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Georgette Kilgore headshot, wearing 8 Billion Trees shirt with forest in the background.Written by Georgette Kilgore

March 22, 2024

People around the world are becoming more and more conscious of their environmental impact. Everything they do, from texting and surfing online to buying groceries, generates greenhouse gases.

As businesses recognize the role and power they have to reduce these harmful emissions, many are looking for ways to become more sustainable. And, whether that involves overhauling their production to include green energy solutions, sourcing materials from renewable resources, or utilizing carbon offsets that capture harmful emissions from the environment, many organizations are going greener.

Businesses Working To Lower Carbon Emissions

At 8 Billion Trees, our mission is to heal the planet through the planting and conservation of trees, while offsetting carbon and rehabilitating animals as we work to restore their habitats. And now, we offer an online business carbon footprint calculator that allows owners and companies to measure their yearly emissions quickly.

Only together, with a unified stand against deforestation and climate crises, can we be the powerful change the planet and wildlife so desperately need. As part of our mission, we empower businesses and corporations to offset their harmful footprint on the environment and leave behind a lasting legacy of environmental responsibility. No longer does making a profit have to mean damaging the environment.

We do the hard work of planting trees, offsetting carbon, and rehabilitating wildlife. Let us help you pay back the ecological debt your business operations are causing while showing you how to market your environmental responsibility to improve your bottom line!

Alastair Hazell

Alastair Hazell is a successful entrepreneur and active philanthropist. Through supporting both local and global initiatives, Alastair and his family strive to make a positive impact on our planet and the animals that live on it. 8 Billion Trees is honored to funnel their contributions into a powerful force for good.

Truly, they embody the motto that when we stand together, there is nothing we can’t accomplish.

Alastair Hazell holding his family and smiling in 8 Billion Trees t-shirts

“Trees are the lungs of the earth and the future of our planet depends upon us protecting them. If humans continue with their destructive habits, the future looks a bleak one. It can be very easy to read the news everyday and feel depressing helpless and insignificant. But, we can all do our bit to help.

There are good people out there running projects to help our planet, and we need to rally behind them. It is for this reason that my family and I have chosen to support Michael and Jon with their important 8 Billion Trees mission to save and plant trees in areas around the globe.” – Alastair Hazell

Auto Express

Aside from being crowned one of the ‘Top 50 Independent Auto Retailers in the USA,’ they are also setting an example of how businesses can and should do more.

What better way than by partnering with 8 Billion Trees to plant and conserve trees? They are reducing carbon emissions and creating vibrant ecosystems for countless species of plant and animal life.

“We want to do our part in ensuring a livable future for future generations.”

– Auto Express


OGGS is a UK-based company that produces the world’s first liquid egg substitute! On top of that, they have an assortment of amazing vegan-friendly cakes, recipes, and other great products on their site.

OGGS Business Partner

“The OGGS® mission is to stop animal cruelty and restore the planet by switching mass-produced food ingredients from animal to plant protein… and we’ve started with cake. Whilst trying to make this positive change, we also aim to be as sustainable as possible in every aspect of our business.

We recognize that trees are nature’s powerhouse and one of our most precious resources, which is why we’ve partnered with 8 Billion Trees to not only protect those that we already have, but to also offset our company carbon footprint by planting new trees every single month, all so we can leave the planet in a better state than we found it.”



Delivering real solutions for African agri-business, MyKibo is an export platform that makes it possible for families of farmers and manufacturers to reach buyers around the world. Dr. Harnet, the founder and CEO, is dedicated to improving both lives… and the planet.

By partnering with 8 Billion Trees, she’s working to ensure that the exchange of goods that is lifting poverty from African farmers doesn’t add to the challenges facing the environment.

MyKibo is an export platform helping to connect African farmers, manufacturers, and herders with buyers around the world, and partners with 8 Billion Trees to ensure no ecological cost to the planet.

Dr. Harnet explained:

I myself have always been concerned with the protection of the environment: My family used to support Greenpeace since the 80’s or early 90’s and my MSC & PhD were related to land degradation, desertification, and the impact on food security in the Horn of Africa. I even wanted to add a rare Masters in Green Economy….but then decided that I had studied enough and it was time to take action.

I think we all cannot longer deny that climate change is happening. The consequences we see now happening increasingly across the globe are worrying and real. We truly believe that policies and attitudes need to change fast if we want to preserve our planet Earth for future generations. As a business (with huge ambitions), we can help lead the way and influence awareness at multiple levels.

In fact, we want the offset of Carbon emissions to become a fixed contribution for each trade made via our platform by next year. So, no voluntary contribution anymore, but an integrated service to the planet for every user.

Besides, policies are slowly but surely changing. Hence to make sure our business is positioned ahead of time, is also a smart business move.

We are ready to lead the way as a trade & ecommerce platform in Africa and we congratulate you for the amazing work you do. It is an honour and responsibility to be part of that and we look forward to a close partnership with bold action.

Seeker of Sunshine

Seeker Of Sunshine is based out of San Diego, CA and produces ethically sourced products all around the world. All their suits are made of biodegradable materials, have zero plastic waste, and use rain forest friendly inks.

