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Trees May Be Our Only Hope...Let Me Tell You Why In Just 90 Seconds

Hi my name is Jon Chambers (that’s me in the pictures just above), but that is only important because we likely share one very big thing in common…

A desperation to act and save our planet from the rapidly-accelerating climate crisis.

But what I'm about to tell you completely changed my mind on climate change and habitat destruction FOREVER.

It caused me to use up every dollar to my name, move thousands of miles, and give up everything.

Just 50 years ago, I would never have done something like that…

But literally everything has changed in just that short amount of time.

It’s why you saw my video on social media, it’s why I founded 8 Billion Trees, and it’s why you are here at this very moment on this website.

It’s why I have given up everything (which I will explain in just a moment) to erase 2 tons of YOUR carbon footprint, absolutely free.

Yes, using the money out of my own pocket and my own hands and trees I grew in a nursery I will erase your carbon footprint for FREE.

I believe in what I’m about to tell you THAT MUCH.

But first, let me tell you the “why” behind it all…and why the world we live in now is drastically different than even the one your parent’s (and grandparents) grew up in, regardless of your age…

And you know what the number one scientifically-proven correlation to the destruction of the planet is?

The animals and wildlife...

The Deadly "3-Pronged" Crisis Killing Our Planet

You may be reading this article because you learned how horrific the deforestation crisis around the world is, and how it is rapidly accelerating...already 50% worse than it was just last year.

You may be reading this article because you just learned that over half of the planet's wildlife has been wiped out from habitat destruction.

You may be reading this because you just saw how huge YOUR own carbon footprint is...2 massive tons every month.


You are reading this article because all three of these problems are completely, intricately connected.

To have ANY hope at solving any of these 3 problems, we have to solve them all.

Just let me explain...

Humans have wiped out 60% of animals since 1970 - Zoological Society of London

That’s right…humans are just 0.01% of all life but have destroyed 6 out of every 10 animals

But what happened?

It didn’t just spring out of nowhere…

Like I promised, everything happens for a reason. Every cause has an effect.


They are vanishing from the earth at an unprecedented rate.

And it’s not affecting just animals like the orangutan fighting for her life in the video above. 

It’s permanently affecting humans.

The reason is simple. Forests are home to 80% of the world’s biodiversity. Eighty percent of every living animal, plant, and organism directly depends on trees.

And you probably already guessed correctly: when the forests go, so do the animals, plants, and everything else.

In just the time that you will read this sentence, 4,612 trees have been destroyed (4 seconds).


But I would be wrong to tell you this and not provide the 4 hard facts, based on a conglomerate of studies from experts in virtually every field...

These 4 hard facts were nominated because when used together, they show “cross-domain” significance.

This is just a scientific way of explaining that these 4 cross-domain facts show what is happening in virtually every corner of the planet.

Yes—even the areas not included in the 4 facts themselves (and it’s why they were nominated as “cross-domain” data).

At least 50 million acres of rainforest are lost every year, totaling an area the size of England, Wales and Scotland combined

Only 10% of Original Forests Remain in Madagascar

98% of Ethiopia’s forest have been destroyed in the last 50 years

The United States has less than 4% of its forests left


Remember when I said earlier that just 50 years ago I never would have had my huge weakness causing me to leave everything behind?

I said that because of one single day that will put everything into perspective for you, and show you just how harmful our modern lives have become…

Earth Overshoot Day: Things Are Getting Really Bad

Every single year since 1970, there has been a day that marks when humans have already used up all of their resources for the entire year.

Put another way, when this day happens, Mother Earth doesn’t have anything left to give us.

But we keep taking…

And taking.

This year we will consume every last drop of Earth’s resources for 2020 by July.

That’s it. All gone.
And this graph tells an even worse story. As you can see, things have gotten BAD very quickly.

In the 1960s we had nothing to worry about.

But in the year 2020, alarms are ringing with the very real possibility that we will run out of resources in our lifetime.

No this is not the plot to a doomsday sci-fi movie.

