Erase Your Carbon Footprint

Join the Viral 8 Billion Trees Movement to Reverse the Climate Crisis

The only carbon offset monthly subscription that helps heal the Amazon Rainforest and save endangered wildlife.

Image of an orange outline of a massive footprint in the middle of a rainforest viewed from a bird’s eye view

Ecological Footprint Calculator

Did you know that buying random carbon offsets doesn’t actually address the root of our planet’s deforestation crisis? Take real action: calculate your ecological footprint now.

Graphic image of the Climate Plus Program badge accredited to green projects and eco-friendly construction offsets that reduce carbon footprint

Climate Plus Program: GREEN Construction

Current green-building regulations are ineffective and expensive. Our climate plus program changes that.

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Corporate Carbon Offsets

More and more companies are going carbon neutral in 2021. Let us show you how using carbon offsets can actually improve your bottom line.