“Since I was a little girl, I had a calling towards protecting and healing the earth. As I got older it was a lot to do with our everyday choices. The veil lifts and you realize how many try to violate and harm the natural world, and that sitting back watching TV, ignoring these plights was just as much a danger to the planet and its endless life forms. The action then became as critical to me as making everyday eco-conscious choices.

I created an eco-friendly bikini line as a platform to do something I love as well as have a bigger impact on global concerns. Not only are my bikinis biodegradable I am a zero plastic waste company! Our packaging is all done in cotton, hemp, and even rainforest-friendly inks! For me, that was just the beginning.

Partnering with 8 Billion Trees was a dream of mine! As a single mom, I can’t be on every forefront. It’s amazing to be able to partner with fantastic organizations such as these as I can have more positive effects in the world than I can do alone! We are all more powerful together. It is important to support great causes and I won’t stop there… I plan to work with reef planting and some other organizations and will soon have a donation swim collection.

During this trying time, I am designing biodegradable clothes for impoverished children around the globe. For each bikini sold, I am donating 2 items of clothes, from shirts to shorts to pants, to children in need. I also design surfboards and 10 percent is donated to ocean causes. I wanted a platform to give back. I’m thankful eternally for organizations like 8 Billion Trees to allow me, and US, to have a more positive impact globally. With today’s knowledge and connections, we should all be using them for the greater good! Together, we are one.”

– Seeker of Sunshine

Tiny Isle

Tiny Isle is a Hawaiian business that produces organic island goodies. They use high-quality, healthy, simple, whole-food ingredients which come from people who are working on small farms with the local community.

It’s critically important to them that the farms and farmers who grow their ingredients work sustainably by using organic methods. Tiny Isle also values strong social relations, fair wages, social justice, sustainable practices, and good chemistry between the soil and plants from the farmer and supply chain to the customer’s hands.

Tiny Isle Business partner

Tiny Isle provides delicious treats in which people can indulge themselves and feel good about what they are putting in their bodies, as well as the connections and relationships they are supporting with their purchase. They believe this is the best way to change the world: by supporting healthy, cooperative, sustainable, caring businesses and relationships around the world with your food dollars. So much can be changed by doing this!

“There is a relationship between the way we have been living our lives and the pollution, environmental degradation, and deforestation going on all around us. It is well known that trees filter the air, provide oxygen, breathe in carbon dioxide, provide a wealth of foods, medicines, and other resources to us and provide habitat for countless types of wildlife. Trees also draw in and help maintain, moisture levels in the atmosphere and in the ground. They can even influence weather patterns.

We know that deforestation is destroying habitats, fueling climate change, and increasing pollution. Deforestation contributes to famines, desertification and forces populations to move from areas that have become uninhabitable to seek a living elsewhere thereby creating refugees into other areas.

The expanding refugee situation can cause conflicts and destabilize societies. If we don’t start to do something NOW this world will be seeing more and more pandemics, more starvation, more refugees, and more and more extreme weather events. Planting trees and saving forests is one way to deal with our deteriorating environmental situation.

8 Billion Trees does exactly that and they help support villagers and save wildlife in the process. I am grateful for the work they are doing and happy to be able to support the process.”

– Tiny Isle

Wild Rover Tours

The ability to experience and appreciate the awe-inspiring beauty of nature is a gift, and award-winning Wild Rover Tours is all about sharing and celebrating it in the exquisite, natural wonders of Ireland.

Ranked first, second and third place by Trip advisor in 2020 for Irish Experiences and Second in the World for Cultural Experience, this knowledgeable team’s love of the land is palpable. But, what sets them apart from similar tour companies is their equally deep love of the environment and their firm commitment to preserving its unspoiled splendors.

“At Wild Rover Tours we strive to offer our customers the most spectacular of tour experiences possible. Year on year WRT is committed to continual improvements in both operations and service. Our vision is to have a positive impact on society and the environment.”

– Co-Founder John Goldrick

While partnering with 8 Billion Trees to offset the emissions generated by their eco-friendly fleet, Wild Rover Tours has planted 528 new trees over the last 12 months and conserved another 5,280 existing tree treasures, erasing over 48 tons of carbon! This year, they are more than tripling that support to reach 1,800 new trees planted and 18,000 protected!

Thanks to Partners like Wild River Tours, tree planting operations are expanding, changing lives, saving endangered animals, healing devastated areas, and restoring the environment.

Neurological Specialists logo.

Neurological Specialists (NSPC)

“If you truly love nature, you will find beauty everywhere… Great things are not done by impulse, but by a series of small things brought together.”- Vincent Van Gogh

Neurological Specialists in Connecticut provides advanced medical care by a team of experienced physicians and clinical experts who focus on establishing relationships and educating patients about their condition while delivering treatment excellence. As part of that care, they are working to protect the environment by offsetting their carbon emissions.