This is painfully real. It will happen in our lifetime.

The Real Cause Of The Destruction Is Shockingly Simple

What I am about to say is painful…

I wish I didn’t have to say it.

But you need to hear it. You must hear it and know the truth.

The world we live in—you, me, and everyone we know—is full of more luxuries, more technology, more convenience than anyone has ever experienced in history.

It doesn’t even come close.

Did you know that the queens and kings of old—with all of their riches—still lived significantly worse lives than you and me do.

Running water. Electricity. Internet. Sewer infrastructure. Access to food. Medical care.

And this just begins to scratch the surface.

But remember that I said everything happens for a reason? Every cause has an effect?

The cause is simple: the lives we live now are creating more toxic carbon waste than any humans that have ever lived before us.

And just like the luxuries and conveniences that we experience today—it doesn’t even come close.

The average person in today’s world creates 20-24 TONS of carbon dioxide every year.

And that doesn’t even mention the trees…

4-8 acres of trees are consumed as a direct result.

I know it is painful.

I promise you, I know.

It’s part of my biggest weakness that I will tell you just a few paragraphs below.

The reality is that virtually every single modern part of our lives creates a negative carbon impact.

Now don’t get me wrong. Some things (and lifestyles) create much more of a negative impact than others, and it’s important to know this so we can all make smarter choices like riding a bike, carpooling, planting your own garden, and buying second-hand clothes and items just to name a few.

But we simply cannot escape that our lives today are creating a carbon footprint, no matter how “green” of a lifestyle we live.

And the trees?

Every single second, an entire football field of forest is erased. And because trees are directly tied to carbon sequestration, when the trees go, a massive carbon footprint takes their place.

It can be hard to understand how FAST this really is without a visual in front of you…

So here is a picture of a devastated area our team found in the Amazon that is exactly 1.86 acres (the size of a football field)…
One last thing, and I promise this is the last statement I need to make that is extremely painful to hear

Because of all of this, the average person in today’s modern world—in other words, every single person we know—is directly responsible for the destruction of over 400 trees.

Okay now for the “good” news…

There is something AMAZING about this otherwise horrific situation…

By replacing the trees, we swap the nasty carbon for biodiversity, oxygen, habitats and more!

I won’t bore you with the science (I am a big science nerd so I love to study all about trees and why they are so amazing), but trees are the NUMBER ONE carbon sequestration organisms.

In other words, when it comes to removing carbon footprints, nothing else even comes close.

Each second, trees remove 200 tons of carbon dioxide from the environment.

It Isn’t Your Fault, But We Will All Pay The Price


We’re only just finding this out. It isn’t your fault.

But now we know…

It has become clear that if nothing is done, humans will literally go extinct off the face of planet Earth, taking millions of species with us.

As trees disappear, soil becomes more barren (as we are seeing all over the world already), water cycles stop, oxygen levels deplete, and famine spreads.

Have you ever stopped to think why world hunger is such a terrible problem in desert climates like Africa even when there are many other extremely poor areas of the world that don’t face the same hunger problems?

It’s the trees.

And in regards to the rapidly-accelerating climate crisis, as trees are cut down the atmosphere dries up.

While there are a handful of factors (again, I’m a huge science nerd) that make planet Earth livable, trees are easily the number one reason, creating the conditions for our atmosphere and creating the water cycles that drive life.

Like I said earlier, we should do everything we possibly can to live green lifestyles and use green energy.

But they can’t save us. 

Because they can’t actually reverse the damage we’ve done. The damage we are doing every day to our planet.

I wish I was making this up.

I wish I didn’t have to live with the knowledge of years of research on this.

But that wouldn’t stop you from seeing the same words spread literally everywhere…

Global tree restoration…the most effective carbon solution to date

– Review by NASA

Planting trees is the most important thing we can do to contribute to the health of the planet.

– United Nations

The most effective way to tackle climate change? Plant trees.


Tree planting 'has mind-blowing potential' to tackle climate crisis.

– The Guardian

One Single Word Could Change Everything Forever


We have to take action.

