Is a Carbon Offset Project Legitimate? 8 Billion Trees Helps You Review the Evidence

Georgette Kilgore headshot, wearing 8 Billion Trees shirt with forest in the background.Written by Georgette Kilgore

March 22, 2024

There are a lot of carbon-offsetting companies out there, but unfortunately, almost none of them have their own planting operations. Instead, they simply take your money, pocket some for themselves, and give the rest to different charities or “offset projects.” Even worse, many of these so-called carbon offset projects have zero proof of anything actually being done.

That’s why doing your research is so important.

How Do You Know If a Tree-Planting Project Is Legit or a “Scam”?

With so many real projects out there in need, we put together this page to show you exactly what you should expect from a legitimate carbon offset, tree-planting company.

ilian State of Tocantins Secretary of Environment shake hands after agreeing to explan forestry efforts in the Amazon Rainforest

To make that research less time-consuming, we have compiled a list of third-party resources for you to review that will help educate you on how 8 Billion Trees demands, and provides transparency, for all of its tree panting operations around the world.

1. Make Sure Any Carbon Offset Company Is Listed as an Official Partner With Major International Charities and Ngos.

Luckily, the top non-profits are easy to find and verify. Visit our partner’s page for a full list. Additionally, if you have the time, it’s always best to go one step further and even contact these organizations to confirm the partnership is recent

2. There Should Be News About the Carbon Offset Projects Published Online.

For example, one of the largest tree non-profits in the world, Eden Reforestation, published an article congratulating the impact 8 Billion Trees has been able to make in such a short period of time.

Just a few publications that have also covered our large-scale tree planting offset projects:

3. The Tree-Planting Project or Carbon Offset Company Should Have Passed at Least Some Level of Outside Audit.

The leading organization for auditing tree planting and conservation groups, Plant-It 2020, gave us a positive review, stating in their highlights briefing that “8 Billion Trees presented themselves as genuinely interested in both quality reforestation and transparency.”

4. The Project Should Clearly List Its Government Contracts and Agreements.

Did you know that 8 Billion Trees is one of the only organizations actively taking action on the ground in the Amazon Rainforest? Because of this, we are listed on multiple government websites throughout the Amazon.

Official Government Websites Confirming 8 Billion Trees’ Legitimate Planting Status:

In addition to these websites, we have published our formal agreements with the government agencies of the Amazon Rainforest for the public to review.

Please keep in mind that our team is constantly working to expand our contracts with government officials of the Amazon Rainforest so that we can continue to progress our efforts and continue our fight against the deforestation crisis. The above agreements, however, provide a look into the time-consuming process of forming contracts to plant and conserve trees.

8 Billion Trees Launches Planting Initiative Alongside Government of South Australia

One recent expansion to our planting efforts is focused on providing relief and rehabilitation for wildlife and habitats destroyed in the devastating wildfires that ravaged Australia’s precious ecosystem. Navigating to Kangaroo Island’s Native Plant Nursery page shows 8 Billion Trees listed clearly as a key supporter of the island’s reforestation efforts. You ca also read more about our efforts to rebuild the devastated areas on Kangaroo Island here.

Review 8 Billion Trees Documentary Series

With all of that important information out of the way, we encourage you to cook up some eco-friendly snacks to enjoy and sit back to watch our short documentary series on our 8 Billion Trees YouTube channel.

Our team takes you on an up-and-close adventure into the Amazon. We meet with government and community leaders, form agreements, patrol areas of the Amazon, educate native peoples on the crisis and how to protect their homes, and plant trees!