At Neurological Specialists (NSPC) we believe that part of protecting your health, is protecting the health of our environment, and the future of our children. Towards that the practice has made a commitment to offset all the greenhouse gas emissions it is culpable for producing annually, by partnering with 8 Billion Trees. NSPC will be contributing donations towards planting trees to reforest the Amazon, and other ecologically important places around the world every year. We hope you join us by donating at 8billiontrees.com or like organizations.

—The NSPC Team

Panda Insurance logo.

Panda Insurance

Panda Insurance is a startup company specializing in pet health insurances on the German market. While protecting the health of beloved pets, this company is firmly committed to the belief that we, as a community, can make a difference for the planet.

The protection of our planet and of the animals that live upon it is our responsibility. Therefore, ESG [Environmental, Social, and Governance] makes for a core component of our identity as a company that is centered around sustainability, digitalisation and the vision that together we make a difference for the well-being of our planet.

Our mission is to support and further environmental protection. 8 Billion Trees plays the leading role in the fight against deforestation and inspires by means of innovative projects and the continuous persistence to change the world for the better. “If people can destroy the Earth, they can also help to rebuild it” is truly an idea to fight for.

–Hannah Richter, Co-Founder Panda Insurance

Thanks to Panda Insurance’s partnership, even more animals can be protected as their habitats are restored by our tree planting projects in the Amazon Rainforest.

Aquila Nidum Logo with butterfly style symbol.

Aquila Nidum Limited

Aquila Nidum is the trade name of Feel Good Telecoms, a telecom provider located in the United Kingdom.

Here at Aquila Nidum it is super important for us to be supporting the 8 Billion Trees initiative, we regularly travel for our work and have seen the destruction for ourselves and we believe in our hearts that we can help to rebuild the planet now too. We started to align with 8 Billions Trees when we launched our Feel Good Telecoms brand dropcall365 and inmatescards and wanted to inspire our fellow nomads to travel more consciously. It is important for us to not only become Carbon Positive ourselves as a team and our families, but also to now plant a tree for every new customer we have onboard to help to inspire more change through our business! We are a startup incubator, so we help new business come to market and we are glad to motivate all our clients to make that change too.

Martin Builders Logo Sociable Weaver Logo

The Sociable Weaver and Martin Builders

Working to create structures that not only enhance living and commercial spaces, but also blend harmoniously with the planet, the Sociable Weaver and Martin Builders are committed to carbon positive buildings, which means that they work hard to ensure that the the environment doesn’t suffer from construction.

The Sociable Weaver and Martin Builders exist to create positive change within the built environment. We design and build homes that are good for our planet, their inhabitants and the surrounding community.

We understand the construction industry uses many resources, so it is our mission to restore natural eco-systems and regenerate the timber we use for our builds. To do so, we have committed to planting 300 Trees for each of our projects. By doing this we restart the natural cycle and ensure we are giving back to our planet. We call it our 300 Tree Initiative

Calvert Impact Capital Logo

Calvert Impact Capital

Calvert Impact Capital is a company that’s committed to meaningful investments…for both their clients and the planet. As a business that practices what they preach, their sustainability initiatives embrace the most important issues the world is facing today.

With a business investment model that is deliberately designed to improve access to financial opportunities for individuals and businesses around the world and meet the 17 Sustainable Development Goals outlined by the United Nations in 2015, Calvert Impact Capital finances a number of socially responsible and Eco-conservation organizations that are changing lives for the better. Right now.

Partnering with 8 Billion Trees to erase the carbon footprint of their business activities, their monthly impact now reaches into the Amazon rainforest, replenishing diverse forests with native seedlings in order to rebuild vital ecosystems while protecting existing trees to ensure that these crucial areas will remain intact.

After assessing the footprint of their employees and activities (including operations and employee commuting miles), Calvert Impact Capital completely erased nearly 100 tons of yearly operational emissions by planting 1038 new trees and protecting another 10,380 existing trees.

“Tackling climate change requires a comprehensive approach that acknowledges the interconnectedness of both problems and solutions,” said Jennifer Pryce, Calvert Impact Capital CEO. “8 Billion Trees’ holistic approach to their work mirrors our own. Not only do they plant trees, they also focus on supporting local communities and endangered species, protecting biodiversity and preventing habitat destruction. As a social enterprise, they also share our commitment to sustainability and scale, and we’re excited to partner with them to increase both of our impacts.”

Thanks to partnerships like this, Calvert Impact Capital is demonstrating that responsible businesses can truly go “net zero” and provide lasting benefits for both the planet and the people who live in it, one tree at a time.

Sustainable Business Models

Fortunately, building a sustainable business model is not as hard as you might think. To have a sustainable company, one that helps reduce the overall carbon footprint of your operation instead of increasing it, you simply need to identify the environmental damage created by your business and find ways to reverse it.

In addition to energy savers, you can implement immediately (like LED lighting and energy-efficient upgrades), tree planting offsets have emerged as an effective tool to combat greenhouse gas. In fact, any business can erase its carbon footprint by purchasing offsets that are designed to sequester the emissions generated by electricity, travel, and other tasks.

So, go check out our business partners that are helping make the world greener right now!