Not tomorrow. Not next week or next year.

We need to act now.

The Nature Climate Change society is recording the situation in real time. If nothing is done, by the year 2050 over half the planet’s forests will be erased and there will be more extinct species than live animals.

This is now being defined as the critical tipping point of no return.

Once we reach that point, there is no going back and the environment will begin to dissolve cascade as species die out one by one.

Just like we all learned in elementary school, every species is dependent on another species either below or above it—when half of them are gone, the entire system crumbles.

We Have A Plan To Save Our Planet Before It’s Too Late

I didn't write this article to tell you how desperate the situation is.

Because you already knew that. At this point it is a common accepted fact.

I wrote this article to tell you about 8 Billion Trees and the founding principle we are using to reverse all of the damage and help heal our planet.

And how YOU now have the ability...that has never before been possible...to join the solution.

Because if you are not part of the solution, sadly you are just leaving your carbon footprint to be erased by someone else who is actually willing to act.

8 BILLION TREES was founded with a simple idea: if people can destroy the Earth, they can also help to rebuild it.

8 Billion Trees. 

We are a team of scientists, environmental engineers, wildlife veterinarians, and mass tree planting experts.

I started the organization 8 Billion Trees because research tells us that if we can protect and plant eight billion trees, we can save our planet and reverse the destruction.

At its core, 8 Billion Trees carries out large-scale tree planting and tree conservation operations to fuel positive environmental change and defend habitats for animals, while also caring for displaced and hurt animals by utilizing wildlife sanctuaries and veterinary clinics focused in devastated and deforested areas.

And we are gaining speed FAST.

We planted 200,000 trees in just the past 2 weeks.

It brings tears to my eyes when I see people who love our planet join to erase their footprint. 

To give our planet a chance. 

To save animals being killed off as trees are destroyed to give us a modern way of living.

I believe so much in what we are doing, that I am offering right now to offset 2 tons of your carbon footprint for free.

I will be honest, I never even predicted what would happen when I started 8 Billion Trees.

But suddenly governments all around the world heard about it, and I was flooded with emails, phone calls, and letters begging for 8 Billion Trees’ help.

From the Amazon destruction to the Australia wildfires…

“Thank you for your efforts in supporting the recovery of Australia’s natural environment.”

– Government of Southern Australia

“8 Billion Trees has unselfishly recovered multiple areas of the planet."

– Government of Tocantins in the Amazon Rainforest

“The organization has already saved many areas of the planet including Indonesia, Madagascar, Democratic Republic of Congo, and Tanzania.”

– Government of Pará

Now with the support of governments around the world, we are also able to track down illegal loggers and stop them in their tracks...

Did you know that many governments around the world want to take action but they just don't have a way to actually do it? They don't have teams on the ground, in the field planting and conserving trees.

So we come in, gain their full authorization over a given area of land that has been destroyed, and begin to completely restore the area with trees that not just heal the planet's natural biodiversity and create habitats for animals, but remove massive amounts of carbon from the air as well.

Now I have to change the subject because this next part is what hurts me the most…

Some people just will not act.

They will claim they want change, but never change themselves.

Now...what I am about to say is very controversial.

But only because of how painful it is when you realize that it is true.

Please understand I am not about to say this because of any other reason than it being the truth. And we need to face the painful facts about what is happening if we hope to ever reverse the destruction on a massive scale.

When we think about the "global 1%" we often imagine the huge corporations destroying our planet for profit or elites in our society that live in lavish luxury without a care in the world for their consumption.

And we would be right. They are absolutely in the global top 1%.

But that is only partly true. The full truth is that these people are in the top .001% or higher on the global scale.

And here comes the painful part...

Anyone who makes more than $32,400 a year is in the global 1%.

Don't get me wrong, it is easy to forget this when you see massive corporations and elitists destroying our planet at unprecedented levels.

What they are doing is nothing short of sickening.

But we have to realize that many of us, though we are not rich by many standards, are extremely wealthy on the global scale.

