Meet Our Team of Environmentalists Taking Bold Action

At 8 Billion Trees we’re passionate about fighting the climate crisis through forestry and carbon offset projects. Our team members around the world are zealous about carrying forward the 8 Billion Trees mission while planting a brighter, greener tomorrow for all.

Meet the 8 Billion Trees Team

U.S. Operations

Founder of 8 Billion Trees Jon Chambers in a forested area.

Jon Chambers


Jon is an avid conservationist and has a passion for nature and the environment. He and Michael Powell founded 8 Billion Trees in November, 2018. Driven by the current environmental and ecological crisis, they came together to create something with the potential to affect real, powerful change and reverse the accelerating destruction of forests and animal habitats.

Mike Muise, Operations Director 8 Billion Trees.

Mike Muise

Operations Director

Mike was born in Massachusetts, but moved to Las Vegas as a child. He studied business and marketing at the College of Southern Nevada and is “extremely thankful” to work with a passionate team of people who are part of such a bold mission, focused on saving the planet. During his free time, he enjoys taking weekend picnics at Mount Charleston and getting off the beaten track.

Georgette Kilgore headshot, wearing 8 Billion Trees shirt with forest in the background.

Georgette Kilgore

Emissions Analyst, Director of Environmental Science

Holding degrees in business administration and computer science, Georgette has spent over 10 years studying emissions calculations and plants and tree species, especially those native to the Appalachian Mountain range. Her expertise in this area has enabled her to orchestrate the construction of over 30 carbon footprint emissions calculators.

Her carbon emissions work has been cited by many educational institutions and scientific journals, including Columbia University, University of Minnesota Duluth, Popular Mechanics, Science Times, the EWRA, and the Bulletin of the National Research Centre.

When asked to join the 8 Billion Trees team, she was thrilled to find a place where her passionate love of nature and desire to conserve our national and global resources could flourish. She currently resides near a National Park and is an avid hiker and fitness enthusiast, while also enjoying home gardening, crocheting, and baking. LinkedIn

Nathan Petitpas works as project director of 8 Billion Trees.

Nathan Petitpas

Project Director

Nathan grew up in Dallas, Texas but moved to Las Vegas, Nevada in 2018. He enjoys taking long walks up mountains and is always seeking adventure, whether that’s trying a new sport, taking a road trip, or just hiking around town. An avid hiker, Nathan has witnessed the beauties the earth has to offer, as well as the damage humans have done. He joined 8 Billion Trees knowing that healing the planet can happen through forestry projects.

Lindsey Latimer Graphic Designer 8 Billion Trees Team

Lindsey Latimer

Graphic Design

Lindsey Latimer is originally from Dallas, TX, but has lived in D.C. and Atlanta. He studied animation and design at Academy of Art University, and can be found most days creating motion graphics, illustrations, and other fun things. He lives in Decatur, GA with his wife and their two young rabbits.

Zoe Ocana, Fulfillment manager wearing 8 Billion Trees Tee Shirt.

Zoe Ocana

Fulfillment Manager

Having studied psychology at CSN, Zoe continues to engage in personal growth activities and finds deep fulfillment in being part of a company that actively contributes to making a positive impact on the planet. She’s extremely passionate about nature and loves to hike. In fact, she considers the forest (and the beach) her ultimate retreats, and loves to express her creative soul through both art and photography.

Science Contributors

Priya Sable works as an environemtnal science contributor for 8 Billion Trees.

Priya Sable, MS

Environmental Science Contributor

With a Master’s Degree in Science and Bachelor’s in Life Science, Priya is a hardcore nature conservationist, dedicated to making a difference with her own choices. Having worked with various environmentally related NGOs, she was employed as a Forest Range Officer and actively fought illicit activities, along with raising plant nurseries and undertaking plantation drives. A strong advocate animal rights, veganism and sustainable lifestyles, her hobbies include bird-watching, photography, swimming, and connecting with nature in every possible way.

Natália G.R. de Mello holds doctorate and masters degress in environmental science and works as a contributor for 8 Billion Trees.

Natália G.R. de Mello, PhD Environmental Science

Former Environmental Science Contributor

Holding Doctorate and Master’s degrees in Environmental Science, Natalia is passionate about forest restoration. In addition to previously publishing academic papers and book chapters, she has offered her expertise to a number of electronic magazines and websites. She believes humans have all means to create more harmonious relationships with nature and is passionate about sharing information on sustainable life choices. Born in the heart of the Amazon, she loves movies, books, yoga, black and white photography, and treehouses, and is thrilled to help spread the word about all things environmental.

Samson Opanda is an environmental engineer overseeing numerous sustainability projects in Kenya.

Samson Opanda, MS Engineering

Agricultural Engineer

Samson L. Opanda is an Agricultural Engineer with a passion for solving Climate Change. In his practice, he has designed, implemented and supervised sustainable development projects, including dams, water pans and boreholes in Kenya. Samson is also the founder of Agricultural Engineering Cloud Repository, an online platform, for agricultural engineers to share filed experiences. During his free time, Samson writes about climate change and other sustainability issues of interest. He brings onboard experience in agricultural infrastructure to support forestation activities. 

Kim Williamson, Author 8 Billion Trees.

Kim Williamson, MS Psychology


Born and raised in rural Kentucky, Kim spent her childhood hiking with her dad, foraging for edible mushrooms, and learning to identify each tree in her 60 acre backyard. These experiences grew into a love of nature rivaled only by a love of literature. Kim has a Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology, but her passions are for writing and the outdoors. She enjoys camping and hiking with her family at nearby National Parks, gardening in her own backyard, and reading and listening to music when indoors. 

Content writer Tim Tolka Headshot

Tim Tolka

Content Writer

Tim Tolka is an author, editor, and journalist whose work as a freelance journalist has appeared in the World Economic Forum, Disruption Banking, Truth-Out, The Daily Beast,, and the C-Ville Weekly, among others. His travels to the developing world partially inspired his passion for environmental preservation. He realized the contribution companies can make to the cause while working as a business intelligence and corporate governance researcher S&P Global Market Intelligence, Industry Intelligence, and Glass Lewis & Co. He lives with his family in Buenos Aires, Argentina. LinkedIn

Drew Spiller author of content at 8 Billion Trees.

Drew Spiller

Author, Educator

Drew Spiller is from San Diego, California. After graduating from Cornell University in 2013, he has worked as a high school history teacher, settling in Los Angeles.

Around the World

Hement Raj Kaphale Nepal Volunteer 8 Billion Trees Team

Hement Raj kaphale

Nepal Projects Director

Hement loves to give trees and plants as gifts. A the 8 Billion Trees planting director in Nepal, he operates a green campaign nursery, providing saplings and seedlings to others. The District Forest Department of Nepal is also involved in the distribution. So far, he has helped distribute more than 60,000 plants, including one to the prime minister, as well as various officials, the former king and also the Honorable President of Nepal.

Sammy Mutua

Kenya Projects Director

Kenya Director, Sammy Mutua, credits his love of trees to his mother, who ‘planted’ the desire in him as a child. She frequently planted fruit trees on the family compound to provide shade and “bring people together.” Now Sammy is using that passion to transform communities by working with Green School Alliance and local governments to conduct wide spread tree planting initiatives and education outreach programs about protecting these natural resources.