Environmental Groups Working on One Goal: CO2 Reduction Now

There are a number of groups working on Co2 reduction (removing carbon dioxide emissions from the atmosphere). Some offer carbon offsets for planting trees, energy efficiency or methane capture, while others help limit carbon dioxide generation through electrochemical and photoelectrochemical mechanisms.

Electrochemistry studies the relationship between electricity and an identifiable chemical change and involves moving electrical charges between conductors (like an object, substance, or gas) and ionized solutions. Photoelectrochemical processes involve causing chemical reactions like generating hydrogen by the electrolysis of water. Both sciences are working on ways to make Co2 conversions.

Here at 8 Billion Trees we support any sustainable and transparent method to stop climate change, but sadly, not all carbon offset programs do what they claim. Therefore, we put together a review of the top carbon offset providers in 2021 that are actually making a difference for the planet.

A 500 year old gigantic White Oak tree viewed from the ground looking upwards at the trunk, bark, and branches in the backyard of the Smoky Mountains National Park, area with over 100 different tree species