Gold Standard Carbon Offsets: a Look Into their Project Verification Process

The company Gold Standard sets clear, concise, and transparent reporting requirements in the carbon offset market.

They have an audit process that attempts to review the legitimacy of a given project, and then assigns it a score. There are many different verification groups for carbon offset projects, but Gold Standard remains one of the most used.

However, there are several options available. And many of them may be more suited for your businesses social and environmental goals.

There are Several Top-Tier Carbon Offset Companies and Certification programs.

We’ve detailed exactly what we like about each one Here, creating an easy, one-stop place to find all Gold Standard carbon offsets providers.

8 Billion Trees team member in green 8 Billion Trees brand t-shirt bends over to dig a hole with a hoe in an open humid field during a forestry project in the heart of central Brazil, State of Tocantins