Carbotax: Are Carbon Taxes Coming for Everyone?

While is a calculator style website that can be used by people who want to pay a voluntary tax on carbon emissions, there is actually a required greenhouse gas tax in Canada, as of 2020, but not one in the United States. A carbon emissions tax program is designed to help lower emissions by making certain activities and purchases more costly. Currently, the carbon tax in Canada only applies to business, but those taxes are being passed on to the consumer in the cost of goods and services.

Although no one is 100 percent certain that carbon taxes will be the best solution against climate change, we do know that transparent carbon offset programs can have a huge impact. At 8 Billion Trees, we’re dedicated to making a difference through our tree planting projects and wildlife rehabilitation programs, and we support other organizations that are working toward a better tomorrow.

No single person or company can change the world alone, which is why we’ve put together a review of our favorite carbon offset providers of 2021.

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Image of Two 8 Billion Trees Team members standing under a tree for shade wearing green 8 Billion Trees brand t-shirts as looking off into the forest in the Amazon State of Tocantins