8 Billion Trees Business Partner: Aquila Nidum Limited

Georgette Kilgore headshot, wearing 8 Billion Trees shirt with forest in the background.Written by Georgette Kilgore

March 22, 2024

Aquila Nidum Limited

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Aquila Nidum is the trade name of Dropcall365.com and Inmatescards.co.uk

Here at Aquila Nidum it is super important for us to be supporting the 8 Billion Trees initiative, we regularly travel for our work and have seen the destruction for ourselves and we believe in our hearts that we can help to rebuild the planet now too. We started to align with 8 Billions Trees when we launched our Feel Good Telecoms brand dropcall365 and wanted to inspire our fellow digital nomads to travel more consciously. It is important for us to not only become Carbon Positive ourselves as a team and our families, but also to now plant a tree for every new customer we have onboard to help to inspire more change through our business! We are a startup incubator, so we help new business come to market and we are glad to motivate all our clients to make that change too.

Hands raised with saplings on the palms showing people working together to plant trees.

How Aquila Nidum Partners with 8 Billion Trees

As part of their business carbon offsetting strategies, Aquila Nidum is supporting tree planting offset operations and habitat restoration projects in the Amazon Rainforest. 8 Billion Trees’ team members are there carrying out specific restoration campaigns that aim to rebuild the devastated areas of the biome.

Acquiring Seeds of Hope

The process begins with native seed collection, which is performed by hand. Many of the species being collected today will form the foundations of diverse ecosystems in years to come, because they have become hardier from resisting fires in the past.

Once the seeds are collected and stored, they are catalogued and prepared for planting in area nurseries operated by 8 Billion Trees.

Baby Trees: Nurturing Saplings

The saplings are carefully cared for by 8 Billion Trees’ team members for many months, and sometimes years, in order to ensure that the strongest plants are replaced in their native areas. Since each species variety has it’s own growing rate, this can vary among plants, but a;; the saplings receive the highest level of nurturing and care to help ensure their survival rate.

BioChar Feeding and Carbon Storing

Once the saplings have been planted, 8 Billion Trees’ team members help their growth and health by using an ancient practice that collects biomass (like dead leaves and branches) and then burns it under the ground. This ‘black earth’ (terra petra), which is known now as biochar, is a rich and nutritious soil additive, which helps fertilize the saplings.

Moreover, biochar actually helps take more greenhouse gas emissions out of the atmosphere, by eliminating the methane that would normally generate from decomposing biomass.

Rebuilding the Rainforest

Because of the decades of destruction (mass clearing and burning) as well as the more recent wildfires caused by climate change, these saplings are being used to replace the native habitats and ecosystems that have all but been erased from the planet. Thanks to dedicated partners like Aqulia Nidum, these new trees will be able to remove carbon emissions for decades to come and are helping restore the planet’s natural climate. They understand that when everyone commits to making a conscious decision to rebuild what has been wasted, the entire world will benefit.