And because of this wealth, we almost automatically have a much, much higher carbon footprint. 

It's why the average carbon footprint for everyone in the world is 5 tons per year...

But the average carbon footprint of people living in developed countries is 24 TONS on the low, conservative end.

That means that the chances are if you are reading this, you are either in the top global 1% or at the very least, the top global 10%.

That means we all need to take our part in this problem seriously. We must face the fact that we are responsible on some level for contributing to this crisis.

All I would ask of you is to simply do your part and erase your carbon

Here Is EXACTLY How I'm Going To Erase Your Carbon Footprint.

First I just need to say...

THANK-YOU for allowing me to tell you about how desperate the deforestation crisis truly is. Because of people like you who are willing to listen we actually have a real, fighting chance to stop it.

But I also need to tell you precisely how I'm going to erase 2 tons of your carbon footprint right now for free.

As you now know, trees are the most effective carbon sequestration machines on the planet.

And you know how bad of a carbon footprint we're all leaving.

So I am going to plant 22 trees for you.

The math is simple. One tree will remove 185.2 pounds of nasty carbon dioxide from the air as it grows to maturity.

That means it will take 22 trees to offset 2 tons of your carbon footprint.

But I'm not going to sugarcoat this...planting these trees is hard work...

  1. We have to pass legislation in local and state governments around the world to gain protected status for new deforested areas and then sign contracts that give us permission to plant there.
  2. Our team of researchers have to spend hundreds of hours in the lab analyzing data and finalizing reporting metrics to determine what trees MUST be planted immediately to stop an area from reaching the point of no return from complete destruction of biodiversity.
  3. Our special projects team must travel to the area and meet over several weeks in person to negotiate new legislation to gain a protected status for the destroyed area.
  4. We must sign contracts with non-profits and research institutes that give us full authorization to begin planting on the ground immediately.
  5. We must direct teams of hundreds of planters on the ground with an entire network of equipment, tools, and thousands of fresh sapplings.
  6. We must prepare the land, removing debris and saving animals that we find among the destruction to take them to our Wildlife Sanctuary.
  7. We must begin planting the trees in temperatures often exceeding 90 degrees for the full day out in the sun.
  8. We must setup perimeters and employ full-time caretakers to water and care for the trees while they grow.
  9. We must set up live reporting devices and build a real-time data analysis program to closely monitor the trees carbon removal and growth
Now, you have to understand that this is the simplest way I could even begin to put it.

To tell you the entire, step-by-step process would literally take an entire 400-page book.

But it is important that you know how hard planting trees is, because I am now going to ask you to do something infinitely easier to lend a helping hand.

96% Of All Funds Go To Support Planting & Conserving 

Now...the above bold sentence is very important...because it directly ties into what I'm about to ask of you.

8 Billion Trees was started through charity investors to supercharge governments and non-profits, just like I explained above. And to make all of this possible, we use a set 4% for our administration costs.


That also means that we are unable to just offset your carbon footprint for 1 month without you signing up.

And trust me...I wish we could just plant millions of trees completely free, and make every single person on the planet carbon neutral without them doing anything at all.

But that's obviously impossible. And to be frank, it's not fair. Everyone has to do their part to stop this crisis. Anyone who knows about the problem and knows about the solution and does nothing to act...well that is just sad.

So we just ask that you sign up for 1 month EVEN if you ask for a refund right after you sign up.

That was we are able to show the board that we are actually getting the word out to more people and spreading our mission.

On the next page is a short form. Just fill it out and click submit. In seconds you will finally be taking action and doing your part.

Because we ALL have a part to play in this crisis. And that part is removing OUR OWN carbon footprint.

I hope you will stay a member to stop adding your carbon to the world every month, but if you don't want to I cannot force you...and I won't even try.

We need people on our side in this fight to save our planet. Not people who don't want to act.

I’m counting on you.

We’re all counting on you.

Jon Chambers

P.S. Thousands of People Are Taking A Stand To Do THEIR Part...And Remove THEIR Carbon