Nature Conservancy Carbon Offsets? Reviewing the Carbon Provider’s Track Record

Many people are now using forestry carbon offsets, as they have now become a core part of the global climate change solution. These are carbon credits that represent new trees planted in areas that have lost forests to wanton clearing or natural disasters, like wildfires.

Other organizations, like Nature Conservancy, work to conserve lands and waterways, which helps support the ecological capacity (the amount of renewable resources available to support life) of the planet.

While Nature Conservancy offsets are not widely used, they are one of many ways to reduce the emissions of your individual ecological footprint or business operations.

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8 Billion Trees team member(young lady) wearing a green 8 Billion Trees brand t-shirt and blue jeans kneels down to pat down the dirt around a native tree after planting in designated planting site in the Amazon rainforest(State of Tocantins), area that supports over 40,000 plant species