Jon Chambers, Founder of 8 Billion Trees

Jon Chambers, co-founder of 8 Billion Trees plants saplings in Brazil.Written by Jon Chambers

August 29, 2022

8 Billion Trees Founder Jon Chambers driving a truck of indigenous saplings to a planting site.
Tocantins, Brazil – 2020

8 Billion Trees founder Jon Chambers is using his passion for environmental conservation to make a global impact through tree planting and preservation.

Growing up in scouting, Jon was inspired from a young age with a love for the planet and all things nature-related. After attending the United States Military Academy at West Point, however, he realized a sense of urgency to follow his true calling–environmental activism. But not just environmental activism…action-driven activism to help make an immediate, real impact for the planet.

After founding 8 Billion Trees, Jon launched a grass-roots planting operation in the Amazon Rainforest, receiving the support of local government officials and research institutes in Brazil. Since then, the 8 Billion Trees’ movement has only grown, with supporters in countries all around the world.

“Our team motto is simple…if people can destroy the Earth, they can help to rebuild it too. And we’re working hard to do just that.”

John Chambers