trees infographic image illustrating the unfortunate practices of greenwashing with a businessman character in a black suit accepting bags of money from a customer at the front of prop-up business with a yellow bulldozer in the background knocking down trees